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FAQs on Marine Infectious Disease (Bacterial, Fungal, Viral) Causes/Etiologies

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Usually such infectious disease, organisms expression is a function of physical damage to the specimen. This damage can take the shape from chemical challenge as well as nutritional deficiency, "poor" water quality...

Ich and Fuzzy Growths Thank you very much for the advice. I've been using the ich treatment since Wednesday and have been changing the water. She seems to be getting worse, though, and some of the spots are getting a little fuzzy. Any ideas what this is? Megan <your fish may simply be secreting extra mucous from the irritation of the parasite or it may be getting a secondary bacterial infection. It may be best to add an antibiotic to the water. Try a furan-based medication. Best regards, Anthony>

Dead Moray Affecting Angel Our pygmy moray eel died today of a condition similar to that as described in Cathy's question which was titled sick moray on your question page - though OUR eel had been breathing heavily for the past few days - it was only this morning that we discovered the red patches on her otherwise normal pink skin - we isolated her this morning and following her death an hour later upon examination we found worms coming through her skin in several places as well as thick mucous floating in the isolation tank - we are assuming by what you told Cathy this is a bacterial infection superimposed upon a parasitic infection <Likely so> Our primary concern now is for the ONE other fish in the main tank which is a conspiculatus angel - who at this point shows no signs of distress, eats well, and appears to be in perfect health - water quality is excellent in the 75 gallon tank our question is do you feel we need to take any sort of precautions or interventions to ensure that that angel does not have any parasites or to reduce the likelihood of any subsequent infestation - also is the parasite that affected our eel specific to the eel or can it cause problems with the angel - <Good question and speculations... Very unlikely the problem with the Moray will spread to the Angel, or that predisposing conditions in the same system will mal-affect the Angel>> if interventions are recommended we would appreciate any or all suggestions thank you in advance for your advice and counsel Ken and Steve in Chicago <Glad to render my opinion. Bob Fenner> Foxface with one cloudy eye Good evening all: <Good morrow Keith> This evening I noted that my Foxface has one slightly cloudy eye. It does not appear to be swollen. Tank is an eighty gallon with about 70lbs live rock, remora pro skimmer and two other resident fish. A royal Gramma and an ocellaris clown. They are fine. The Foxface has been in the tank a little over a month. Consumed almost all of my micro (hair algae, Caulerpa, Valonia and lord know what else) Now feeding him Nori and pellet food. Appetite is excellent, is very relaxed swimming about the tank and does get on well with the other two. Tank states are good with ammonia and nitrite 0, very low nitrates. In looking through the FAQs I noted that this is often observed in conjunction with Popeye, <Yes... and likely the same root cause here... for one eye... a physical trauma> ...however as above no swelling observed (yet). I am a bit overdue for a water change but will get that done tomorrow. Some recommendations are wait and see, some recommend Epsom salts. What would you suggest at this point? Thanks for your advice and for being there! <Either, both of these. Bob Fenner>

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