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FAQs on Acrylic Aquarium Repair and Modifications: Top Pieces

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Acrylic Tank Openings Modification (of top)    12/11/11
I have a 240 gallon tank and I have had it for 25 years.  Its 96�X24�X24�.
<Ah yes... a "stock" dimension>
It has 5 openings in the top. With 3 of them being 23� wide X 7� deep, located 7¼� from the front edge of the tank and 10� from the rear, and 6 ¾� from the sides, running center of tank.  The other 2 are 13� wide X 2� deep, an inch from the rear of the tank and 6 ¾� from the right and left side.
The panels are all ½ thick acrylic.  I need bigger openings for new lights because I'm converting the tank from fish only marine to a reef tank.  My question is would it be possible to increase the 3 openings from 7� to 14� deep without compromising the integrity of the tank.
<I do think this can be done safely. Not terribly hard to use a power tool (fine tooth blade on a jigsaw et al.) and cut away the olde... use

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