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Saltwater Archive 1439: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Montipora mollis Bernard 1897. "Colonies are irregular clumps, columns and plates. Corallites are mostly immersed, with fine but distinct walls. The coenosteum is coarse. Low tuberculae are sometimes present." Corallites under (on both sides) of plates. Tentative ID, Mauritius 2016.

Hydnophora exesa  (Pallas 1766), Occurs as both encrusting and branching forms. DiF pic Mauritius 2016.

Lobophytum spp. Common throughout its range in the Indo-Pacific. Feed via photosynthesis and plankton. Grow in folds or finger-like projections by folding coenenchyme.
Genus Lobophytum Marenzeller 1886: Finger Leather, Soft Coral. Colonies up to 2 meters across. Usually low, creeping... lumps/folds/ridges, lobes... and vary in color... I may very well confuse this soft coral genus w/ Sinularia, others. Surface covered with TWO dissimilar (dimorphic) polyps that are retractable: Larger (0.5 mm) ones called autozooids and tinier siphonozoids that lack  tentacles (and dot the surface)
A close up of a colony in Mauritius 2016.

Pavona varians Verrill 1864. Colonies encrusting to laminar, showing short, irregular valleys.  /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are submassive, laminar or encrusting or various combinations of these. Corallites are in short irregular valleys, or are aligned between ridges perpendicular to margins, or are irregularly distributed on flat surfaces. Septo-costae are in alternating orders.

Colour: Yellow, green or brown.

Similar Species: Pavona venosa, which has similar corallites but walls between valleys (collines) are acute, septa are generally in three orders, columellae are less developed and septa more widely spaced.

Habitat: Most reef environments.

Abundance: Common.

Mauritius 2016

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