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FAQs on Magnificent/Ritteri Anemone Environmental Disease Diagnosis

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

I need your expertise; Heteractis magnifica      4/8/20
Hello team! I have been a frequent visitor of your site for years and truly enjoy your articles and books. I have had reef aquariums off and on well over 10 years. I’m fascinated by the clown fish and anemone relationship, and I have successful kept bubble tips anemone for years and have ventured into the infamous Magnificent Sea Anemone. I know they don’t ship well and the one I received had to be treated, which I believe I have done successfully. My questions are:
1. How will I know if and when the animal has settled? (It hasn’t moved since it was placed in the tank where it receives average par of 380 -400 with peaks of 450. ( 240 gallon display tank lit by 4 Orphek Alantik V4 gen 2 and two Kessil A360X)
<Not moving is a good sign for this and other anemone species; and the clownfish settling in (not avoiding) the host>
2. It has lost a little of its color since its Cipro treatment, how long does it take to get that back? (Pix attached)
<Hopefully within a few weeks... I might (over)dose your supplementing of iodide/ate... with testing.>
3. Should I feed it at this time? I know when I have fed it in the past its tentacles deflate for a few hours? Not sure if this is normal or a bad sign? (In contrast my bubble tip anemones appear to get bigger after feeding)
<Yes; I would feed two, three times per week... "test" some food and if it is sticking, go forward with more>
4. Finally the mag has been in my tank since 03/17/2020. I receive it on 03/7, it started treatment on 03/08 (Went through cycles of deflating and inflating) and back in the aquarium 03/17 (No longer does it deflate or flatten out, however it does appear to shrink a little at night?)
<Yes; this is natural. Not to worry>
Thanks for your time, I look forward to your response.
Video <https://photos.app.goo.gl/5cAJkD4JJHdCoqD4A >  of aquarium mag is on the right
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

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