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FAQs about Oculinid/Galaxy Coral Behavior

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Galaxy Coral, beh.  04/02/09
I purchased a nice size Galaxy Coral about a month ago and still have not seen the sweeper tentacles. Also, at night sometimes, the pink flesh seems to protrude or puff up a bit, is this normal?
<It can be normal for a coral to "change shape" at night... but I'm not really sure what you're describing. Pink flesh? Galaxea are not usually what I would describe as "pink." Is this coral bleached?>
What about the sweeper tentacles?
<Sometimes it takes them up to a few months to be seen.>
Sara M.>

Weird substance on Galaxea Coral  11/14/08 Hello crew, Once again thanks for the very help and wonderful website. It has been a while since my last question and for the last year this meant that everything was fine in my 75 gallon tank (no news-good news!). However I recently started seeing some weird "stuff" around my Galaxia and can't seem to be able to identify what it is (I've attached a pic attempt to help identify). It seems to be a sort of white mucus/jelly substance that wraps around the edges of the coral. It doesn't extend above any polyp but starts right at the edge. I've had some polyps dying at the base of the coral and this substance has been wrapping around the dead skeleton. <Mmm, yes> I initially wasn't concerned with the polyps dying as it was a very slow process (1-2 polyps a month) and only affected the polyps at the base of the coral in non-directly lit areas. I assumed this was the coral getting used to the lighting as the well lit areas started to expand and multiply to a neighboring rock. <Is in a sense> I started to get worried when I saw this substance. As additional info I noticed that on the backside of the rock/coral this substance attached to glass and started crawling over the glass filaments. There's a continuous string from rock to the glass. I've been told by my LFS that it may be the coral regenerating and expanding but I'm not really convinced by this. <Their explanation is accurate. Very common for Oculinids, most all Scleractinians to "reach" in such a fashion, over previous skeletal material> I hope this information is sufficient for an identification. I also have side question on my PH swings. I've noticed that my PH swings from 8.4 at peak (lights turn off) to 8.1 (lights turn-on). Is this too stressful for the tank? <Mmmm, not likely a problem... is a big swing, but w/in range of optima> Thanks a lot for the help. Diego
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

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