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Archive 1033: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Porites furcata Branched Finger Coral. Branches divided into two rounded end lobes on long stalks. Polyps may be randomly retracted. St. Thomas 2014

Porites divaricata Thin Finger Coral. To a foot in height. Thin, long/er stalks than similar P. porites, P. furcata. Tank to lighter browns. Shallow water. Cozumel 2017
Agaricia cucullata, Sunray Lettuce Coral. Saucers/plates w/ distinctive (ray like the sun) septal lines running to the edge. Corallites are tucked into ridges like no other member of the genus. Tropical W. Atlantic. Here in Cozumel 2017
Agaricia agaricites forma danai (Linnaeus 1758). Form complex relatively thick layers of connected bifacial fronds. Upright or encrusting/horizontal.  Cozumel 2017
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