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 FAQs on Magnificent/Ritteri Anemone Stocking/Selection

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Gorgeous eh? An unusually colored and tentacled Magnificent in N. Sulawesi.

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question/s regarding 330g acrylic; stkg., filtr., H. magnifica    9/25/11
Hello, folks. Thanks for this wonderful website. I have unexpectedly been given the chance to buy a fairly-priced 330g pre-drilled acrylic aquarium (84"x30"x30"). After years of keeping freshwater Discus, I have had only one previous saltwater setup; a 125 gallon LR with a magnificent anemone, MH lighting, etc.. I am considering catering this aquarium to house only a magnificent anemone(s), Perculas, and damsels. My previous magnificent anemone thrived over the 2 1/2 years I had the tank but it was a decent amount of work; battling algal blooms with such intense lighting, frequent water changes, closely monitoring parameters, etc. However, I think dedicating a tank of this size to just magnificent anemone(s) and a large group of Perculas could make for a breath-taking setup.
<Mmm, not too large a group of clowns... they don't share hosts nicely>
My two questions are;
1) before I purchase this large of a tank (and not having time yet to do enough research; tank will go quickly), will I be able to purchase the required filtration (likely trickle),
<I'd look into something "more modern"... a remoted sump, DSB, RDP lighted, refugium area...>
pumps, skimmer, etc. from the standard on-line distributors or am I getting in over my head with a lot of customizing to make this work?
<Mmm, the former. Gear (mechanicals, controllers) are available commercially for such sized systems, even MUCH larger>
I have never maintained a tank of this volume...
2) My plan will be LR formed to allow the H. magnifica a flat spot ~12' below the water surface directly beneath MH lighting (would 2x250 = 500w 10,000k provide enough?)
<Mmm, again, I'd do a good deal of look/seeing here before spending your/my money... there are better long term lighting options nowayears>
hanging ~12" above the water, some big-time water movement, an appropriate sized trickle(s)/overflow (all intakes meshed and covered) stocked with a large group of blk/wht Perculas with some damsels. I get excited just talking about it!
<I'd round out the livestock selection here... with Anthiines, Apogonids, a bunch of bottom dwellers... Let your imagination soar! Mine's already aloft>
This will be a long process and I will allow the tank to establish/cycle well before attempting H. magnifica. I just wanted your opinion on maintaining a tank of this size and what issues you see with my set-up plan for this tank. No rush, but they are only willing to hold this tank for me until Tuesday!
<Mmm, do start your reading here:
scroll down to the tray below "Large Marine Systems"... peruse all>
A side note, my previous H. magnifica only moved a significant distance twice in the 2 1/2 years I had it. It was parked directly under a 250w MH just below the water surface. It moved once due to a power outage (light off in middle of day cycle) and once when the algae went a little crazy when on vacation. Do you think it would be possible, with an well-thought-out LR formation, to hold more than one H. magnifica in this size tank?
<Mmm, "possible"; yes... but I would limit yourself to just one really... for all the reasons gone over in the article on this species by me, archived on WWM and the linked files re Heteractis magnifica linked above>
A very big thank you! Kind regards,
Kevin Crowe
<And you, Bob Fenner>

Sebae/Ritteri Anemone Systems    6/6/06 Hello to all, <Hello Chris> I was wondering what are your thoughts on my ability to keep a Ritteri with my proper set-up. <A difficult anemone to keep for any length of time.>  I have a 55 gallon aquarium that is only 15" deep, <Do better in larger tanks.> I have (2) 175 watt Metal Halide and plenty of actinics.  I planned on placing the anemone on the top of my largest rock in the aquarium which is about 7" from the surface.  My water quality is near perfect and I have excellent water flow (wave maker, sump return pump, etc..). <Wavemakers are a plus.>  Or do you think that I maybe over killing my aquarium with so much light (although it never bothered my carpet anemone before in the aquarium)? <Lighting is fine.>  I recently moved and don't have any livestock in it right now, but a saddleback clown, and wanted to start it up again with a Ritteri. <Chris, do read here and related articles above.   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/anemones.htm Thanks, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Chris

Ritteri do I have it in me?   6/3/06 Good Afternoon, .....excellent site, you guys ( girls included, no offense) rule.  I have a 50 gal aquarium that I have ran for many years as an exclusive anemone tank (no other creature but anemones.. not even clowns), and I just moved and I am starting it up again.  I have kept just about every type of anemone (Bubble, Sebae, LTA, Carpet...for only a month though, quarantine situation for a friend), but the one that I have never kept was a Ritteri (the one that I always wanted to).  I have a ton of experience with all types of anemones with everything that could go wrong to everything that goes perfectly.  So I am not questioning my abilities or knowledge, just my lighting.  I have (2) 175w MH....1 6500k and the other I think is a 10k or 12k, and (2) 65w actinics.  I have learned through the years (and this lesson was costly) that if you have doubt, it best not to try, so I am asking the experts (yes you).  And I know that even after my tank cycles again it will be at least 6 months before I can put one in.  If you don't think I have the lighting for a Ritteri, what about a carpet long for the term? Thanks, Michael <<Michael:  Many experts consider the Ritteri not only difficult to keep; but, due to their lifespans/infrequent reproduction they should not even be pulled out of the ocean.  It would be a shame to get one and then lose it.  Some people also think that clownfish are good for the well being of the anemones.  As for me, I have RTBA, GTBA, LTA and a Condy under 400W MH lighting.  I also have a RTBA, Condy and Green Carpet under VHO lighting.  I feed the anemones every few days and they seem to be doing well.  All the anemones came with tanks I bought.  If it were me, I would stick with a clone of a RTBA or GTBA.  That way, you're not experimenting on a critter that just got pulled out of the ocean.  Best of luck, Roy>>

NMA, book recommendations, anemone loss Hello Anthony and Bob, << Sorry, you get Adam today >> Just wanted to let you know I received a copy of your book Reef Invertebrates and what a great book it is with a wealth of information. << I agree, money well spent. >> Please keep up the great work and look forward to more books from you folks. Is there any other books that you would recommend? << Yep, Conscientious Marine Aquarist (by Bob) and Natural Reef Aquariums (by Tullock) and for corals get Corals (by Sprung) and boy oh boy I love books and could keep rambling on. >> Also on your advice I have gone to a below tank sump refugium and out with the trickle filter. I am finding my Tank is more stable. Thanks is all I can say. << I would have given the same advice, so I'm glad it worked. >> On a side not I have bought a Heteractis magnifica (Ritteri Anemone) without  a lot of consideration and ended up losing it due to my own ignorance, it was a hard lesson learned and its not the money but needless loss of life that I am unhappy about. when it was on it way out though and  from what I heard and read this is unheard of but it spawned, and not just sperm but thousands of tiny green eggs. well a month has passed and I have what appears to be a small anemone growing now, I can not be certain that it is a magnifica as of yet but it is not a polyp , it is small whitish with green tips tentacles, as it grows I will keep you updated on what it is for sure, just an interesting tid bit I thought I would share. << Sounds great. >> on closing I would like to say to people looking to buy a Heteractis magnifica that they really research every thing and make sure they have the most ideal tank conditions they can or even better choose another species altogether. << Good Advice >> Thanks Drew Canada Ps. The book I received was autographed, and Yes I have liked my inverts today. <<  Adam Blundell  >>

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