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Archive 1379: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Condylactis gigantea, the Giant Anemone. Largest species in the range (6-12 inches in diameter when extended). White body and tentacles. The latter bear enlarged tips typically of a contrasting color, though they may be white. Bonaire 2019.

Actinostella flosculifera   (Le Sueur, 1817), Sand Anemone... C. W. Atlantic. Here in Bonaire 2019.

Tubastrea coccinea Lesson 1831, Orange Cup Coral. Western Atlantic and Indo-Pacific.
Told apart from T. faulkneri by having its polyps more closely situated. Salt Pier, Bonaire 2019; closed/during the day.

Colpophyllia natans (Houttuyn 1772), Symmetrical Brain Coral. Large roundish to hemispherical  colonies or encrusting. Long snake-like valleys. Septa short, equal and pointing out. A fine ambulacral groove runs along the top between corallite walls, and a further line can be seen midway down the valleys where they change slope to the bottom. Bonaire 2019.
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