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FAQs on the Giant Danios of Various Species

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Tank Stocking (Giant Danios and Rainbow Shark)   12/27/11
I'm currently running a 29 gallon tank and it's been partially stocked for about 6 months with five Giant Danios, a Rainbow Shark, and a Mystery Snail (a rescue from its previous abusive Betta tankmate). The shark does like most sharks and hides almost constantly, but the Danios are like tiny motorboats.
<Is their nature. Adding a couple more may help, as Danios can be aggressive in groups smaller than 6, with the dominant male attacking the others.>
I'd like to add something new to the tank, maybe with a bit more color as my Danios, while cool, are mostly gray.
<??? Should really be iridescent, with shades of blue, orange and violet.
Are you using a good range of foods? Crustaceans and algae make all the difference. Colour-enhancing and Spirulina flake will both help.>
The shark wanted to tear up a Betta who I had in that tank a while back, so he was taken out.
<Quite so.>
Any less flow-y ideas?
<Since water temperature is/should be relatively low, around 24-25 C/75-77 F, I'd be looking at low-end tropicals. Corydoras would be nice, but your Shark might harass them. Best to go with midwater swimmers that can keep out of trouble, e.g., Australian Rainbowfish, Bleeding Heart Tetras or Swordtails depending on your water chemistry. Lots of scope for colours with those sorts of fish!>
Thanks so much! -Kate
<Cheers, Neale.>

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