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FAQs on Exophthalmia/Pop-Eye 3 & Eye Injuries

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Clarkii Clown Fish Problem - 10/27/2012
Hi Crew! I need your advice. I researched your site but I feel like I needed to reach out. My clarkii clown fish has been acting abnormally lately. At first he started hanging out at the bottom of the tank, then wasn't eating for 2 days. Then magically she was swimming everywhere and eating regularly. I tested the water and nitrate/ph/ammonia levels and it normal. She's back to eating and just hanging out at the bottom and swimming around consistently. I have been noticing her one eye growing slightly larger then the other over the past week but today I found her with a HUGE eye.
<Yes... unilateral exophthalmia... "one-sided pop-eye"... Almost always due to a mechanical injury>
I've seen pictures of this, but my poor clarkii looks bad. She is still swimming around though. I don't have a quarantine tank (yes I'm getting one setup before I get anymore fish.) is there an alternative remedy I can use in my tank? Should I immediately do a water change? Help.
<Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Popeyetrauma.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Blue Koran white swollen eyes... reading      8/23/12
Hi Guys. We have a Blue Koran Angel who was doing fine just two days ago.
Yesterday his eyes seemed a little swollen but he was still eating and doing quite well. This morning his eyes are swollen and white. Almost as though its a bubble covering them. He also did not eat breakfast or dinner.
Our water parameters are all good.
<... need values>
Temp is good. He is in a temporary 100 gallon while his big tank is cycling and warming. I will attach a picture.
<I see this in your following email>
 The filtration on the tank he's in is a Fluval 406 and a Fluval 205.
Plenty of live rock..over 30 lbs. We had thought there was Ich in the tank so we treated the tank once with non copper meds.
<... what specifically and how administered?>
 In the tank is also a Domino,
<Dascyllus trimaculatus? Very mean... see WWM re>
 Saddleback, Damsel, Yellow Tang, 2 Crommies and 2 Fire Clowns oh and a Wrasse. Please help. We got this guy from a bad store and didn't know much about him. So we learned about him and bought a bigger tank. Thanks!
<Mmm, well... there are a few probable causes for what is shown, described... chemical challenges, small air bubbles, physical trauma... and a few possible avenues for treatment. Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Fowlr health     7/8/12
Bob, So my niger trigger has got a real bad cloudy eye.
<One-sided... most likely from a mechanical injury>

 He has been laying around a lot. My emperor look like one of his eyes are going cloudy.
 There has been a lot of gill rubbing going on. My Moorish idol, Naso tang, and bi color goat fish seem fine with no signs yet. Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate are all zero. Ph 8.23, s.g 1.024. I know its not ick because I treated for two weeks keeping copper level at 1.5ppm. During treatment a few fish were still rubbing on the sand and rocks a lot. I am wondering if it could be flukes?
<Doubtful... see WWM re Trematodes>
 I also noticed white specks that look like sand has been on my glass. It comes and goes. I don't have a magnifying glass to check it. I am really lost and been on a horrible battle three months now. I lost over $3000 worth of life stock. I am a few deaths away from turning it to freshwater and raising Oscars. I really love this hobby and want to continue, but I cant keep replacing fish. I need to get this figured out. Thanks, Jim
<Need a microscope, a good ref. work or two; application. B>
FW: Fowlr health

I also wanted to add these pictures. His other eye is going cloudy now.  
<... see WWM re marine fish eye issues: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pop-eye.htm
the linked files above. B>

Queen Angelfish with Pop Eye 1/23/12
Ten days ago I noticed that my one year old Queen Angelfish was listless and hiding behind a rock formation near the bottom of the tank. She is normally fairly active, so I became concerned. On the second day of her hiding I noticed that the left eye was enlarged and popped out of her head.
I came onto your website and after a little research I thought that this was most likely caused by an injury to the eye, because it is a single eye affected and no other fish appear to be sick. I picked up Epsom Salt and dosed it in the main tank at 1T/5g. After 72 hours there was no improvement. I now have her quarantined and am treating with Erythromycin.
Today is the third day of the five day treatment cycle, and I am still not seeing any improvement. If the eye is still enlarged after the full course of antibiotics is it advisable to use a second course of a different antibiotic?
<Mmm, yes I would... better to introduce such antibiotics, antimicrobials via foods>
I have ordered Maracyn-2 which should arrive tomorrow.
Thank you for your time and advice,
<Some cases of "Popeye" are very persistent. Taking months or never fully resolving... due to damage w/in the eye, other circumstances. Please peruse here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>
Re: Queen Angelfish with Pop Eye 1/26/12

Good morning/afternoon/evening,
<AM here now>
I completed the erythromycin treatment without seeing any improvement in the size of the Queen's eye.
<Not often efficacious; not surprising>
She does appear to have more energy though. I changed 20% of the water in the hospital tank with water from the main display tank to bring the natural filtration levels back up. I then added Marcel Maracyn 2 to the hospital tank in the recommended dose. This morning the water in the hospital tank has turned a bright florescent green.
<Yes; a common side-effect>
Could this have been caused by an interaction between the two antibiotics?
<Mmm, yes>
My plan now is to treat some clean saltwater with the Maracyn 2 to maintain the proper level and replace at least 50% of the water in the hospital tank. Is this advisable? Is there any other action that I should take?
<I'd just move this fish back into the main/display... More chance of further damage from being kept in quarantine>
This morning the swelling in her eye appeared to be decreasing slightly from the top, so I would like to continue this course of treatment.
Thank you for your time and expert advice,
<... did you read where you were prev. suggested? BobF>

Blind Jawfish - vitamin soak? 1/18/12
I've had my pearly Jawfish for about 3 weeks now but have just come to the realization that he is partially blind. When I wave my hand in front of the tank he doesn't respond and he has trouble catching food unless it's right in front of him. During feeding time I have always noticed he didn't eat much but just chalked it up to him not noticing the food...he also has always let me handle him.
I feed a variety of food 2 times per day but I am now thinking of soaking his food in something to help with it (of course I am going to hand feed/feed from an eyedropper). Do you have any suggestions on something to soak his pellet and frozen food in?
<Yes... Selcon is a fave, but there are other vitamin and HUFA prep.s.
Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/vitaminmarfaqs.htm
I have heard about Vitamin A but can't find a lot of info on it.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Bubble on the eye clowns from birth 1/16/12
Hello, I have two tank raised onyx clownfish. They don't look like the other onyx clownfish that came from the same breeder.
<Mmm, some "lines" of such sports aren't well "fixed"; don't breed true>
I've had them for 9 months and they both have always had this bubble on their left eye. I noticed one is getting much bigger and much worse and has what appears to be red behind it. This I believe is the female as it is starting to become the larger of the two. I'm not sure what to do, if anything for these fish.
I've attached pictures for your opinion.
<Sorry; can't open these links as they're posted. However, such defects as "bubbles in/on eyes are not uncommon... could be genetic anomalies (heritable characteristics) or evidence of emphysematosis (air bubble disease) from exposure to super-saturated gas conditions when younger, or something else. At this juncture/time, there is nothing that can be done to correct it.
Bob Fenner>
Thank you so much for your time,
Mary Brelsford
Re: Bubble on the eye clowns from birth 1/16/12

Thank you for your response-I'm sorry the other links didn't work. I'm hoping these attachments will be viewable.
Mary Brelsford
<9.6 megs... They are... and curious. I can't tell what the root cause is here... genetic, damage, parasitic/infectious. This degree of debility is almost never recoverable. I would euthanize these fish; read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/euthanasia.htm
And our coverage on eye conditions in marines: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Popeyefaq2.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Bubble on the eye clowns from birth 1/16/12
Thank you for your response. These fish have been like this since birth around 9 months or so.
<...? Ago?>
Due to this, I doubt it would be parasite related.
<Mmm, actually... there are a few varieties...>
They seem to eat like any other fish and seem to be ok otherwise.
Personally, I don't see a need to euthanize these fish, unless I am missing a point somewhere?
<IF I believed/felt they were suffering...>
Thank you again for your time,
Mary Brelsford
<Welcome. B>

A blind tomato clown with one cloudy eye. 7/26/11
Greetings! I have an 11 year old Tomato Clown that I wanted to get your opinion on. Her only other tankmate is a Royal Gramma which I've had for 8 years or so. The Royal Gramma is doing fine.
Here's a current video of her eating: http://youtu.be/RwPvsI1RmrI
(It's a folded algae sheet on a clip with notches cut out to expose her favorite food, OSI Spirulina.)
<Mmm, am wondering what caused this fish's blindness>
My setup consists of a 37 gallon (tall) FOWLR, two Eheim 2026's, both filled with Eheim Ehfisubstrat, and a AquaC Remora protein skimmer. I have a heater and a chiller that work to keep the system within 78 and 80 F. There's also a powerhead on the side to break the surface. I do 3 gallon water changes twice a month, and keep the specific gravity at 1.021. The only recent major event has been a 2 mile move about 8 months ago, and she was acting perfectly normal during and after move.
(Same with her 550 mile move 6 years ago... she's an experienced traveler!) I've tested for Nitrite and Nitrate, and neither registered above the lowest level for my test kit.
About a month ago I noticed that she wasn't eating and constantly hung out at the bottom of the tank behind the rocks. She wouldn't respond to movement outside of the tank, so I figured she was blind. I tried lowering food into the tank by her, and after a couple days of practice, she now immediately seeks out the food and eats it.
Can you tell anything from this video?
<Mmm, other than what you've carefully related? No>
I'm assuming that given this is only affecting one eye, it's a physical injury. Is it likely that would have caused blindness in both eyes?
<Depending on the cause... yes>
Is there anything I can do to help her to recover?
<Not with much surety... a larger system might be better... vitamins>
Thanks for such a great resource!
- Chad
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Popeye question 7/15/11
Question concerning PopEye. I have a female Japanese swallowtail angel that appears to have PopEye.
<Unilateral or bi?>
It occurred after she was placed in quarantine. I have treated for the allotted time for both Ampicillin and Maracyn 2. Overall the pair of angels has been in Q for 3 weeks and doing great aside from the PopEye.
Eating well. I have heard that it sometimes takes several months for a PopEye issue to resolve and that I should keep the water pristine.
<Mmm, yes>
Curious if it makes sense to move them to my reef where the water is more stable or continue them in the 20G Q tank until the PopEye resolves.
<I would move this Genicanthus to the main/display; oh, and read here:
and the linked files above>
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>
Re: Popeye question 7/15/11
Thanks Bob! Unilateral.
<Ahh, then likely of mechanical injury origin>
I will keep them for another week in Q just to make sure nothing else arises and then move them.
<I'd move this fish now>
You are always of great help. Thanks again.
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Imperator angel with Infected eye 4/12/11
Advice needed on treatment for this one. I have a 30 gallon tank I can use for a hospital tank.
<Unilateral... almost certainly from a physical trauma. I would not move this fish... Read here:
and the linked files above. No specific "treatment" encouraged, other than boosting health through food/s supplementation, maintaining optimized, stable water quality, no added stress. Bob Fenner>

Harlequin Tusk, blindness 11/24/10
Love your site, I get so much help from all the information you guys have.
I have a Harlequin Tusk about five inches long. I have had him for about 10 months now. He is having a vision problem.
<Mmm, these are almost always a matter of nutritional issues... with some due to environment, biological agents (eye parasites)>
He doesn't seem to be able to see close up. He swims around the tank fine and has no trouble finding his favorite cave but he misses food that is right in front of him. He is in a 125g tank. Specific Gravity is 1.24 Temp is 82f .
No new fish have been added in the last few months. He does get picked on a little by a Purple Tang and a Majestic Angel
<This last needs more than 125 gallons to thrive, grow>
but its just little faint attacks. He has no marks or torn fins or anything. They don't seem to bite him just sort of warn him type stuff.
<Still very stressful>
He swims around the tank without bumping into things and comes out a lot.
<Ah, good>
There are two problems that I have been having trouble with, one is Nitrates in the tank. They are at about 80
<MUCH too high. An issue, contributor here>
before I do a water change of 50% and then they are around 20 to 30.
<Do read here re: http://wetwebmedia.com/nitratesmar.htm
and the linked files above>
The other was PH. It had been dropping to 7.8 to 8.0 I have for the last two months been using Marine buffer to keep the PH at 8.3 .
<Mmm, I do hope/trust you're adding this material to new change-out water, NOT directly to the tank>
I have a Coralife skimmer
<Mmm, not a great make>
rated for 125g, a Rena xp4 canister filter,
<A source of NO3>
an Emperor 400 hang on back filter and 3 power heads. I feed the tank Marine Algae sheets, Mysis, Krill, Plankton, Formula Two Flakes and New Life Spectrum Pellets.
<Good foods>
Could his vision problem have been caused by either the high nitrates or PH being too low?
<Are influences, yes. But nutrition is likely missing something here... I would supplement, soak, add a vitamin and HUFA prep. to the water at least weekly>
Will his vision return with these things corrected or will his eyes get worse or the same? Is the damage permanent?
<Might be reversible>
My Picasso Trigger is now having the same problem
only not as bad. The tanks inhabitants are 1 six inch Hippo Tang, 1 six inch Foxface, 1 five inch Purple Tang, 1 five inch Majestic Angel, 1 three inch Picasso Trigger, 1 three inch Lemon Peel Angel, 1 three inch Bicolor Angel and the 5 inch Harlequin Tusk.
<... You really need a larger world for these fishes... at least the addition of a good sized sump, a DSB with sufficient depth of soluble, fine material to maintain alkalinity, pH, and depress the accumulation of nitrate... Do you understand? Bob Fenner>
Re: Harlequin Tusk, vision 11/24/10

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I do have a 75 gallon tank with some smaller fish in it if you think my Tusk would do better in there.
<Ah good>
He would be the biggest fish in that tank by far. It has the same type of set up. Three power heads, an Aqua-C remora pro skimmer, emperor 400 filter and a Marine land 360 canister filter. Both tanks have a two to three inch aragonite sand bed. The 125g has about 50 pounds of live rock and the 75g has about 25 pounds of live rock. Do you think I should make the sand bed a four inch sand bed for helping to keep down the nitrates?
<Yes, I would>
I do add the Marine buffer to a five gallon bucket of replacement water when I add it.
I am going to buy another Aqua C Remora Pro Skimmer for the 125g so I will have two Skimmers on it. Do you think I should get rid of one of the two filtration systems on the tank? ( Is one of them a major contributor to my nitrate problem)
<I would remove the canister... use if for only periodic chemical filtrant applications>
I have planned on getting a 250g tank in about a year. I plan on having the tank drilled and using a sump system with an in sump Aqua-C skimmer and also growing macro algae in the sump to try and keep down the nitrates. As it is now I change out 120 gallons of water in the tank per month.
Two 60 gallon water changes. I have not tried adding vitamins to the water or soaking their food in vitamins yet but will do so if you think that will help. What specific vitamins do you recommend?
<There are a few good brands. Selcon, MicroVit are faves>
I didn't plan ahead for this tank. When I bought the 125g tank I was just going to use it for fresh water and later decided to use it for saltwater.
This tank is not drilled out for a sump style system that is why I have hang on the back style skimmers. I do have a spare 30g long and a 55g tank that I can use for a sump when I get the new tank. I would be glad to use these as a sump now, but do not know how to pipe them without having a tank that is already drilled and set up that way.
<Easy enough to drill, have drilled... Do take a look at glass-holes.com's site>
( I have a 90g that is set up as a sump system).
Last, I have read online that adding alcohol (vodka) to a tank can increase the bacteria that will eat the nitrates in the water.
I have read adding a cap full per day would do this to help get the nitrates under control. Then you stop when the nitrates are down to where they are supposed to be. Have you heard of this?
<Several times, places... Read here:
and here: http://wetwebmedia.com/carbondosingfhtm.html
Is this worth trying or is it just something stupid that shouldn't be tried? I have tried adding some nitrate reducing bags, bioballs and ceramics for bacteria in the Canister filter but it seems the only way I can get the nitrates down is by 50% water changes.
<... read where you were referred to last re>
The only thing the Tusk seems to be getting to eat much of is the Spectrum Pellets with a little of the other frozen foods because of his poor eyesight.
<Move it. B>

Pop Eye 9/20/10
Hello ,
<Hi Christopher>
I have a Banner fish with Pop Eye. It is crucial I get him better because he only has one eye. So I am going to move him from the 600 gallon tank over to a 44 gallon quarantine tank. I plan on using Furon or Nitro Furon. I see in your FAQS you mention using Epsom Salt as part of the treatment. How much Epsom Salt should I use per gallon and how many days should I treat it?
<Between 1 tsp per 10 gallons and 1 Tbsp per 5 gallons have been recommended. I personally use 1 Tbsp per 5 gallons, with a half dose on day 3. When doing water changes, I use 1 Tbsp/10gal. As far as duration goes, I continue until success is achieved.>
I was going to run that in combination with the medication. Please copy both of us in this email. Look forward to your response. Thanks.
Christopher Faiola
<Let us know how it goes, Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 9/21/10
Scott T,
<Hi Christopher,>
Thank you Scott for the response. So I should add the Epsom Salt every other day right?
<I'd add a half dose on day 3 with your 5gallon water change. After that, I'd only add it to replace that which is lost in water changes.>
Right now I have put the Banner Fish in a 44 gallon tank with Copper Safe, Binox (Nitro Furozone) by Jungle Products, and Epsom Salt. I used 44 gallons of water directly from the main tank for the 44 gallon
I have a power head in there, shelter, heater, and airstone. Prior to putting the fish in there I gave him a 1 minute and 40 second freshwater dip. I saw parasites actually fall off the fish. I plan to do a 5 gallon
water change every other day. On day three I will add half dose of Epsom Salt along with the meds to the 5 gallons of water being replaced in the quarantine tank. I have a light over top of setup and plan to feed every other day to conserve on waste production. Any water being replaced will come right from the main setup so that it is well conditioned. Sound like a good plan? Any other ideas?
<That does sound like a good plan. I'd keep an eye on ammonia. Your Bi-daily feedings should help minimize that. But with no biological filtration present (it can't be with medications), ammonia is going to
creep up. Do the medications recommend any certain size water changes? If you have experience with the minimal feedings and successful quarantine, or have read about it, continue. You know what's best for your fish. My quarantine methods are slightly different, which I think comes from my background as a fish breeder. I feed like crazy, and change about 50% of the water daily. Also, I add ammonia blocker to the water, as even with daily large water changes, ammonia always rears its ugly head.>
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 9/21/10

<Hi Christopher,>
Which Ammonia Blocker should I use?
<Whatever brand your local fish store carries. I use ChlorAm-X currently.>
I will add the blocker today to the quarantine tank right?
<Only add it if ammonia shows up on a test kit.>
It calls for 25percent water change on the fourth day of treatment. Should I do the 25 percent water change every other day as a preventative to avoid high ammonia?
<The best idea is to test water quality as often as possible. If ammonia shows up, do a water change and or add ammonia blocker. Do the water changes that your medications call for, and additional ones if necessary.
Be aware that water changes not called for by the medications might necessitate additional partial doses.
Look forward to your response. I plan on running the Antibiotics for 8 days and then continue with the copper for a total of 21 days. Sound about right?
<That sounds like a good plan to me.>
<Best Wishes, Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye
The Nitro Furozone is by Jungle and is called Bionox. It doesn't necessarily say on package for saltwater. It is in powder state. Does this variable matter or should I be ok?
<Nitrofurazone works in saltwater too.
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/furancpdfaqs.htm >
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye
Thank you. Sounds like I am armed with the tools necessary to take care of Mr. Banner Fish. Hopefully it comes around and gets well soon. I should expect some improvement within a week or so right? Take care.
<It does sound like you're doing the right stuff. Hopefully soon you will see results.>
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 9/23/10

Thank you so much.
<Glad we could help.>
When I do the water changes I will just medicate whatever water I replace so I don't change the therapeutic levels of meds. As you can see I am a seasoned veteran just not as good as you guys. I've been doing it since 1994 but still have a lot to learn.
<You are quite an advanced aquarist; you definitely gave that impression.
It's nice to talk to someone who cares about their fish so much. Thank you for contacting us. Please keep us updated as to how it goes. Sometimes pop-eye goes away quick, sometimes it is really persistent. If it lasts more than a couple weeks, let us know and I'll pass on your message to another crew member who might have new ideas.>
<Best fishes, Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 9/28/10

<Hi Christopher,>
OK, I got the Banner Fishes eye back in. The bubble went away. His eye is still healing and is a little cloudy. He has been in tank now for 1 week.
<Great Job!!>
This is the second treatment on Nitro Furuozone. Each treatment last 4 days.
I change about 8 to 10 gallons of water every other day. I still am running copper in tank and plan to run it for 2 more weeks or until fish is moved back. I add Epsom salt to the water that is being changed along with replacing the meds that have been loss in the change. I am also adding ammo lock to tank to keep ammonia down. Fish still isn't eating but swims a ton.
Tomorrow I m going to try Mysis with garlic. that should get his attention.
<Did the Mysis with garlic work? That is awesome that you got his eye better, but the non-eating is worrying.>
Wed. marks the completion of second treatment. Should I re dose it one more time with nitro furozone for another 4 days or should I give the fish a break and add something like Melafix or Pimafix to heal the remaining parts of eye? What is the next step here Scott?
<I'd like some peer-input here, so I'm going to email this to the rest of the WWM crew and see what they think.>
<Thanks for keeping us updated,
Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 9/28/10
Dear Crew,
I have been helping a fellow named Christopher treat his Banner Fish with pop-eye for a week or so now. He has gotten the swelling down, but has questions about how long to continue the meds. Can someone here answer this? I'm not sure what the right answer is. Here is part of his last email, "Wednesday marks the completion of second treatment (of nitro furozone).
Should I re dose it one more time with nitro furozone for another 4 days or should I give the fish a break and add something like Melafix or Pimafix to heal the remaining parts of eye? What is the next step here Scott?"
Chris has been treating with copper, Epsom salts, and nitro furozone in a quarantine tank. The rest of the conversation can be found here:
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AccruedFAQs.htm .
It would be helpful if we could get the response to "ChristopherXXXX"
Thank you in advance,
Scott Tomko
<<Only time can/will tell whether this treatment will result in complete remission. Read the linked files here:
Bob Fenner>
Re: Pop Eye 9/29/10

Any update from your crew on what I should do next with Mr. Banner Fish?
<Just what Bob mentioned, that it is hard to say with pop eye.>
Today marks the end of the second treatment of Nitrofurazone.
<If his eye is looking better, you're doing great. Has the fish begun to eat?>
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye 10/7/10

<Hi Christopher,>
I moved fish today back in main tank. It still isn't eating but eye looks not infected but he appears to be blind. He is swimming into rocks and stuff.
This is the only eye he has. Do blind fish ever survive? Not sure if he is completely blind so I hope he gains some of vision back.
<It was a good move to try the fish back in the main display. You did a really good job treating the pop-eye, getting it back to normal size. I am very sorry to hear it hasn't been eating, and can not see. The only other option I see is to take it to some sort of fish-veterinarian.>
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye (Houston Fish is Eating!!!!)
Houston we have banner fish eating!!!!!! He must not be blind. He started to
eat last night!!!!! This is awesome. Eye looks a bit better too.
<That is spectacular! I thought this was going to be the, 'sorry the fish died' email. Really good news! You have a wet-thumb.>
<Scott T.>
Re: Pop Eye (Update on Banner Fish) 10/14/10

That Banner Fish still isn't eating. I've tried Mysis and formula 2 flake.
<Have you tried garlic soaks yet? Do they have live brine shrimp in your area?>
It shows some bubbles behind its eye. They are little and haven't escaped his body yet. His eye isn't really cloudy either. Looks OK except for the small bubbles in eye. Eye isn't swollen up either. The fish swims like crazy and hasn't ate in almost a month. Doesn't look skinny either. This is so weird.
I am starting to think he is jumping out of the tank at night going to the fridge feeding himself and then jumping back in. hahahaha. I don't get it.
He doesn't appear blind because he seems to have stopped bumping into stuff.
I added Epsom salt to main tank on Friday and yesterday. I am not sure what to do now with it. Just continue to be more patient? Any ideas?
<That is quite odd. Good that he looks healthy though. It sounds like you are doing good. I'm not sure what else would be better. I wish I had some ideas for you. Maybe he is finding enough food growing in/on the live rock? I suppose patience is the best option now, as the fish is looking relatively healthy.>
<Scott T.>

Atlantic Blue Tang - eye problem -- 06/26/10
Hi again,
A couple of months ago I upgraded my 215 to a 330 gallon. I've been running a UV sterilizer the entire time. Only my Atlantic Blue tang has come down with a mild case of ich. I noticed one of her eyes, when she moves it around, occasionally displays a pure white membrane behind the eye. She does not have pop-eye or a cloudy eye. It is actually behind the eye. I also have a Lavender tang in another tank (400 gallon established two years now) that displays the same type of symptoms. The Lavender tang does not show any signs of ich. Any ideas what this may be?
<I think just the equivalent of the tapetum lucidum in many vertebrates>
It is almost impossible to take a picture because it only shows up when they move their eyeball. When I see this happening, I do notice that they seem to be twitching their eye.
Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated.
<I would not be concerned with this reflectivity. Bob Fenner>

Re: Atlantic Blue Tang - eye problem 6/26/10
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the info. I feel relieved. I've had this fish for over 3 years now and I've grown attached to her. I got her when she wasn't much larger than a half dollar and now she's probably 7 - 8". I spoil her with the
macros and sushi Nori...
I also inquired about a month ago about my other Atlantic Blue Tang (in my 400 gallon system) that ran into a long spine sea urchin. I let nature take its' course like you said and the fish is fine and healthy.
One day while we were doing a water change, the sea urchin crawled out of the water to the top of the tank, and I managed to get a net underneath it.
It's now residing in the 120 gallon sump - a good place for it.
Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it.
<Welcome Nan. BobF>

Sixline wrasse getting a cloudy bubble over his eye 2/11/10
Hi All!
<Hi Christine, how are you today?>
I have not been in touch in some time - which is a good thing - all goes well. Currently I have a 90 gallon FOWLR (ok and a few mushrooms which happened by accident but now I am getting a coral itch. <Mmmm, this can be
detrimental to your wallet!> I do have reef lighting.)
I currently have:
70 lbs live rock - many caves and overhangs
30 gallon sump/protein skimmer/refugium
2 false Perculas
2 black ocellaris clowns
2 neon gobies
2 diamond gobies
1 Firefish goby
1 gorgeous flame angel
1 yellow tang
1 six line wrasse
All get along fabulously - but I do have one or two questions.
<Okey dokey!>
I have been keeping a close watch on my wrasse - three days ago his eye began to look a little cloudy and has a small bubble over it. It has not changed at all since I first noticed it _ which means it hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better either.
<An injury probably>
Its barely noticeable to anyone but me at this point. I have not seen any aggression whatsoever in any of my fish- could it possibly be that he injured it somehow, brushed against a rock or something?
<Yes, the most likely cause, if it is just one and not both>
At this point should I continue to watch him closely or should I start pressing the panic button?
<The first>
Also - would I be pushing my luck if I were to try and work some kind of blue damsel into the picture.
I know they can be mean, but I have read that the yellow tail blue and the starcki may be less aggressive, but I won't believe it till I hear it from you - and even if it is true I still need to know if it could be a good fit considering the particular tankmates it would have.
<Personally I would not, they are a little aggressive, and I don't think they are anywhere near as interesting as the fishes you already have, so I would not take the chance>
Also - would any of those damsel do well by itself - I would rather not have more than one if I don't have to.
<I know I always seem to say this, but if it were me, I would not add any at all>
As always - your website is invaluable - please keep up the great work!
<We'll try!!>

Re: Sixline wrasse getting a cloudy bubble over his eye -- 2/12/10
Well - I am taking your advice. As hard as it is...
<I know... the temptation... often proves too much..>
If I have to add any gorgeous blue to my aquarium (and I do, I'm obsessed - I believe its quite out of my control now)- I may have to start with some blue Zoanthids or some really bright blue mushrooms - and work from there.
<Yes, you can get some really nice blue Ricordea floridae or Discosoma species>
Sadly and mysteriously, I lost both of my diamond gobies last night.
<Really, both? Unusual. There must be a factor to this>
Never saw it coming -they seemed fine. I found them both right next to each other belly side up this morning. I can't understand it. I tested my water parameters, the only thing that was off was my nitrates were up around just between 0 and 5 mg/L - which I wouldn't think would harm the gobies (unless I missed a lesson that said they are ultra sensitive) in fact today is my scheduled bi-weekly water change and tank maintenance day so I would expect some nitrates.
<You should be ok with those levels>
I have sand substrate and I love the way the gobies kept it looking nice.
Is there a secret to keeping them healthy for more than a few months? Is there a hardier sand sifting fish that I should consider?
<I do believe there are a few species - search WWM re. But I would be wary since you have just lost two, could there be some aggression here somewhere? Are you able to feed these animals correctly? A little investigation required here before any more fishes are added, and some caution>
The wrasse's eye looks the same - he is out and about, eating like a pig - spending more time than usual "asking" the neon gobies to clean him though. (There I go pressing the panic button again.)
<Yes, I think this fish will be fine>
As always I appreciate your help or any advice you can give me....
<No problem Christine>

Re: GOOD NEWS! Sixline wrasse getting a cloudy bubble over his eye - HEALED! Thanks to you! 2/25/10
Simon -
Great news! I left my Sixline alone (as you suggested) and his eye healed on its own! <Great!> Thank you for your advice and for keeping me from pushing the panic button and trying to "nurse" him back to health.
<No problem Christine I'm glad it all worked out, and thank you for this follow up>
You wisely advised me not to get any Damsels to add some blue to my aquarium. What do you think about a small Hippo Tang?
<No such thing as a small one -- they all get big, or should be allowed to>
Or is it too late because I have the Yellow Tang and Flame Angel and they already have established their territory?
<I think so. In my opinion the Paracanthurus should be given a six foot tank>
As for the death of both of my Diamond Gobies I have a few theories but its the best I can come up with.
<These are difficult fish to keep>
- I am pretty sure that I would have noticed aggression because I am vigilant with watching my fish. I am however embarrassed to say that in doing more research I did not provide them with any supplemental foods - other that what I feed my other fish. Also are those fish more active at night? Could it be possible that they showed aggression against each other at that time?
<Yes -- the fish tank is a very different place at night, and aggression does not have to be obvious, is not always easily detected -- it can be subliminal, just 'there' and sometimes this is enough for sensitive fish>
I have since learned that having two in the tank was not necessarily a good idea unless they were a true mated pair. In that case if I choose to try it again - am I better off sticking to just one?
<Do you really need another fish? I think fish tanks look better, nicer, more peaceful when they are not stuffed full of fish>
I did have a pair of Firefish Gobies that lived peacefully together for months and months - even slept in the same bolt hole - then all of a sudden one day I noticed one was missing his entire dorsal fin and hiding in a corner -- every time he tried to venture out of the corner, the other Firefish would charge him and nip him something awful.
<Mmmm, having a battleground in your living room is just no fun in my opinion, and this hobby should be nothing BUT fun. But, no matter how many times you say it, many people just continue to add more and more fish. If your system is balanced and you want to tinker around, you are better off doing this with different corals than fishes>
I floated the aggressive guy for a few days but it only helped temporarily. Eventually, I made arrangements to give one of them to a friend of mine who is in the hobby - but no more than a few days later I woke up and - to my surprise the aggressive one was missing - I tore my tank down looking for him and never found any remains whatsoever. The passive ones dorsal fin (and tail) grew back and I still have him today - and he is doing fine.
<Thank you for this tale Christine!>
Speaking of pairs of fish - I see one website that once in a while offers "pairs" of Flame Angels. My local fish store owner yelled at me for being naive and claimed that if I wanted to spend that kind of money to find out that the company paired them up themselves and that they will kill each other once they get into my aquarium - then I should go right ahead and learn my lesson the hard way.
<It would be a risk I agree>
(other than that she is great - and not afraid to give you her opinion)
<That's good to hear>
I already have a Flame so adding any other Angel is out of the question in my mere 90 gallon - however I am interested in your opinion of the odds of finding a true pair of Flames for an aquarium.
<Poor, although some Centropyge have been bred in captivity, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility>
Don't the males have harems?
<I don't know about the Flame specifically, but many Centropyge do, yes, so I would not be surprised>
My Flame is gorgeous (deeper red than most I have seen) and seems to have quite a close, friendly relationship with my Yellow Tang. At times the Tang even seems protective of the Flame Angel. Is this unusual?
<Whenever I've had these they have definitely been loners. Have you checked our FAQS on these?>
Thank you for all you have done!
<No problem Christine>
You have saved yet another fish!
<Marvelous news! WWM strikes again! Simon.>
25/02/10 Sixline wrasse getting a cloudy bubble over his eye - chatting, really
<Hello again Christine>
Well Simon - you can't blame an aquarium lover for making one last desperate attempt to get a blue fish - but I know when I am defeated!
<Heee! Victory!>
Your explanation was perfect and it reminded me of a game I used to play when I was a girl called "don't spill the beans". At this point I seem to have a good balance and anything I do from here on out (with fish) could be the bean that tips that balance.
<Indeed, and a good analogy>
I wouldn't want to take that chance. <No>. You also brought up another good point - the Tang will grow (but I figured I had plenty of time to worry about that)
<Actually, no. This fish will be psychologically crowded immediately>
but - some of my other fish will also grow.
<Yes they will, the Zebrasoma especially given good care>
As for keeping my sand looking nice - maybe a few more Nassarius Snails or a Fighting Conch - and coral for colour or perhaps a clam as I get more confidence.
<Yes, I think this a better path -- you can get some fantastic blue Tridacnids>
As far as my Tang and Flame - I will read more FAQS. I am hoping that what I have interpreted as some sort of "friendly behaviour".... the way they follow each other around, seem to always hang on the same side of the tank grazing on the same rocks, dart to the same place if startled - isn't actually some form of intimidation, stalking or territorial behaviour.
<Interesting behaviour for sure>
I won't lie, I have seen the occasional tail slap and chasing - but usually only if one invades the others sleeping quarters, and even then, not always, sometimes they don't seem bothered by the visit at all. However, it wouldn't be the first time I've been outsmarted by a fish. Probably not the last time either.
<You and me both, but don't tell my wife or I'll never hear the end of it!>
As far as stories - I have more fish stories than I have people who will listen - so I wouldn't encourage me if I were you!
<Oh no, what have I done?>
For instance my Orange Clowns have laid claim to every Anemone ornament I have in my tank (which is now three). Preventing the black and white ones from going near any - no matter how many times I change the placement of them in the tank or how far apart from each other I place them. I am starting to see this as potentially a bigger problem with bullying than I originally thought based on what I have just learned.
<Mmm, Clowns can be terribly territorial, it is best to only have one pair to a tank>
I need to watch with a new perspective. Today I placed the ornaments in "undesirable" locations - such as front and centre in the aquarium and wherever there is heavy foot traffic passing by the glass. As a last resort, maybe I should remove the ornaments all together. Otherwise I don't know how many ornaments I have to buy before the orange guys can't keep up:)
Well - thanks again Simon.
<No problem Christine.. just a slight 'prod' here -- this e-mail service is primarily for questions of the 'help' variety, we do have a BB for general conversation and such..>
I don't think I would have been able to stay in the hobby if I didn't have such a reliable source as WWM!
<Well that's great news!>
Do you guys give info on corals too?!
<Yes, plenty. See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/cnidaria.htm>
Not spilling the beans,
<Well done! Don't give in to it!>
Re: 25/02/10 Sixline wrasse getting a cloudy bubble over his eye - chatting, really
<Hi Christine>
Yes got it. Understood. I apologize.
<No need to Christine, really.>
Farewell and thanks again! (especially from my husband who is thrilled that someone talked sense into me. <Heee! Something he struggles with I bet!> I am not going to mention coral - I want him to enjoy the moment. I will look for the BB - (not sure what it is - but I will find it). If people share stories and I can learn from them it sounds perfect to me!
<Me too. The WWM bb can be found here: http://bb.wetwebmedia.com/ .>
Take care!
<You too, and good health to you and your fishes, Simon>

Re: Secondary Infection to Popeye, Clnfsh dis. f' 9/23/09
Hey Bob! Thanks for the reply and info!!
<Welcome... did you read where you were referred to?>
Just wanted to share a couple pics of "our friend, Scout" This is after 4 weeks in QT, with antibiotics, Epson
<The printer co.?>
salts and daily water changes. Swelling is all gone, but still infected looking. I was wondering...it sure looks a lot like a strain of Mycoplasma that I have seen in cats eyes, referred to as melting eye disease. I read that Mycoplasma is an infection some people can get by being scratched by live rock. You ever see it in the fish?
<This symptom? Yes>
With cats it takes about a month of Doxycycline and topical antibiotic ointment. Hmmmm... Also there is a pic of his underside and you can kind of see his fins and the redness to them, that made me worried about septicemia.
Have a good one!
<Keep reading. B>

Injured Queen Angelfish Eye..Air bubble inside! Unilateral exophthalmia... reading 7/28/09
Hello, I just recently bought a adult queen angelfish for my 180 gallon fish only aquarium. It adapted very quickly to my aquarium. It excepted
food immediately. But my powder blue tang was pretty aggressive towards him and may have injured his eye.
<Is possible>
Its very popped out now and there seems to be a air bubble in side behind the eye(first and third picture). It does not seem to be infected because there is no cloudiness or mucus. He still swims okay and the other
fish, including the powder blue, have left him alone. All water parameters are fine. Please help I am very worried about my queen angelfish. Thank You very Much
<... Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Popeyecures.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

help needed on injured blue- line angel, eye injury, medicine use in DTs 6/25/09
Hi there to whom may answer this question and thanks for taking the time to read it and reply.
I have a Chinese blue-line angel (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis) who has obtained an injury to his eye. I phoned the local veterinary surgery today and explained the situation to them and duly received some treatment for him/her. the antibiotic i have received is called Duphatrim IS (Trimethoprin/Sulfadiazine) and was told to place 62ml into my 3000ltr reef tank. Cautious as i am i really do not want to put this treatment direct into the tank yet without knowing a little bit more about it. It does not contain copper as far as i know but it does contain sodium formaldehyde sulphoxylate if this helps you.
Please could you give me some advice on this product if possible or if not perhaps an alternative method as i really do not want to lose this fish as he is my showcase fish and is very difficult to obtain here in the U.K.
many many thanks for your time and efforts it is greatly appreciated.
kind regards
Jason (Wales UK)
<I would not treat this injury by chemical exposure period... Likely supplements to the diet to bolster its health and time going by will be all that is necessary... As you state, the addition of medicines to especially display systems, have real and potential downsides. Please read here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: help needed on injured blue- line angel 6/27/09
Hi There Mr. Fenner may i thank you for your kind advice and your time in responding to my question it is greatly appreciated. I was hoping that i wouldn't have to medicate as i am pretty inexperienced in that sense, having not ever needing to do it. I suppose only time and patience will tell.
Many thanks again for your invaluable service.
<Glad to help assist your efforts Jason. BobF>

Spanish Hogfish with Popeye 4/5/09
I have a rather large Spanish Hogfish (8-9") with a recurring Popeye problem.
<Mmm, unilateral?>
He is in a 300 gallon FOWLR set up. I also do not have a adequate QT tank.
Would adding Epsom Salt directly to this tank adversely effect the other inhabitants??
<Mmm, likely fine if done in moderation>
The salinity is currently 1.024. Would adding the Epsom salt dramatically raise the salinity ??
<No, not dramatically... Most folks measure of "salinity" is actually density (as in mass/volume)... so, think of what little mass of MgSO3
you'll be adding compared to the mass of water...>
He's a beautiful specimen and I can tell this ailment is bothering him but he still eats quite well. Thanks in advance.
<Please do read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Popeyeparasit.htm
and the linked files above. Exopthalmias have a few principle and lesser "causes"... Some are quite hard to "cure" entirely. Bob Fenner>

Disease Identification 3/25/2009
Hi Crew -
I hope you can help. I have a Koran Angel that has developed an illness. It started with a whitish film on his pectoral fins. Then one eye developed a translucent film over the lens. Soon after, a patch of scales started falling off and now his skin is completely gone in this area. Both eyes are now popping out of their socket.
The fish is in a 20 gal hospital tank. I have performed fresh water dips on three occasions.
<Won't treat this>
The dip seams to perk him up but is not curing him. I treated the hospital tank with Parinox about 4 days ago but may be too soon to see improvements. In the main tank my flame angel and yellow tang showed the initial symptoms but one fresh water dip erased these signs.
<You likely have a source of small air-bubbles in the main system>
Any suggestions on what this could be and how to treat?
<Mmmm, here's a pond sort of article with the same net cause:
I suspect Costia
<... no>
and I am considering treatment with Acriflavine. I also suspect the Popeye is a secondary infection due to the loss of skin. Comments? Can I treat with Acriflavine and Parinox at the same time? On separate note, I put live rock from my main tank in the hospital tank. Will the treatments kill the live rock and if so how can I maintain biological filtration? Can this live rock ever go back into the main tank?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Scott Petrie
<Do be looking for air entrainment somewhere... perhaps near a pump intake.
Bob Fenner>

Apparent Pop Eye 9/28/08 Dear Sirs, <Bazza> I have a very naughty Picasso trigger, called Little Paint. He kinda got himself in a little trouble today. <Oh?> He swan up to the area of the tank where the water gets sucked into a repository (the danger valley I call it) where it goes into the bottom sump for filtration. He didn't get sucked in but I think he was stuck for a couple of hours when I found him after getting home. He was sort of caught in a corner and although he didn't get sucked in, he couldn't swim out as the currents were probably pushing him against the grilles. His right side was semi-exposed to the air but his gills were submerged when I found him. I pushed him out and he swam back into his hiding place petrified, I think. He emerged a few hours later and I noticed that his right eye is now popped (it was alright yesterday, I check them every 3 hours when I am home with them). This was the side that was exposed when he was stuck in that drama. What should I do and is he going to be okay? His behavior is now back to normal, picking on stones, coming to the front of the tank when I am there, and still begging for food. But I am extremely worried about his eye. Looking for your kind advice. Bazza <Not much to do... but keep up optimized water quality, good nutrition. Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Popeyecures.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Apparent Pop Eye - 09/28/08 Thanks bob. What was the cause of the pop eye? Injury or de-pressurization/gases? <Can't say from here. Keep reading. B>

Gas Bubble Disease? Exophthalmia f' also - 6/17/08 Hi crew, I recently purchased a flame angel and placed him my 20 gallon quarantine tank. I was using two Whisper 10 filters. The next morning i discovered what i initially thought to be popeye. However after reading your site i found that if it occurred only in one eye it was likely the result of trauma. <Actually... can be bilateral... one-sided is often mechanical/damage in origin, both-sides from environmental, pathogenic causes> Therefore i added some Epsom salt and hoped for the swelling to go down. However, the next day, i found the flame angel to have a clear (air bubble) right above his eye (not on the eye, but more like the eyelid), It seems to be gas bubble disease. However, I'm not sure what may have caused this and what I need to do as far as treatment. <Very likely this bubble is derived from collecting damage... being brought to the surface too quickly...> I replaced my two whisper 10 filters with a Emperor 280 hoping that the GBD was a result of lack of aeration. (Please note my emperor is a 280 gph and adds lots of surface agitation-not sure if its too much because i am getting air bubbles-is this also harmful? <Not likely at all> I read about microbubbles causing bends in the fish-but not sure if this can be caused by a hang on the back filter) <Again... not the cause here> Please let me know what i can do to help the little guy? <Really, just time going by, good care. The area around fishes (and our) eyes is highly-vascularized... The "trapped air" will be re-solubilized in time.> Also please let me know if the Emperor 280 microbubbles will cause problems? <Have... Not a problem. Microbubbles are much smaller, produced by mixing air and water tog. at high/er pressures> not sure if surface agitation bubbles from a hang on the back filter are dangerous or that that microbubbles only apply to canister and return pumps? <No> Thank you. <Welcome. Bob Fenner>

R3: Revisiting an Old Topic...Passer Angelfish with Popeye - 05/28/08 Just saying 'thanks', the gentleman at AquaC was really helpful, and provided some vendor links to look at purchasing one from, so I will probably purchase the Remora Pro model in the near future. <<That's excellent Thomas…Jason and Steve are great guys, and will certainly take good care of you>> In the meantime, I'll continue using the Prizm. <<Okay…better than nuttin', eh>> I took the powerhead off the SeaClone and put it near the bottom of the tank to increase current near the substrate, hoping to dissuade the Cyano. <<Can't hurt>> Since I put the Prizm on the tank, the SeaClone hasn't produced any waste at all, so it was, I suppose, obsolete with the better unit going. <<Mmm…or just plain crap [grin]>> I'm going to purchase some Epsom salt today and add it in the amount you recommended for the Popeye. <<Ah good…is not a panacea, but can provide a measure of comfort/relief to the swelling>> I also removed the filter pads from the Fluval FX5 this weekend when I did a water change and put carbon in a small canister filter that hangs on the back. <<Hmm…if not cleaned regularly and OFTEN, these "pads" could be a part of your Cyanobacteria problem (accumulated detritus)>> I did all this Saturday and haven't really noticed a reforming of the Cyano <<Does usually come back pretty quick>> (though I could go home tonight and find a nice thick mat of it.). <<I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't>> One thing I will say about the Prizm Pro... the material in the disposal cup is much fouler and more consistent than the SeaClone ever produced. <<Hee-hee! No big surprise here my friend. Eric Russell>> Thomas Roach

Humu Humu trigger, exophthalmia, reading... 1/9/08 My trigger has had two 'bulging' eyes for over a month now. He eats very well, and is in a 265 gallon aquarium. I notice my Lunar Wrasse chasing others occasionally, but not to the point of severe stress. Nitrates have fluctuated a little <From/to?> but are now under control, and the SG has snuck up to 1.028 with evaporation. Is the condition with the eyes more likely related to the water quality or the competition?? <Yes> Would you be concerned more with the nitrates or SG? <Both> Is this something that will return to normal? Thanks a million, Ryan <... please see, as in read... on WWM re "Pop-eye", Nitrate, Salinity... Bob Fenner>

SW fish eye Cond.s -12/22/2007 Hey There, <Rob> Need some help, please. My fish only saltwater tank had a drop in temp over the weekend and I noticed my Niger Trigger and Blue Face Angel had one cloudy eye. My local fish store gave me some Melafix to use <... do NOT pour this in... Almost no upside, and quite a bit down.> and I did per the directions. These two are the only ones with the problem, and everyone in the tank including these two are still eating great. Now it is time for my water change and the cloudy eye's have become better but definitely not a 100%. What is this and what should I do? Thanks. <Possibly simply env. stress... Is my guess as most likely> Rob Styron <Please read here re general marine fish eye complaints: http://wetwebmedia.com/pop-eye.htm for the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: SW fish eye Cond.s 12/23/07 This couldn't be a case of ICH? <Highly unlikely...> My trigger has been rubbing on the sand with the side of his cloudy eye, too. <... some sort of irritation... Perhaps a/the tea... B>

Strange ailment on a damsel - Popeye - 11/13/2007 Crew, <Thomas> As I have not written in quite a while, it is a good thing. Finally my system seems to be problem free!!! <I do hope you are right.> This question doesn't need an urgent answer, but it has me curious. The ailment is long gone, but I wonder what it was. In my 200 gallon I have a passer angel, yellow tang, and Lunare wrasse, along with 2 blue damsels. One of the damsels (about a month ago) I noticed had a bulging eye. There were no symptoms of any issues on any other fish, so I just watched him closely over the next few days. The eye got bigger and bigger, to the point where I guarantee it was 4 TIMES THE SIZE of the other and protruding way, way out of his head. It was grotesque. I looked over the site and my reference books, thinking 'pop-eye'. <Agreed.> Seemingly one or two days later, the eye returned to its normal state. It's been a month now, the little damsel is happy and healthy, as all other fish were and remain. Any idea what this could have been, or been a result of? Just curious. <As you suggested this was likely 'pop-eye' also called Exophthalmia. This can be related to a minor opportunistic bacterial infection of the eye, a weak immune system caused by other (e.g. protozoan) infections, injury and/or environmental problems. Practically, it never affects a completely healthy fish (just like most bacterial infections). It is rarely pathogenic by itself, except Corneybacteriosis which affects both eyes. Bacteria infecting the fish lead to an increase of fluids resulting to an increase of size of the eye. In extreme cases the eye may even burst. Good it healed here. I'd (as always) use a varied and vitamin enriched diet to support its immune system. See http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Popeyefaq2.htm. Cheers, Marco.> Thanks! <Welcome!> Regal Angel with pop eye 10/16/07 Hi Crew, <Kan> Good Evening <And to you> My regal angel, still under Cupramine QT developed pop eye on one side. It is feeding OK, although not as vigorous as before he got the pop eye. <To be expected...> After trawling your website, I discovered that Epsom salt will help to alleviate the pop eye. Will it have any adverse effect if I add Epsom salt to the water that has already been dosed with Cupramine ? <Mmm... not much, no> I already did a 25% water change yesterday but the pop eye did not improve. I am planning another 25% water change tomorrow and hope the situation will improve. The angel is about 7 inches and takes about 3 to 4 New Life Spectrum 3mm pellets together with 2 to 3 very small pieces of Ocean Nutrition frozen angel formula daily. Is this enough to keep him going ? <Hopefully so> Thanks for reading my longish mail Regards, Kan TY <I would move this Pygoplites back to larger, more stable quarters as soon as expedient... The Popeye will cure itself in time. Bob Fenner>

Re: Regal Angel with pop eye 11/07/07 Dear Bob Thanks for your reply below. The pop eye has since recovered. <Ah, good> Just one week ago, he was infested with gill flukes and stopped feeding for a few days, a Prazi based medication was administered and I am happy to say that he started eating again. <Good> Although he feeds well now on a diet of NLS 3mm pellets, Ocean Nutrition Angel frozen formula, Nori sheets and Hikari Marine "A" pellets, he does not seem to be gaining weight. The area behind the eyes is by no means "pinched" but it is not as convex when compared to another 3" regal whom I have in the display tank. Other than not gaining weight, he is in good shape and inquisitive. Is there something to worry about or am I just being paranoid? Thanks <Best to act on being concerned... I would offer more food, more often... Do you use "mud" in your filtration... have a sump/refugium? This might well help here. Bob Fenner>

Regal Angel with pop eye 10/16/07 Hi Crew, <Kan> Good Evening <And to you> My regal angel, still under Cupramine QT developed pop eye on one side. It is feeding OK, although not as vigorous as before he got the pop eye. <To be expected...> After trawling your website, I discovered that Epsom salt will help to alleviate the pop eye. Will it have any adverse effect if I add Epsom salt to the water that has already been dosed with Cupramine ? <Mmm... not much, no> I already did a 25% water change yesterday but the pop eye did not improve. I am planning another 25% water change tomorrow and hope the situation will improve. The angel is about 7 inches and takes about 3 to 4 New Life Spectrum 3mm pellets together with 2 to 3 very small pieces of Ocean Nutrition frozen angel formula daily. Is this enough to keep him going ? <Hopefully so> Thanks for reading my longish mail Regards, Kan TY <I would move this Pygoplites back to larger, more stable quarters as soon as expedient... The Popeye will cure itself in time. Bob Fenner>

Mimic tang Pop-eye... lack of reading, prep., ignorance re stkg., quarantine issues... 8/15/07 Hi <Hello> I recently bought a Mimic or Chocolate tang from my LFS. It had been quarantined in there tanks <... completely isolated? I doubt it/this... Too likely the water has been mixed, gear has been shared... UNLESS there is an entirely separated system... with personnel that know better, do NOT mix gear...> and the never have Ich. so I put it directly after acclimating into my 75 gallon mixed reef. It was fine and eating well for the first week or so. The last two or three days It has developed a bad case of pop-eye. Should I quarantine and what should I use as a med.? It is only 10 gallons because I'm 14 years old and can't afford anything bigger. Thanks Chad <... this is too small a volume... and please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm and here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tangs,.htm and the linked files above... Bob Fenner>

Re: Mimic tang Pop-eye 8/16/07 Hello, Did you mean that the QT tank is to <too> small, or is the main tanks to small. <The former> I am feeding Mysid and soaking in garlic. Would this Qt size work until it clears up. Thanks Chad <One can only hope... But I would definitely move the fish back to the main tank here... Please... read where you were referred... unilateral exopthalmia is NOT pathogenic... BobF> Cloudy eye... RMF schwipe at "Fixes", small SW systems 6/5/07 Hi Crew, I have a Royal Gramma for over 2 years. I recently noticed a cloudy spot in the center of one eye. <If only one this points to a physical trauma as cause... rather than a toxic condition, pathogenic disease (if bilateral)> I did some reading about cloudy eyes and was wondering if this is in fact what I have been reading about since in this case it is not the whole eye. I also found some advice to use Melafix. <Not by me... and a good case in point why I DO NOT endorse such "phony remedies"... The strength of force, suggestion that they are cures...> Is there a consensus about this? <Decidedly not. May I ask you... if you had an eye ailment, would you pour tea into it? This is what these "fixes" are... Melaleuca leaf extract here> For some reason or other my impression from the Crew is that not much is thought of regarding this product. I have a bottle of the stuff that is probably 2 years old and never used. Any idea if it spoils? <Yes> Someone asked (6/4) about fish for a 20 gallon and mentioned a royal Gramma, neon gobies and cardinals. In my case (10 gallon) the gobies and Gramma get along. <This is too small a space for a Grammatid> It is the cardinal that the Gramma pushes around. <...> But when it comes to feeding time the cardinal holds his own. If I had to do it over I would probably go with a firefish instead of the Gramma. The Gramma colors are very bold but the firefish have some nice colors to them as well and they do not get bossy like the Gramma. Thanks <The root problem very likely here is crowding, territoriality... the aggressive behavior is causing too much stress, the one fish has likely dashed itself onto something hard... Fix their world, don't try to band-aid symptom/s... Bob Fenner>

Re: Royal Dottyback develops Popeye in QT 5/22/07 Thanks for the prompt reply! <Welcome Michael> One thing I didn't add is that the Ich seems to be gone. <Mmm, please excuse my cynical outlook here... Almost always, unless a full course of treatment is exercised, these protozoans are just sub-symptomatic...> Even though I wasn't medicating, I was doing daily 10% water changes (first thing in the morning...yuk...coffee is better) <Heeee!> and this seemed to be working very well. The first few days I was siphoning out maybe 40-50 little 'salt' granules from that bare-bottomed tank. <Mmm, good approach... can work> Then every day it seemed like there was less and less of these granules and the tangs' skin was clearing up nicely. So much so that they seemed perfectly free of Ich. None of the other fish seemed to be affected by Ich even though I put them all in the hospital tank. I also had the UV sterilizer running in there. I only started using Lifeguard when it seemed that maybe it wasn't Ich affecting the fish anymore (they were scratching but no white spots). UV sterilizer came out. After treatment started dropping temp a tad each day...from 85 to 76; same as display tank. <Well... with the increased temperature... maybe so...> I'm really hesitant to medicate more because I had some bad experiences; <You are wise here> seems the LFS is perfectly happy selling me all these different lotions & potions that just keep me coming back for more (meds...fish...). <Ah yes... Too typical> The 'natural' approach of raising temp & 10% daily water changes appealed to me (and still does). <Me too... am in process of "curing" some goldfish (yes...) that came to me infested with ich, likely flukes... using just elevated temp. and some salt...> Since the Ich seems to be 'gone'; I WAS contemplating a return to the display tank soon but the Popeye (both eyes); even though it's only one fish out of 5; is making me postpone that. I've now put the UV sterilizer in there; have re-started daily water changes...suppose I will raise the temp back up slowly. <Mmm, yes... and I do encourage you to add a bit of Epsom Salt (see WWM re), and possibly augment the food... have you tried Spectrum fish foods? They have one, Thera...> One thing I put in the hospital tank was a little reptile cave/cove...sort of a rock sliced in half with a little entry door. I put it in to give the Dottyback a hiding spot. The fish really likes it and hides in there almost all the time...is it possible that poor water conditions could occur in an enclosed space like that and cause Popeye? <Mmm, unlikely, but possibly an influence> You say I need to define a treatment plan but at this point I'm not even really sure what I'm dealing with. My LFS is saying to treat with Greenex; or if the Ich seems gone then just put the fish back in the display tank. <Mmm... well, I WOULD execute a dilute formalin bath/dip in-transit (do see WWM re... needs to be aerated during...) while moving the fish/es back to the main tank> I think my LFS is out-to-lunch on this one; those little tangs cost me a fortune in more ways than one! Can there still be Ich present even if there are no white spots and there haven't been any for weeks? <Unfortunately yes> And if there was Ich in my HT wouldn't the tangs be the first ones to show it? <Very often yes> I'm getting really frustrated...I feel I'm 2/3 of the way to solving the problem but this Popeye is really messing me up. I'm starting to get impatient with seeing my lovely fish squished into a 10-gal tank with ghastly incandescent lighting. I want them back in my 55 ASAP but I only want to do that when it's clear that they are cured. They say that caution is the distillation of experience; <Can be... in fortuitous circumstances, choosings> well you can bet that a QT is something I'll always own and use. Unless I get fed up and make terrariums out of my aquariums. Mike. <Yikes... no threats please! BobF>

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