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FAQs on Magnificent/Ritteri Anemone Trauma

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FAQs on Magnificent Anemone Disease by Category: Diagnosing,  Environmental (Pollution/Poisoning, Lighting...), Nutritional, Social (Allelopathy), Pathogenic (Infectious, Parasitic, Viral) Predatory/Pest, Treatments 

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

EMERGENCY: Ritteri Anemone      8/31/16
Hello Crew-
I went and bought a Ritteri Anemone recently.
<Hope you studied....>

I put it in the tank, and it immediately adjusted to the new environment.
No problems at all. It eventually adhered itself to the glass of the tank.
That's when I noticed that the foot was damaged
<Very common problem leading to death>
and it's insides were showing. That white stringy stuff?
<Mesenterial this and that>

Anyway, it kept getting worse, and the half of the anemone was deflated.
Now, as I am getting home from school, I notice that it is no longer on the glass, but on the sand in a pile. Not inflated at all now. I triple tested my water, and it all looks fine.
<Not for long>
Everything else in the tank is thriving. I don't think the anemone is going to make it,
and I am going to pull it out as soon as it starts to smell and decay.
<I'd do that now>

If you have any suggestions on what to do with the anemone, please let me know ASAP. I need to know how to proceed. Photo is attached.
Gabe Walsh
<The aforementioned reading re the species on WWM:
and the linked files above; or my book (see Amazon) on Anemones and their use in aquariums. Bob Fenner>

Injured H. magnifica 3-10-08 I purchased a magnifica today, in the shop he was quite reluctant to leave his rock, thought taking the rock was not a viable option as it was very large and covered in e.quads. Anyway, he/she suffered a pretty bad tear during removal, it is now in my tank (I wasn't sure what to do, I have 2 ocellaris clowns in my quarantine and I didn't want them harassing it). The tear runs right through its body and foot, almost to it's mouth but not quite. most if its foot still seems functional and it is expanding slowly (although it is looking like a BTA as it expands.. I hope I got the right one =\). Is there anything I can do to help it recover? I feel pretty bad as it is, and to top it off the aquarium is 2 1/2 hours away so replacement is not viable for a while. I appreciate any help you guys can give, (btw, PH = 8.3, ammo = 0, nitrate = 0, nitrite = 0). <Leave the anemone alone for 24 hours, then attempt to feed with minced meaty foods and Selcon. Tearing this anemone during removal was irresponsible - more care should have been taken. It is possible and relatively straightforward to extricate an anemone with some patience, a credit card, and some ice> Thanks, Oscar. <Anytime - M. Maddox>

Re: Injured H. magnifica 3-10-08 I am aware it was irresponsible, unfortunately it was out of my control as it was not me removing the creature.. <I would have complained, and not purchased the animal after that abuse> Thanks for the help though. should it still be able to eat if the tear extends to it's mouth? <Maybe, maybe not - worth a try, with finely minced meaty foods, or a turkey baster and Cyclop-eeze. Good luck, and avoid that store from now on! M. Maddox>

Ritteri Anemone Trouble Hello, I have a question, I have a Ritteri anemone, for about 3 Months it has been doing good until the past few days. It had moved to the top of the tank and stayed there. I notice the bottom of the anemone is falling apart (Dying) but the top looks excellent. The mouth is in good shape too. I assume that maybe this is a light issue. It is a 29 gal. tank with power compacts 100 watts,<I believe the light should be adequate provided of course the tubes are changed yearly and one should be an actinic.> <<No... RMF>> 10x on the water flow ( Which it moved it self right in the path of) 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, ph 8.2, nitrate 20ppm Only thing in this tank is a pair of maroon clowns, and some live rock. Is there any saving this anemone? As I said the top looks great!. Is there anything I could or should do, or is it too late. I would start by doing a 20% water change with an enriched salt such as Reef Crystals. Secondly, do a 10% change weekly, not just till things get better.  Are you using a protein skimmer?  Do you feed your anemone?  Please respond for a more detailed answer.  James (Salty Dog) Thanks, WWM Fan!
Ritteri Anemone Trouble
Yes I was feeding it 3 times a week, The lights were new, 1 Antic. I pulled it out the mouth was did not look good and it was fouling the tank. It was Gone and nothing I could do. I just do not know what happened to it. I do use a protein skimmer and getting good stuff out of it. and in All my tanks I faithfully do 20% a week, including my 180, and my 300. I haven't missed a water change in 2 years. I always add my supplements. The food was Chopped up krill, with chopped silversides and other mix. Thanks for your help, but I do not think it was meant to be. The Maroons look lost. I think they were wild caught. I have had them a year. they lay eggs, they hatched a few times but did not live. I just do know what kind of anemone to get them anymore. I had a nice bubble tip In there with them, but It was too small. They beat the heck out of it, It almost died but I moved it to another tank and it is doing really well. The problem is the female is about 7" and very aggressive and protective of her anemone. I barely could stick my hands in the tank to clean it. Thank you for your time.<Hello Mr. Zielgler.  One thing to keep in mind.  Anemones are not easy to keep.  First of all, they don't ship well and that adds to problems from the start.  You must have done your homework on anemone/clown relationship since the Ritteri is the anemone of choice for the Maroon Clown with the bubble tip being second and long tentacle anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) being runner up. The use of metal halide lighting is preferable for the ritteri.  PC lighting is acceptable for the bubble tip providing your tank is not deep. You certainly are doing things right but you are just experiencing what many of us have and that is realizing most anemones can't be kept in a closed system for any long term duration. Every now and then a lucky aquarist will get one that does exceptionally well under proper conditions. James (Salty Dog) Scott

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