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FAQs about Sea Mats, Star Polyp Reproduction/Propagation

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epoxy coral putty... Concern re poss. tox.         1/18/14
Hi Bob ! a very good evening from a snowy Denmark...while I take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank you for your soothing (and of course absolutely correct) comments on my partially injured brain coral, I have a another favour to ask....
I got a Acropora frag today and tried to fix it with Fluval coral putty. As instructed I mixed a small part (amount was like the size of a marble when mixed) the green outer and white parts evenly for 1 min or so till it became a uniform grey color and wedged it in a hole of a LR. However when I tried to set the frag into it I notices some part of the putty dissolve out as a whitish cloud into the water along with some tiny bits. I freaked out and with a tong scraped out the putty from the hole. Do you think I should be scared about it fouling/poisoning the whole tank ?
<Mmm; not so much if the tank is large enough... filtered, circulated "well enough"...>
 The protein skimmer (Juwel 3.0) is working a bit overtime and I plan to do 20 lts water change tomorrow (total vol of tank is 125 lit). Any kind words of comfort will be very highly appreciated just like all the millions who are indebted to your support....br, Kaustuv
<You will likely be fine here. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Mysterious Pink Eggs: Coral Spawning Event  11/16/08 Hello all, <Hello Dan, Lynn here this fine afternoon.> This morning I woke up to find these pink eggs all over my clove polyps. I am wondering if anyone has seen these before? <Yes, indeed pink eggs (actually egg/sperm packets) are not easily overlooked or forgotten. I've seen reports/photos of these on the internet, associated with Clavularia and Briareum/Pachyclavularia spp. Its a spawning event very neat indeed and a testament to your good husbandry!> I Googled the image and they look similar to Cleaner shrimp eggs, but I only have one and did not notice it carrying any eggs. <Nope, those aren't shrimp eggs! Please see the following links for more photos and information re: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-06/eb/index.php http://www.wetwebmedia.com/polypreprofaqs.htm > Any Ideas? <LOL - Always!> Thanks!! Dan <You're very welcome and thanks for sharing! Take care, Lynn>

Green Star Polyps Spawning  12/7/06 My Green Star Polyps are spawning. <Your polyps do not spawn, no eggs involved.> <<? Sexually? Perhaps so... RMF>> I'm not sure if I should do anything, but I'm concerned about having green star polyps taking over the whole tank.  It's been up 2.5 years and the various corals have grown to fill most of the available space. Do the spawn usually live?  Should I vacuum them out? <I think you've got something else going on here.  Try to get a pic if you have a camera with macro capability and resend, may be very interesting. James (Salty Dog)> I realize this is somewhat rare, special, etc.  But I'm just seeing dozens of planulae and envisioning GSPs sprouting everywhere. - Ben

Re: Green Star Polyps Spawning 12/8/06 I don't have a digital camera with macro capability, however it looks a lot like this, from an Eric Borneman article: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-06/eb/images/image016c.jpg <Cannot see any pics on these links.> A different shot from the article shows the eggs with a colony of green star polyps much better, but looks less similar to my own colony, due to the polyps being smaller and many being retracted: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-06/eb/images/image022c.jpg The whole article: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-06/eb/index.php The article as a whole has several pictures of green star polyps that have spawned, and my own research via Google indicates Pachyclavularia violacea are external surface brooders.  My wife watched the eggs exit the individual polyps and they are now attached to the polyp mat via what appears to be very fine strings of mucus. I don't know if it requires a separate colony to fertilize these eggs, but I have very little doubt that they are eggs.  I did not watch them come out of the polyps as I was at work, but my wife called me and described it to me as it was happening yesterday afternoon about 2:30 PM Central time.  This would have been near the middle of the day for the tank. <Ahh, now I am seeing the light, now that you provided me with the scientific name of the coral.  Yes, your coral does spawn in the form of egg/sperm packets along with encrusting the entire rockwork they are on.  The only prevention from carpeting the tank is by removing rock they are attached to, perhaps selling or trading them to your dealer.> Thank you, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> - Ben Yellow polyps Hello again.  <Cheers, Anthony Calfo in your service> Just wondering about my yellow polyps/anemone colony. They are budding often, and quite quickly.  <delighted to hear it!> Is it hard to keep these guys under control? I really enjoy them because of how easy they are to care for.  <agreed...and yes, they do grow well when given good current and food. Without such they grow slowly and some may wane/starve. You may control their growth by placing rubble around the main colony and replacing as the pieces become covered. Do trade, give away or sell the pieces locally to LFS, aquarium society friends, etc. That means less "coral" that will be collected wild for having done it> When one animal that is part of a group, or buds that are all attached, catches some food, does the entire group benefit?  <very good question. No...they are not interconnected so intimately but rather they are colonial. You may cut away any number of individuals without harming the rest of the colony. I should be placing an article on such coral propagation or an excerpt from my book on our site here soon> Thanks lots! -Becky
<best regards, Anthony>

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