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Archive 1028: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
(For personal use only: NOT public domain)
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Mycteroperca interstitialis (Poey 1860), the Yellowmouth Grouper. Yet another misplaced bass in the trade. Infrequently collected in the tropical west Atlantic as attractive juveniles, they grow to more than thirty inches in length. A full size one here in Cozumel 2017

Mycteroperca bonaci Poey 1860, the Black Grouper. Tropical west Atlantic into the Gulf of Mexico. To more than four feet in length. An occasional "accidental" offering out of the TWA. Sub-adult in Cozumel 2017
Stegastes partitus (Poey 1868), the Bicolor Damselfish. Tropical west Atlantic. To two and a half inches in length. Occasionally imported for our use. Not tremendously beautiful looks-wise, but an interesting aquarium species just the same.  Cozumel 2017
 Cantherhines macrocerus (Hollard 1854), the Orange Filefish in the pet trade is called the American Whitespotted Filefish in the sciences... unfortunately, in part because it occurs on both coasts of the tropical Atlantic. One of the more common Filefish offerings in the world of aquariums. To twenty-six inches in length. Cozumel 2017
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