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Archive 1030: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Caranx latus Agassiz 1831, the Horse-eye Jack.  Western and Eastern Atlantic. To a meter in length. Cozumel 2017

 Urobatis (Urolophus) jamaicensis (Cuvier 1816), the Yellow Stingray. Western Atlantic; North Carolina to Venezuela. To thirty inches wide. Cozumel 2017
 Lactophrys (now Acanthostracion) polygonius (Poey 1876), the Honeycomb Cowfish. Note the two horns above eyes; missing in trunkfish species. Tropical west Atlantic. To about nineteen inches in length. An unusual "koi" one in Cozumel 2017
 Xyrichthys martinicensis Valenciennes 1849, the Rosy Razorfish. West Atlantic; Florida to South America. To six inches in total length. A distinct dark spot at base of pectoral fins. A terminal phase (male) individual here off Cozumel 2017
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