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FAQs on Tiger Barbs Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Tiger barb; fdg., stkg.      11/3/16
I have searched your site and researched and haven't found quite the answer so I am writing you. I have a freshwater tropical tank 65 gallons which is home to 4 angel fish who are 6 years old, 3 tetras ( forget what kind) who are two months old, two catfish who are two months old, a algae eater (sorry forget his name Bristlenose...)
<Maybe an Ancistrus genus Loricariid... a type of "Plecostomus">
he is 3 months old, a black red tailed shark and a Bala shark and we did have two tiger barbs although one has since passed.
<Mmm; allow me to insert a statement here for posterity (others and you) re stocking small Barbs, Danios, Rasboras... most all Minnows (Cyprinids); they/these are schooling/shoaling fishes; NEED to be kept in numbers to be happy, healthy... a handful or more... to chase each other about... Be MUCH less nippy toward other fishes>
The one tiger barb continued to get bigger and bigger over 3 months and recently died it looked like dropsy from what I read.
<Ahh! What sorts of foods are you offering here? This species is a very eager eater; and will definitely over-eat given the opportunity. Flake foods, some live, frozen... formats will lead to them being "obese". Again, a need to stock a grouping of them, and take care in the kinds, amounts of foods offered>
The other tiger barb was much smaller than him but is displaying environmental distress breathing heavy and staying at bottom of tank with whole body on the ground, sometimes he swims up a bit but is breathing so heavy and almost shaking.
<Yikes; perhaps this one suffered trauma; had genetic issues....>
After the one barb died I did a 40 percent water change, I add a small amount of freshwater salt and condition the water with aqua safe and easy balance.
Nitrate 80
<Mmm; much too high. I'd keep under 20 ppm. There are a few approaches
here. Let's have you read:
and the linked files above>
Nitrite 0
Hardness 150 hard
Alkalinity 40
Ph 7.2
I feed them shrimp on the bottom, a dry flake,
<Less of this... try a good pellet (Hikari, Spectrum...) in its place
and some freeze dried worms sometimes. Looking at getting better live food options.
The fish all get along great, everyone else seems happy and active the Angels have been spending more time at the bottom but right now are up and watching us. The Sharks get along great and just control algae.
The temperature is maybe too warm at 29 degrees Celsius so I have lowered it slightly.
What do you think?
<All reads good; except the flake food, high NO3...>

This tank is new to me my friend used to have it for ten years but is moving and has handed it to me. I love animals and want to do what is best for these fish.
Thank you,
<Thank you for writing, sharing. Please do the reading mentioned, and write back if a course of action isn't clear.
Bob Fenner>

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