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FAQs about Oculinid/Galaxy Coral Selection

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Galaxy Coral Hi Bob, Hope all is well. What is you opinion on the Galaxy coral. I can not find much printed on this coral. Is it a LPS? I know they have powerful sweeper tentacles and need room because of but I am not sure on their hardiness. One book I have says they are on a scale of 1-10 an 8 which would be very difficult to keep. The book says, however, this is do to shipping problems. Are they hard to keep? Less hardy than Euphyllia species? I see them a lot locally and want to know if they are a good long-term choice for my 55 Gallon Reef. I have a modified Berlin setup with LPS and soft corals in my tank with VHO lighting. >> One of my favorite genera of stony corals (family Oculinidae), and I consider them LPS'... As you say, most losses of Galaxea can be traced to tissue damage through the transport process... Once you get one in good shape, they are hardy animals, generally thriving in well lit, medium to low circulation conditions... The only proviso I'd like to add is to provide a large space around them and other sedentary invertebrate life... their stinging sweeper tentacles can/do reach out several inches. The genus is easily reproduced through fragmentation.... A friend, Dick Perrin of Tropicorium, has hundreds of colonies of a few species that he regularly re-divides. Bob Fenner

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