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FAQs about Zebra Moray Eel Reproduction

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Zebra Moray II  12/15/08 Thanks Marco for your very prompt help! <Welcome.> The eel is definitely a Gymnomuraena zebra. I will speak to the shop and see if he can be moved to larger quarters for a while. If this is not possible then I will take the eel and try to feed him myself. <Good plan. Live crabs are irresistible to them in my experience. You can ask at the store if they got some unwanted Mithrax (or similar) hitchhikers in their last live rock delivery. I also used crabs from the North Sea. Next, I used dead crabs of the same genus and finally they accepted shrimps, prawns and mussel flesh with time.> On another note, after reading every FAQ you have on the zebra moray, I notice that Anthony described them as 'protogynous hermaphrodites'. <This is correct.> Would my 180 gallon tank be large enough for two of them, <Yes.> and if so, does this mean that one will change sex and become the female? <No. G. zebra are born as females and can change their sex to males (if they would change to females like Rhinomuraena, it'd be called a protandric hermaphrodite). It is unknown what triggers the change and if all specimens change in nature, at least all seem to have the potential. It is also unknown how this species can be sexed externally, but it can be speculated that the males may have less teeth.> If I were to add another, would it be better to add the second at a different size than the first? <The ideal case would be a mated pair, which would be imported, bought and put in the display tank together. The next best case would be two morays of equal size put in the tank at the same time. If you add a second eel later, it generally is better, if the new kid is slightly larger than the old resident. G. zebra is the most peaceful moray, but I know one case from other hobbyists in which a G. zebra killed a small moray of another species added to the tank. In another case a smaller G. zebra eel was permanently bitten by a larger specimen and had to be removed. So, while chances are good that 2 G. zebra will work, failure is still possible. Chances are best if the second eel is slightly larger.> Thanks a lot, Simon <Welcome. Marco.>

Re: Zebra Moray II... comp., repro.   12/16/08 Thanks again Marco - every day is a school day, eh? <Life would be boring without learning something new everyday, wouldn't it?> Soooo.... If the second Zebra is accepted by the first as a tankmate, is this a guarantee that one will change sex and thus create a pair, or is it possible for them both to remain females and still live together peacefully? <Both is possible. Since they cannot be sexed externally it is not known if those specimens, who live together peacefully in captivity are mated pairs or not. But I guess (!) one may change, because this can be observed in other fish groups. You will not know for sure until they produce fertilized eggs.> I spoke to the LFS and they have moved the Moray into one of their coral tanks that is much larger. <Ah, good.> I'm going to check him out tomorrow. <I hope �he� is fine.> Cheers, Simon <Good luck with your possible future moray. Marco.>

Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  - 09/14/06 HELP! My Female Zebra Moray Eel had eggs (TONS of them) last night!! I netted out alot of them and put them in a 10 gallon tank. I know they will hatch in about 4 days and be in the planktonic stage - but what do I feed them then to try to keep them alive?? I know it will be 6-10 months before they look like eels and that is why most do not make it. PLEASE any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Christin (I also took pictures and videoed her having babies) <... let's back up a bit... You only have one Gymnomuraena specimen? These eggs will be infertile. Bob Fenner>

Re: Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  - 09/14/06 Bob Fenner, <CC>      No sir, I have 2 of them. They are both about 2 1/2 feet long. <! Bonus!>      The eggs seem to be still doing well, none have hatched as of yet.      I did get small fry (liquid) and Kent ZooPlex to "feed" them when they hatch. I don't know if this is correct - Please let me know. I would love for them all to make it. Thank you in advance, Christin Cross <I do wish I knew more to relate here... There is some scientific literature... I'll look for Ron Thresher's volume here... re Muraenid reproduction, larval development. Best of wishes for your success here. Do know that Moray young have long planktonic larval histories... eat zooplankters. Bob Fenner> Re: Zebra Moray Eel Eggs  10/03/06 Bob,      I just have another question for you, I thought none of my Zebra Moray Eel eggs hatched so I was cleaning out the tank. But, I found 2 "worm like" things on the bottom. I scooped them out and finished cleaning out the tank and put them back in (by themselves). I have attached pictures, are these baby eels???? Thank you, Christin Cross <Mmm, no pix attached... Most likely (highly) these are worms of some sort... True Eels/Anquilliforms have long pelagic larval histories... not going to metamorphose, settle in an aquarium. BobF>

Zebra Moray Eels - 8/23/03 I have a zebra moray that is now in a 75 gallon tank after living in a 10 and or 20 gallon for 3-4 years <good heavens... is this the WWM week for shoehorning fish into aquaria? A 20 gallon tank?! Er... never mind> what I would like to ask is "do they lay eggs?"   <yes> "how do you tell male from female?"   <yours is a male. All singly kept specimens are male. They are protogynous hermaphrodites> after being in the 75 gallon tank for only 2 months, my zebra let me know it's name is not king George the 2nd, but queen Georgina, as it laid an egg. <I believe it passed an orb... but that was no egg, bubba. Just a remarkably artistic turd I suspect> I only have 3 small damsels and a 4 inch pinfish in the tank  so it had to be my eel. <OK> now if it is that happy in the tank I would love to find it a mate. Wallace <Hmmm... do be sure to pick a freshly imported one from a group for your best chance at a female. Singles turn to male before too long. Best of luck. Anthony>

Zebra Moray Gender/Egg-laying - 8/24/03 I always did have crazy pets ...   they are just like me lol <<Ha! Its in the fishkeeper's blood... we are all a bit daft <G>>> <good heavens... is this the WWM week for shoehorning fish into aquaria? A 20 gallon tank?! Er... never mind> ROFL well at least I have him/her in a 75 gallon now, with lots of Fiji rock, and sand from my beach (largo Florida near Tampa). <<much better indeed >> and the funny thing is he never tried to escape the 20 <<that's because he had Charlie-horses and was to cramped to make a run for it... heehee>> and would hand feed quite readily, he just didn't grow very much. now he is growing as fast as he can eat hehehe <<get it while the gettin's good, as they say>> <yours is a male. All singly kept specimens are male. They are protogynous hermaphrodites> well that would explain the egg and it not happening before :-} after being in the 75 gallon tank for only 2 months, ::::snip:::::: it laid an egg. well I took it out and it has the shape and shell very similar to a snake or lizard egg I almost cut it open to see for sure  (we know it won't be fertilized there is only one eel LOL) seen too much fish, and snake, and bird turds, over the years, amongst other forms of scat to think I could mistake an egg for a turd hehehe. <<understood... very interesting>> I have just recently purchased a small wet/dry filter setup but I still need an overfill box and a water pump to put the water back in the tank from the wet/dry. <<the wet/dry will be a very nice upgrade as the eel and bio-load grows>> I did learn about feeding eels and fish and cleaning rocks for people who believe in a sparkling white tank (oy vey) and I immediately did the opposite. Now I have a nice tank with rock and algae and  clear as a bell water the eel and the pinfish took to it like a flash. (I rescued the pinfish from my uncles bait bucket) I am glad you took the time to answer my questions as lame as they might be and I figured I should learn something besides what it eats when it laid that crazy egg. Wallace <very cool happenings... much thanks for sharing. Best of luck. Anthony>

Zebra Moray Eel I have two Zebra Moray Eels and one is black with white stripes and the other is white with black stripes. How Do I determine the male from the female is there a specific marking or etc. <I have never heard of Zebra morays being sexually dichromatic.  Are they different sizes?  Usually juveniles have thicker white stripes compared to the adults.  Full grown ones will have very thin white stripes on a dark brown base.>  

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