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FAQs on the Pearl Danios of Various Species

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Pink Danio, hlth./bloating in a small vol.      3/7/13
I have a 5 gal tank that has been set up for a couple years. I originally had it split in 2 for 2 Bettas when my Male died I added 3 guppies and a few neon tetras. I then acquired 2 pink danios and 2 other tetras  from a friend whose tank broke. It was a bit crowed but everyone seems to be getting along fine. I noticed after being away for a couple nights one of the danios looked very fat. When I turned the lights on I could see she was carrying eggs. About 3 weeks later she is still huge and seems to be getting bigger I put her in a Epsom salt bath for 15-20 minutes then back in the big tank as this was all I could find to do. When I netted her to go back into the tank she got slightly wedged between the net and the bucket I think this caused some fluid to get compressed out of her when she got back to her tank she was much thinner and looked very stressed ( I thought I'd killed her) after a few hours she was back to normal with her belly looking normal. This morning her belly is getting bigger again looking like its filling back up with fluid. Is there a treatment for this?
<Mmm, not practically... what could be done easily you have done. I would hold off treatment-wise and just hope here. Adding med.s to a small volume is too dangerous to be practical>
 In a week I will be gone for 6 weeks and a friend will be taking care of them so I really want to resolve this soon. Just for reference she doesn't look like she has any parasites, dropsy or anything along those lines. I don't have any pictures available.
<Bob Fenner>

Danio margaritatus - Celestial Pearl Danio 11/19/11
Good morning Crew
During a visit to my local Stockist (Maidenhead) I came across the above, amazing looking fish.
<Indeed they are.>
Would they be ok in London water (ph 7.8), in the past I have been sold fish that were not suitable and lost almost all of them (Neon Tetra)?
<Yes, they can do well in hard, alkaline water so long as the aquarium is clean, well maintained, and not too warm (20-22 C is just about perfect, and definitely no warmer than 24 C.>
If yes would they be ok in a 95l planted tank with Guppies. Platies, and 1 Colisa labiosa.
<No, not good companions. Much too aggressive, plus some differences re: water temperature. Celestial Danios are best kept alone, with shrimps, or with very peaceful, small bottom-dwellers such as Corydoras habrosus. Do also understand they MUST be kept in big groups or they tend to be shy and prone to premature deaths. Six is the minimum, and 10 or more a sensible starting point. The more the merrier!>
Many thanks
<Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Danio margaritatus - Celestial Pearl Danio 11/19/11

Hi Neale
Many thanks for you great advice as usual. Will bear this in mind.
<Glad to help>
What is the minimum tank I can keep some in?
<Something around the 35 litre/8 gallon mark would seem about right, especially if you want to add some other fish or shrimps. I've seen them in slightly smaller tanks, but I'm not a fan of keeping them in that way.
Cheers, Neale.>
Re: Danio margaritatus - Celestial Pearl Danio 11/19/11

Many thanks a star as always.
The tank would be for the Danios and shrimps only.
Have a good evening.

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