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Archive 1414: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Goniastrea pectinata (Ehrenberg 1854). Colonies submassive or encrusting; corallites ceroid to submeandroid; thick paliform lobes. Here in the Red Sea 2019.

Platygyra lamellina (Ehrenberg 1834). Massive colonies whose corallites have thick walls that are uniform and rounded. Red Sea 2019.

Pavona clavus Dana 1846, Colonies columnar usually, but may be laminar. Stands may be meters across. Seta-costae thick, of two distinct forms. Columellae short of non-existent. Red Sea 2019.

Fungia scruposa Klunzinger 1879. Oval, circular polyps to 240 cm. across. Shallow sloping from center (not highly arched); septa wavy, tightly packed. Costae (outside the mouth area ridges) are irregularly toothed with simple/r spines. Numerous holes on underside twixt costae. Red Sea 2019.  
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