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Archive 1027: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Ventricaria ventricosa is often noted as the "largest single-celled alga" reaching a hen's egg in size... but it is actually a multinucleate vesicle held down by attachment rhizoids. Cozumel 2017

Rhipocephalus longifolius, Pinecone Algae. To five inches in height. Look like pinecones of sorts, with overlapping thalli growing outright from a single, attached stalk. Cozumel 2017
Pomacanthus paru (Bloch 1787), the French Angelfish (1). Another standard in the aquarium trade. Beautiful and hardy, and large (to fifteen inches in length and a foot tall). Tropical west Atlantic from the Bahamas to Brazil.  Cozumel 2017
Centropyge argi Woods & Kanazawa 1951, the Cherub or Atlantic (Caribbean) Pygmy Angel (1). To 2.5" overall. Bermuda on down to the coast of Brazil.  Cozumel 2017
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