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FAQs about Asterina (tiny, white...) Sea Stars, Selection

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Starfish? Hi Mr. Fenner, Very quick question today. In my refugium (with Miracle Mud, and Caulerpa ) I spotted a tiny starfish that is about 1/4" in size. I did not place him there. He is a very pale beige, you could almost say white. My main tank is a reef style tank. I will be putting a Fromia, and maybe hopefully a Linckia later on. The tank is 100G. in size. My question is that I would like to transfer this little starfish hitchhiker into my main tank, (it's just so cool that I got the little guy just like that). <Yes> I'm thinking he is quite possibly a sand sifting starfish, or it might be wiser to keep him quarantined till he grows bigger to try, and i.d. him in case he is not reef safe. Have you heard of starfishes hitchhiking in on things. The only possibility would be on the Caulerpa because everything else was new in the refugium, and the mud was in it's plastic packaging. Thanks in advance, Greg N. <Small Seastars do sometimes "just pop-up" seemingly from nowhere. Bob Fenner>

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