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FAQs on Anemones of the Caribbean/West Atlantic: Genus Lebrunia, "Antler Anemones"

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anemone identification    9/17/10
<...15 megs in pix...>
I came across an anemone I have never seen before. Found it under a rock 7 miles off shore. Anyone have any idea what it may be?
<... offshore from where?>
It seams to like shrimp pieces (like most anemones) It reacts to a flashlight being shown on it. (shrinks up) It has small patches of fork shaped arms all over it and also has long curled arms everywhere. I cant find a pattern to the way its arms are laid out. I'm very confused. lol!
Ed Johnston
<Oh! I take it from your addy that you're in Key West... I think this is an "aberrant" Lebrunia danae. Bob Fenner>

Re: anemone identification   9/18/10
You are correct! I researched the name and came up with some great pics that match. Thanks a lot!
<Welcome Ed. BobF>

Antler Anemone? ID - 2/23/03 Hi Anthony, Been out of the country on a dive vacation or would have gotten back to you sooner :) <no worries... I'm still out of my mind> They came with a green tree from friend a local university that works with fish breeding and coral propagation.  There's probably a variety of stuff in their holding tanks but as far as I know don't import anything. <and they probably QT strictly (seriously) as educated academics/scientists... something we all need to do without fail as aquarists> After being away, the critters that are visible have noticeably grown but are still in the bottom third of the tank.  In the past 2 weeks, some others from the local reefer group and RC have suggested Lebrunia which I guess gives me more concern for my stupid clowns.   <Lebrunia/Antler anemones seems very hard to believe for a number of reasons like (Atlantic distribution, Pacific vehicle you've cited, its proclivity for sitting in the open on the reef, etc). Very doubtful... but possible. See our WWM pics of this species here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/twaanemones.htm > I don't know if these pictures are any better... <much better .... its just hard to be certain when they are this small> Right now, the stalks are thicker and the polyps are much more fully extended (all slightly larger than quarter now).  I can send you the full size images for future use if you want.   <that would be wonderful... please do! If high-res, perhaps we can sneak them into the next book <G>. In the meantime, do try to notice if there is a very dramatic change with this anemone at night. A Lebrunia will not retract like a typical anemone but put out large and exaggerated feeding tentacles. Please let us know :) Do feed these little buggers well at any rate. They are cute whatever they are (at least until we ID them <VBG>)> Anyways any advice on keeping both these and livestock (2 clowns and 1 cherub angel) healthy would be great.  Thanks again. Aven <best regards, Anthony>

Re: Daily Pix Email out from WWM (Lebrunia anemones) Yikes - don't ever touch one of those! If I'm not mistaken that's the same thing that stung me a few years ago - it took weeks to completely heal (and hurt like hell too). <Thanks for this input James. Will post along with the pic. Bob Fenner> j

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