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FAQs about Acroporid Coral Disease/Health, Parasites, Pests 10

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Acropora black bugs       5/4/16
Hey I was wondering if someone might possibly have some info about a problem I am having. I have black "bugs" on some Acropora.
I have treated my tank with interceptor and it didn't kill them.
<Interesting... might want to try a biological predator... some small wrasses, pipes...>
Killed off a lot of other stuff. Also I have dipped these corals in Coral Pro RX, Revive, Bayer at triple strength and nothing has worked.
<Strange... and frightening>

They seem indestructible. I am not considering drying everything out.
They only seem to affect the across. But I left the tank empty of those for a few weeks and when I place a frag in they have come right back. I am not sure if these bugs can survive on detritus or other food and maybe stick
around even for prolonged periods of time.
Any help you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Brad V.Greensboro, NC
<I'd REALLY like you to collect some, take their pic under magnification... and send along for Identification.
Otherwise, re bio-controls, please read here:

Bob Fenner>
Re: Acropora black bugs       5/4/16
This is the best I have been able to get so far. Will keep trying though.
Also here's a video but not great quality. Acropora bugs! Not red bugs
<Mate.... these look like flatworms... BobF>


Re: Acropora black bugs       5/4/16
the grey spots?
did you see the video?
<No... the link doesn't work... practice sending it to yourself and re-send>
do they swim like that? I know the bites look the same as flatworm bites.
Thank you for your patience.
Re: Acropora black bugs       5/4/16

Acropora bugs! Not red bugs
Re: Acropora black bugs       5/4/16

I sent the link ... didn't get it? Here goes again
<... worthless. Do you make these blurry messes as copepods, amphipods. GET a scope mate>
Re: Acropora black bugs       5/4/16

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
<Mmm; no; she passed on/croaked about a dozen years back>

Sps oops     2/26/16
Good afternoon crew... I have two problems today I need your quick insight in to calming my nerves... I received a red planet a Acro today and when I opened up the shipping gab it was broken off of the frag plug and broke in
It looked fine other than that... So I glued it to small pieces of rock and placed it in my tank... It has only been in the tank for an hour and it has nice polyp extension and colors look great... Should I worry?
<I'd be... definitely isolating/quarantining any/ALL new Cnidarian life... SEE/READ on WWM re S.O.P., rationale
And while I was placing it I broke a large green Acro I have( one of its branches) but the rest of the colony looked fine...) should I be worried or will it recover? Just need to calm my nerves... Thanks Brian
<Too much to restate, re-key here... the system, history, maintenance, other life, foods/feeding.... Do please learn to/use the search tool, indices on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Strange bubble like blisters on Acropora corals        2/19/15
Hey WWM crew.
I’m hoping one of your resident Acropora experts would be so kind as to take a look at a couple of images for me and tell me if this is something they’ve seen before, or if they have an idea of what might be causing it. The basic details with photos are in a reef central thread here: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23518368#post23518368 <http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23518368#post23518368 > (I’m asylumdown).
Not sure if you guys go on there with any regularity,
<No... bb's I deem too much a waste of time; didn't participate over the years WWM had their own... Too much "noise"; unqualified opinions>
so if you need me to send the pictures directly with a more detailed synopsis I can.
At first I thought it was Neoplasia, but the warty, bubbly growths don’t really seem to calcify. I’m wondering if I’m looking at a bacterial infection of some sort, or since this only seems to affect Acropora, if I might be witnessing the effects of allelopathy?
The tank is 375 gallons overall, has mostly Acropora and Montipora for SPS, though there are a couple colonies of Seriatopora, one VERY large elegance coral, a medium (about the size of a softball) wall-type frogspawn, and a basketball sized colony of branching frogspawn with about 50 heads. The only corals I’ve ever had issues with are the Acros, all my Montiporas are growing so fast I can barely keep my alk in acceptable ranges.
<Could be these Euphylliids, Caryophylliids involvement, or something to do w/ water quality as stated in the thread... Can't tell w/ the info. provided. Bob Fenner> 

Acropora millepora disease identification... scant info.     9/27/14
Hi there. I got some of millepora that just suddenly bleaching out at the tips for no reason. Even though my parameter been stable all the time. Only got spike in nitrate from 0 to 5-6. Phosphate from 0 to 0.1.
<... what other livestock, esp. chemo-photosynthetic is here? All need some/measurable NO3 and HPO4>
But did big wc to lower them down. In addition still battle with red slime lately. Can u help me id the disease. Thanks
<Not w/o more information. Let's have you read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/AcroDisDiagF.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Montipora growth, hlth. concern       6/21/14
Hi Bob,
First of all I'd like to thank & appreciate for all answers you have given to me for my queries, in my previous Emails.
Once again I need your advise one of my problem.
I've been running 100G mixed reef tank for about a year now all my(approx. 30 corals are happy thriving with good speed.
I have Montipora capricornis growing good, one Montipora Digitata grown from 1" frag about 4" tree, I'm happy with the result.
My Parameters are all ok NO3 <5PPM, PO4 <0.03, PH8.3, KH 8dkh. Cal +400, Mg 1250
<Very good>
3 weeks back I bought two corals Red Brain (Trachyphyllia) and Green Bubble Coral frankly speaking I got them from my friend and were in poor health but with feeding them twice a week they have now gone healthy and with good inflation.
(all that I said is just to give an idea that what I think is that my tank water quality is fine.)
Now the main question is that, same week I brought two more frags of Montipora Digitata from one of my friend who has SPS dominant tank and he's maintaining his KH to 11dkh for a long time just to get the rapid growth of SPS.
The SPS frags are not doing well and seems like I will lose them I accamilised them very slowly like all other coral I did in past.
Now what I think is that as these coral have grown in such high Alkalinity it is bit harder for these frags to survive in comparative low alk. of my tank. or you think there will be some other problem.
<Can't tell from the data presented... I would try pulsing a double dose of iodide-ate...>
I placed them high under MH lights with good flow beside my good thriving Montipora.
<Are these similar conditions under which they'd been growing?>

I've been searching for clue but unable to find any answer.
<Perhaps a read, review here: http://wetwebmedia.com/AcroDisDiagF.htm

and the linked files above>
appreciate your thoughts to advise that what I've done wrong coz I'm still learning.
<I as well. Bob Fenner>

AEFW... chem., bio. controls    1/22/14
What's the best course for action for eradicating AEFW?
<Mmm, there are a few approaches... mostly 'cides; chemical controls>

I've searched the site and come up with the below as possible in tank treatments:
1) Levamisole dosed at 28g per gallon, repeated each week for 4-5 weeks along with a 50% water change.
2) Salifert FW Exit dosed at 4 drops per gallon, repeated each week for 4-5 weeks along with a 50% water change.
Are there other more effective in tank treatments or dips?
<Not IME; I'd go w/ #2>
Thanks for your time.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: AEFW   1/22/14

What's your opinion of fluke tabs @ 1 tab per gallon?
<Mmm; can work. Again, if poisoning the system, I'd go w/ Salifert... Have you tried, considered bio-controls?>
Are any dips effective specifically: CoralRx, Revive, Iodine, RPS All Out, or Bayer?
<Have no direct, first-hand experience w/ any of these... Anecdotal accounts are mixed for all. BobF>
Re: AEFW   1/22/14

I have two Halichoeres Wrasses (Yellow Coris and Christmas), are there other bio-controls I could try?
<Mmm, genus Halichoeres wrasses don't do much for AEFW... generally will only eat if blasted off and they're hungry. My fave hands-down choices are members of the genus Pseudocheilinus; mystery, six-line... B>
Re: AEFW   1/23/14

A side note, I'm cycling/upgrading a new tank so I'm prepared to move all unaffected livestock to the new tank, turn the current tank into a QT and do whatever is necessary to remove these pests before relocating the corals to the new tank (if possible).
<Best to treat all; the system... B>

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