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Saltwater Archive 1448: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Porites stephensoni Crossland 1952. Small (less than 0.1 meter across, colonies that are encrusting, laminar. Close up showing corallite arrangement. /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are encrusting, hemispherical or columnar and are usually less than 0.5 metres across.

Colour: Cream or brown.

Similar Species: Porites murrayensis.

Habitat: Reef flats.

Abundance: Uncommon.
Taxonomic Note: Poorly differentiated from other massive Porites. Wakatobi, S. Sulawesi pic.

Genus Cyphastrea Red Sea 08

Acropora humilis (Dana 1846). Finger like colonies whose branches are thick, tapering to a dome. Larger branches intermingled with smaller. Radial corallites of two sizes; larger ones in rows slightly enlarged toward base.   /COTW

Characters: Colonies are digitate. Branches are thick, gradually tapering to large dome-shaped axial corallites. Small branchlets or incipient axial corallites usually occur at the base of main branches. Radial corallites are of two sizes, the larger are usually in rows, have thick walls and only increase slightly down the sides of branches.

Colour: Many colours, but most usually cream, brown, purple or blue (which may photograph purple) with blue or cream tips.

Similar Species: Acropora gemmifera, which has small axial corallites and radial corallites increasing in length down branches. See also A. monticulosa and A. torresiana.

Habitat: Exposed upper reef slopes and reef flats.

Abundance: Usually common, and sometimes a dominant species.

Red Sea image

Pachyseris speciosa (Dana 1846). One sided colony faces, with regular ridging. Most common member of the genus.  /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are unifacial laminae, usually horizontal, which may develop upright ridges . They commonly form stands several metres across. More than one row of corallites may occur between ridges. Columellae are absent.

Colour: Pale brown to deep grey, often with pale margins.

Similar Species: Pachyseris gemmae.

Habitat: All reef habitats but most common on lower reef slopes.

Abundance: Common.    KBR; Lembeh, N.E. Sulawesi, Indo.

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