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FAQs about Moray Eel Bites

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feedback on you article (Marco's on Moray Bites)   11/13/11
<Hello Kamil.>
I came across your article on moray eels bites Googling the subject. These fish have always scarred, even though I only encountered them in video games and feature films. "The Deep" from 1977, starring Nick Nolte, has some spine-chilling scenes involving moray eels.
<Yes, I remember this film, rather for an early Jacqueline Bisset than Nick Nolte, though.>
I wanted to compliment you on the article. It's very nicely written and comprehensive. I really enjoyed reading it.
<Thank you very much for your kind words.>
Keep up the good work!
<Will try.>
Kamil Sterniczuk
<Cheers. Marco Lichtenberger.>
ODP: re: feedback on you article   11/15/11

A few more questions for you.
1. Which breed of moray eels is considered the most dangerous/aggressive to people/divers?
<They are not dangerous per se unless you are a smaller fish. Real problems have occurred in cases where people have started to feed wild moray eels. Consequently, the animals associate humans with food and accidents happen. In the Atlantic Ocean, especially the Caribbean, the large Green Morays (Gymnothorax funebris) have severely wounded people (one famous specimen involved in several attacks was called "Psycho"), in the Pacific (e.g. Australia) the Giant moray eels Gymnothorax javanicus caused severe wound that resulted in amputations and long hospital stays. Other incidents in nature included various morays, which either were attracted by spear fishing, occurred at the end of a fishing line or were disturbed, because some divers thought it was a good idea to grab deep into some crevice in the reef.>
2. What is the force moray eels can exert with their jaws?
<Don't know if this has been measured in detail yet. I don't expect it to be spectacular. It's the pulling back with the strong body muscles in combination with partly curved teeth that causes the nasty wounds, not so much the force of the jaws.>
3. Can you recommend a book/site on these creatures?
<There's a TFH book by Purser (English), a small one by me (German) and I hope a larger one by me will be in print soon (will also be German). For internet sites I can only recommend WWM.>
Best wishes
<Cheers, Marco.>

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