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Archive 1142: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Labracinus cyclophthalmus (Muller & Troschel 1849), the Fire-Tail Devil. Western Pacific distribution around rocky reefs. About eight inches maximum length. Feeds on small fishes in the wild. A male in S. Sulawesi, Indo.
Pseudochromis aldabraensis Bauchot-Bautin 1958, the Orange Dottyback. Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf, down to Aldabra, over to Sri Lanka. To four inches in length. Shy, but a great aquarium beauty when kept with suitably larger fish specimens. Aquarium image.

Pseudochromis bitaeniatus (Fowler 1931), Double-striped Dottyback. To 12 cm. Western Pacific. This one in S. Sulawesi. http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/
Country/CountrySpecies Summary.cfmCountry=Indonesia&Genus= Pseudochromis&Species=bitaeniatus
Pictichromis diadema Lubbock & Randall 1978, the Diadem Dottyback.  Western central Pacific. To two and a half inches in length. One of the first Dottyback species to be kept. An aquarium image.
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