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Saltwater Archive 1445: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Astrangia sp. Galapagos. Thanks to Joe Fish for the tentative ID.

Astrangia sp. Pueto Vallarta, MX. Thanks to Joe Fish for the tentative ID.

 Leptoseris mycetoseroides Wells 1954, /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are encrusting or laminar plates which frequently exceed one metre across. Plates have small irregular folds on the surface. Corallites are crowded between the folds except towards the periphery where they are aligned in rows parallel to the margins. They are outwardly inclined. Septo-costae are fine and even.

Colour: Mottled brown and green, usually dark colours if shaded.

Similar Species: Leptoseris foliosa, which is distinguished by its smooth surface and rounded corallite openings. See also L. yabei and Pavona varians.

Habitat: Reef slopes protected from wave action, especially steeply sloping or vertical walls.

Abundance: Sometimes common. NSUL


Montipora sp., N. Sulawesi.
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