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Archive 1417: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Acanthastrea echinata (Dana 1846) Pineapple Coral. Circular colonies tat are typically boulder-like. Septa with long, pointed teeth (most easily seen in live specimens). Brown, green to brightly colored. Red Sea 2019.

Coscinaraea monile (Forskal 1775), colonies encrusting or dome-shaped. calices monocentric, to 7mm. in diameter. Septa are very even, finely serrated. /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are usually encrusting or dome-shaped. Calices are monocentric, up to 7 millimetres diameter, or form short valleys. Septa are even and finely serrated, giving colonies a smooth surface.

Colour: Usually uniformly grey, sometimes tan, brown, or mottled colours.

Similar Species: Distinctive and unlike other Coscinaraea.

Habitat: Most reef environments.

Abundance: Common in the western Indian Ocean, uncommon in the central Indo-Pacific.

Sinai 2019. Red Sea 2019.

Genus Stylophora: Schweigger 1819, Finger, Cluster, Brush, Club Coral. Thick branches with rounded ends; conspicuous corallites all over, with septa and columella. This genus' skeleton (coenosteum) has peculiar small spines (spinules) and hooding on the distal (far end) of the corallites that give the whole a fuzzy appearance. Occur as brownish with pale ends, or pink to purplish with white tips. Wakatobi (S. Sulawesi), Indo. 2006.

Stylophora pistillata Exper 1797. Low growing, thick round branches with blunted rounded ends that enlarge, are submassive. Corallites immersed, hooded or spiny. Colored light brown to cream to pink, green... Indo-Mid Pacific; Red Sea, East Africa to S. Japan, Tuamotus. Red Sea 2019.
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