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Saltwater Archive 1450: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Dasya baillouviana (S.G.Gmelin) Montagne in Barker-Webb & Berthelot 1841.


Fungia or Heliofungia fralinae Gittenberger, Reijnen and Hoeksema (2011) /COTW:

Characters: Polyps are circular. Septa are in two distinct orders, those of the first order being very exsert, straight and thin. All septa have fine teeth. Tentacles, which are sometimes bifurcated, are commonly extended during the day.

Colour: Usually olive-green with tiny but conspicuous violet tentacle tips.

Similar Species: The exsert alternating septa with fine teeth are distinctive.

Habitat: Reef slopes and lagoons.

Abundance: Uncommon.
Taxonomic Note: 
Called Heliofungia fralinae by Gittenberger, Reijnen and Hoeksema (2011) from molecular data, but this species has little in common with Heliofungia actiniformis. Heliofungia is distinctively monospecific.

Favia matthai Vaughan 1918. Small, massive colonies. Corallites circular, rounded with regular, thick septal teeth. Crown-like paliform lobing between the corallites. Usually brown or grey w/ contrasting walls. Northern Sulawesi 2005.

Favites halicora (Ehrenberg, 1834). Typically made up of irregular massive shapes. Corallites 11-13 mm in diameter. Yellow-tan to greenish color. Here in Fiji.  
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