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FAQs about Brown/Phaeophyte Algae/Kelp Identification 4

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Need ID      1/24/19
Hi Crew,
Can I get an ID on this coral?
<? Coral... this looks to be a bit of Colpomenia; a Brown algae. Bob Fenner>

Re: Need ID      1/24/19
Thanks Bob
<Welcome Beta>

What is this?     11/7/18
Hey. Do you know what type of algae this is? It's an oddly firm texture and grows in clumps varying in size 2-4" like heads of cabbages or something similar. Solitary clumps attached to the walls in refugium under a Kessil grow light where there is Chaeto growing but nothing else intentionally added. Thank you!
<Hey John! This is so reminiscent of the genus Colpomenia to me... A Phaeophyte for sure. Not harmful but likely scarfing up most all iodide/ate you're adding. I'd keep it trimmed back therefore.
Thank you for sharing, Bob Fenner>

Re: What is this?     11/7/18
That's interesting as the Iodine was low (icp test) so I dosed it and two weeks later there were these.
Thank you for the info!
<Welcome! BobF>

Need help for Species Identification        4/26/17
Hi Bob! You've been a great help to me during my coral identification. I wonder if I could ask again for help to identify this marine alga?
My initial identification is Colpomenia sp. but I'm not quite sure.
Thanks a lot!
<Could be... where is this algae from? Do you have any microscope pix? Bob Fenner>

Re: Need help for Species Identification        4/26/17
It's from Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
<Could be... does it feel somewhat hard to the touch? Though hollow? BobF>
Re: Need help for Species Identification        4/26/17

Yes it's hard and hollow.
<Ahh; do see/use AlgaeBase per the genus to examine possible species. Bob Fenner>
Re: Need help for Species Identification        4/26/17

I got no microscopic pictures and all I've got is this pressed specimen.
<Can't tell any more from this. B>
Re: Need help for Species Identification        4/26/17

I've looked through it but there was nothing similar to the specimen.
<Ahh; Bob F>

Re: Need help for Species Identification... Phaeophyte ID       4/27/17
Oh I did and I identified it as Leptoplyngbya.
<Ahh, A Cyano...? Not. Bob Fenner>

Seaweeds ID       3/4/17
<20 plus megs... overloaded our email server. Sorry to all who got bumped>
To whom it may concern:
Good day. I am Maria Quiao from the Philippines. I am just hoping if you can help me indentify the seaweed sample I collected in the intertidal zone of the tropical coast in my country.
<Is a brown/Phaeophyte; Fucales...>
It is brown seaweed in the genus of Sargassum but cant be sure to the species level. Can it be Sargassum ilicifolium or Sargassum polyphyllm or Sargassum polycystum or Sargassum aquifolium... I am hoping that you can help me. Thank you.
<Appears to be a Sargassum species... all I can tell from your images. Bob Fenner>

Algae ID?        9/10/15
Good morning WWM. I have a nice sized colony of macro algae that popped up in my sump. After reviewing Bob's Reef Invertebrate book (one of my personal favorites) I'm leaning towards Dictyota sp. Thoughts?
<Yes; and YEEIKES! What a healthy batch! I'll bet it's sucking up ALL Iodine (ide-ate) supplementation; as well as a good deal of alkaline earth and alkalinity. I'd keep this herd thinned Matt. Bob Fenner>
[image: Inline image 2][image: Inline image 1]
Matt Little

Re: Algae ID?        9/10/15
I'm actually concerned about it making it's way to the display. Probably safer to just remove it entirely right?
<Mmmm; well; I and others find it attractive (not always a pest) and some fishes, esp. Naso tangs come to mind, really enjoy eating this Phaeophyte.
IF you cut it out completely, DO take it to the LFS, offer it on the Net.
Bob Fenner>
Re: Algae ID?        9/10/15

Great, thank you very much Bob! :)
<Thank you for sharing Matt. BobF>

Please help me identify 6/4/14
Started growing on my live rock with mushrooms and coco worms
<The bifurcate, unifacial... washed out Dictyota? This is a Phaeophyte... a Brown Algae... here short on chemical nutrition; likely iodide-ate... You should be adding for your other life (see WWM re). Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Please help me identify 6/4/14

Mr. fenner
Thank you for answering. Will this harm my fish?
<... Not likely; no... look up re the genus on the Net (WWM); books. BobF> 

Seaweed question 6/6/2011
I just got back from San Diego, and since that's your turf, I thought I'd ask you about this. I picked up a handful of those flat seaweed leaves at Mission beach.
<Mmm, blades or lamina... of... Macrocystis pyrifera?>
I'm wondering whether my P. wingei and my J. floridae might enjoy eating it if I pulverize it into bite-sized pieces, or is this a bad idea?
Rick Novy
<Likely bad... too bitter (too much I2), and too likely to introduce pests and pollution. B>

Re: Seaweed question   6/6/11
I could include a photo of what seaweed I picked up, but since you discourage feeding with it at all, there's not much point. Many thanks, though. That's why I asked first.
<Mmm, no photo attached...>
Good news is that all my fish are currently doing well, and Neale will interested to know I finally managed to locate some desert gobies and they will arrive later this week. The only problem I have is that pesky tank space thing.
<You don't need that couch! Or that large bed! And use the shower and convert the bath tub! What sort of aquarist are you any hoo?! B>
Re: Seaweed question   6/6/11
For completeness, a photo of the seaweed. It's a bit dried out since I picked it up on Saturday.
As previously guessed. Macrocystis pyrifera. B

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