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FAQs about Oculinid/Galaxy Coral Systems

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Galaxy Coral Hi Bob, Hope all is well. What is you opinion on the Galaxy coral. I can not find much printed on this coral. Is it a LPS? I know they have powerful sweeper tentacles and need room because of but I am not sure on their hardiness. One book I have says they are on a scale of 1-10 an 8 which would be very difficult to keep. The book says, however, this is do to shipping problems. Are they hard to keep? Less hardy than Euphyllia species? I see them a lot locally and want to know if they are a good long-term choice for my 55 Gallon Reef. I have a modified Berlin setup with LPS and soft corals in my tank with VHO lighting. >> One of my favorite genera of stony corals (family Oculinidae), and I consider them LPS'... As you say, most losses of Galaxea can be traced to tissue damage through the transport process... Once you get one in good shape, they are hardy animals, generally thriving in well lit, medium to low circulation conditions... The only proviso I'd like to add is to provide a large space around them and other sedentary invertebrate life... their stinging sweeper tentacles can/do reach out several inches. The genus is easily reproduced through fragmentation.... A friend, Dick Perrin of Tropicorium, has hundreds of colonies of a few species that he regularly re-divides. Bob Fenner

Creature ID/FAQ Direction... Oculinid Resurrection! -11/25/07 Top of the morning WWM Crew, I have browsed the site looking for some assistance with an ID. I originally purchased 2 pieces of Live Rock that were barren at the time, and since they have literally sprouted with some interesting anemone looking creatures. The first two attached are of the darker rock, upon which 15-20 tiny purple based with greenish tip organisms have appeared. They do not appear to have mouths like an anemone would, but they seem to be of the same consistency based on how they move with the water flow in the tank. The second set of pictures of are the lighter rock. I was unable to snap a picture of the backside of this rock, but many completely clear more pointed organisms are starting to emerge out of these 'chambers'. Any assistance would be appreciated, I would like to read more about these organisms, get up to speed on whats in the tank! <Haha, that's not just live rock my friend, that's coral! Apparently, whoever sold it to you thought the coral was dead and so sold it to you as "rock." But the coral (a Galaxea sp. from the looks of it) is now coming back (and spectacularly so). Congratulations! :)> Happy Holidays, -j <Gracias, y tu tambien, Sara M.>

Re: Creature ID/FAQ Direction -11/25/07 Ahhh Excellent! Thanks so much for your assistance I will read up ASAP. I did not think my 2-t8 32 watt bulbs would be sufficient to foster coral growth (55 gal tank) <Well, actually, Galaxea sp. don't need much light.> But they seem to be multiplying rapidly! <It's pleasantly surprising to me too. Especially since, if it was sold as live rock, there must not have been much more than a few bits of live tissue left. We know that, theoretically, corals can come back from even just a tiny "drop" of live tissue. But it's exciting to see it actually happen (especially when you're not even trying or don't even know it's there! lol). May I ask, what do you feed the tank? It might be helpful for people attempting to revive such dying corals to know more about your system. And please don't be shy... if your nitrates are through the roof or something, please share anyway. It's always interesting, when someone has this kind of great, unexpected success, to know all about the conditions under which it happened. :)> Diligent research incoming, thanks again! -j <Very good, but before you think about changing anything, please keep in mind that whatever you've been doing, it's been working for this coral. Best, Sara M.>

Re: Creature ID/FAQ Direction  11/26/07 Haha! Yes, I found both pieces in a live rock bin at a LFS, walked out with both for under $20. The darker rock has propagated quite a bit in the short amount of time it has been in the tank (1 week). The lighter rock is beginning to sprout the clear organisms I spoke about. Is the lighter rock a Galaxea Coral as well? <Well, it was at one time. It's hard to say if there's anything living left on it. I'm sorry I was unable to see the "clear organisms" you were referring too. It *could* be bleached out coral tissue. But I honestly don't know without a better picture (and preferably with the unknown thing circled).> Nothing to be ashamed about, I'll post the stats. I also attached a picture of the tank. I don't see anything out of the ordinary with my setup, is it normally difficult to "revive" these type of corals? <In my experience, it can be a difficult thing to do when you're deliberately trying to do it. But, as you can see (and as has happened to me too), sometimes they just come back without much aquarist effort at all. Corals are just weird that way sometimes (or they seem so because of how little we really understand about them).> 55 gal 2 t8 32 watt bulbs (actinic and full spectrum) Fluval canister filter with activated carbon. 3 Maxi-Jet 1200 Powerheads Inhabitants - O. Niger Trigger, Maroon Clown, Longnose Butterfly. Assorted Hermits and Snails. Cleaner Shrimp. Tank parameters Gravity - 1.023 PH - 8.3 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 Temp - 78 <Your salinity and temp are a little low (1.025 and 80-82F would be better). But like I said, whatever you're doing is working so I wouldn't change anything too quickly.> I feed defrosted Mysis shrimp once daily soaked in Selcon. <Hmmm... maybe the Selcon is helping? The strong water flow certainly doesn't hurt.> I was not planning on changing anything (if its not broke....) but I was curious if I needed to supplement feedings/care requirements of the coral. Will research the FAQs. -j <Here are some links to help you out: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/oculinidae.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/galaxycfaqs.htm http://wetwebfotos.com/Home?actionRequest=articleView&articleID=299 http://www.asira.org/galaxea They're actually not considered "easy" corals to keep. They feed on small particle food and, when healthy, can be extremely aggressive. If/as this coral continues to grow/thrive, it will probably need to be feed more and maybe given some space. But as they say in AA... best to take it "one day at a time." :-) Good luck and thank you for sharing about your coral/system, Sara M.>

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