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FAQs about Acroporid Coral Pathogenic Disease

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Acro Spots       6/12/19
Do these look like red or black bugs on my Staghorn?
<Mmm; no; don't see any "legs".... Bob Fenner>


Re: Acro Spots       6/12/19
Any idea what they could be? Haven't added anything new. Also haven't seen any damage on the coral but this is one that gives me almost no polyp extension, even at night.
<Maybe... algae colonies. Scrape some off and look at under a low power 'scope mate. BobF>
Re: Acro Spots       6/12/19
Any tips on how to get some polyp extension on this stag?

<Oh, yes; the usual: "good water quality", adequate N, P, K... likely the supplementation of iron and zinc... Using ORP/RedOx as a measure of system viability...>
I do have a few other colonies that are not doing great. I attributed it to my light upgrade a few months back even though they haven't recovered. I have a feeling the right side of my tank is the problem.
<Borrow a PAR, PUR meter and check>
Whether it's the flow that is being blocked or some type of allelopathy.
<See/read on WWM re my overall comments re... the use of ozone/O3 mostly... perhaps punctuated use of chemical filtrants (activated carbon/Chemipure, PolyFilter)... Bob Fenner>
Re: Acro Spots       6/12/19

Sorry Bob, forgot to include.
<Wow! Some Cnidarians now! BobF>

Reef Tank: Need an ID weird tube structure 8/29/2009
Hey guys I keep getting this tube like formation around my Montiporas.
It has a consistency of super glue, mixed with sand. I tear it apart in hopes of catching something inside but to no avail. Any chance you guys know what it is and how to catch it?
<I suspect this is a type of tumour caused by pathogenic bacteria...>
It's annoying, it eats/erodes the side of the Montipora it attaches to build its tube structure.
Also the structure is built on the live rock. I attached some photos to see if you can ID it.
<Please read here:
Bob Fenner>

"Bubble" on My Acropora - 10/20/06 Hi. <<Hello>> I have a very quick question I hope you can help me with. <<I shall try>> I have an Acropora coral that has a bubble type appendage toward it's base where it appears it was snapped off from the mother colony.  The bubble is not brown (dreaded jelly disease) and looks healthy with extended small polyps extending off the bubble.  I have had the coral for at least 5-6 months now.  The coral is growing well and other then the bubble in question is in perfect health with very good color and polyp extension mostly at night with a little during the day.  I have no idea what this bubble is and I can't find anything on it.  All my other Acros are doing great.  If I am naive and this is the start of some kind of infection I want to get on it before it gets out of hand. <<I doubt this is an "infection," these usually act quite fast and you would heave noticed some deleterious effect by now.  I suspect what you have is a "parasite"...despite how that sounds, in this instance these are usually symbiotic or at least commensal relationships and thus benign.  Some crustaceans are known to take up residence on the skeleton/in the flesh of Acropora corals.  The most common that I have witnessed are small barnacle looking crustaceans and very small crabs...the latter is visibly active (feeding) from a small opening in the corals flesh, the latter is usually completely encased in a lump or goiter of the corals flesh.  To my knowledge and in my experience, neither do permanent harm or prevent the coral from growing/flourishing>> For the record my water parameters are: 0 nitrate 0  Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Phosphate Alk 11 (stable) Calcium 380 SG 1.025, Temp 80 PH 8.3 (stable with reverse light cycle on refugium) The coral has a nice, healthy strong random flow over it.  No linear current or anything.  The coral is housed under (2) 150watt HQI metal halide and 260watts of mixed PC 10k and actinic and is in the top 1/4 of the tank.  I have attached a picture however it is not very good quality.  The best I can do with my meager equipment. <<I'm afraid we didn't get the picture>> I was hoping you could provide some insight on the matter. <<I don't think you need be concerned.  Any "treatment" of the coral is likely to do more harm than good>> Thank you very much you are always a great help. Regards, John Weglarz <<Happy to assist.  Eric Russell>>
"Bubble" on My Acropora - II - 10/21/06
Hello again. <<Hello John>> Thank you for the reply Eric. <<My pleasure>> I believe your diagnosis is dead accurate. <<I do get lucky sometimes <grin> >> I have not seen any parasites/crabs though they may be to small for me to see with the naked eye, or perhaps I am not looking close enough or at the right time.  For the record when the goiter does burst there is perfectly healthy flesh underneath and it seems this phenomena started when the Acropora began growing rapidly. <<Hmm, curious...but if the coral does not seem to be suffering any deleterious effects from this I would leave it be>> As you stated and I have witnessed there is no harm done, it just struck me as being odd and I was concerned it may be the start of something detrimental. <<Understood>> I did a lot of research on the matter and I couldn't find any information on this topic.  I believe your explanation on this matter will be instrumental in putting other reef keepers concerns at ease should they encounter this phenomenon. <<Or at least encourage them to research/observe before taking a hasty course of action that can often be more harm than good>> Thank you ever so much. Regards John Weglarz <<Always happy to help, Eric Russell>>

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