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FAQs about Giant Clam Disease: Pathogenic

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Fallowing tank for clam, Pinch Mantle Disease   9/2/07 Hi Crew/Barry: <Eric> I would like to know, in order to get rid of the pinched mantle in my tank, will fallowing the main system work? If so for how long do need to do this? I have read the book Giant Clams in the Sea & Aquarium by James Fatherree. And in there he did mention that FW dips and some antibiotics do work. What do I need to do to actually get rid of the disease in my system? <Perhaps just leave it running sans Tridacnids for a few months> I believed Barry had an episode in his business and I have read the entire thread in reef central/reefs.org. I would like to see if either of you can help me out here. <I will Cc him here re> I currently have about 10 clams in my systems, 3 of them are Croceas. And they are affected the most, the Deresa, Squamosa, Gigas and Maximas are all fine at this point. Please help Sincerely. Eric. <Bob Fenner>
Re: Fallowing tank for clam.  9/2/07
Hi Eric, I did respond to you, I think yesterday. Like I said, I would fresh water dip all the infected Tridacnids and do some major water changes. You may or may not know that we have been working with this problem for a few years and we have now identified the parasite. About 4 months ago, the University of Maine, Aquatic Animal Health Lab has been working with us, and when all our test are done, we will publish a paper on results either on a online magazine or FAMA. The "Pinched Mantle" problem has been around for about 5 years now and we have been contacted by aquarist from all over the world and we have gathered a lot of information that has helped. This thread may be helpful to you. http://www.clamsdirect.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1982 Cheers, Barry www.clamsdirect.com <Thanks Bar. BobF>

Pinched Mantle: What is called "Pinched Mantle" in Tridacnids is caused by "a protozoa" according to Barry Neigut. He has found that a good rinsing (while shaking) afflicted clams in pH adjusted freshwater for a minute usually effects a lasting cure.

Clams Hi Bob, Want to pass something by you. You may or may not be aware that a lot of people are losing clams after buy clam/s that are coming from Pohnpei so I have been told.  <Have heard this from others> The people that have contacted me are saying that once they placed this clam in their tank with a day or so the clam dies and then a chain reaction starts, some have lost clams that they have had for several months or years. Some think it is a bacteria infection. My question is, if indeed this is correct will the bacteria infection remain the tank or even stay in the LR or substrate. Some people have reported good luck using Doxycycline as a treatment. <Have also heard this> Do you have any information or suggestion on this subject? <Will send to others here> All is going well on this end. Thanks for you help in the past and yes ClamsDirect is doing well thanks to some of your help. :) <Very good to hear/read of your success. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> Best Regards, Barry

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