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FAQs about Anglerfish, Frogfish Reproduction

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A gorgeous juvenile photographed in HI by Dave Schmottlach.

Thought you guys might like this. Angler repro., not all species   1/7/11
Hey guys,
Might not be appropriate for general posting, due to some swearing in the comic (head's up to you guys too), but I thought you all might find this funny, if you haven't already seen it. What it lacks in factual accuracy, it makes up for in wonderful illustration and humour.
Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the help,
<Will post w/ a warning to others re stated profanity! Thanks Chris. BobF>

Commerson Frogfish... suddenly spawning   1/18/06 I have a mated pair that just spawned last night.  They are in a 36 gallon tank with tons of rock and damsels which is what they eat.  I know the egg raft will hatch out in 5-7 days.  I am going to put a very fine brine mesh on the filter openings and protein skimmer.  What else could I do to ensure the new babies have a better chance of survival?  Do you have any suggestions? Cindy Huff <... you really need to have food cultures going... already. An assortment of sizes of copepods likely... Do you have time to visit a large/college library with a life science dept.? They may have such cultures to give you a sample... Next the issue of culture space... need device/s that allow flow/aeration/filtration w/o washing the larvae/fry out... There are a few writers (Bob Toonen, Frank Hoff for instance), that have written on such topics... best to dedicate a bunch of time to the Net or go the library route... if not for this batch, a future one. Bob Fenner> Re: Commerson Frogfish   1/18/06 Thanks for responding quickly.  We currently have the egg raft in a breeding net used for Brine which is made out of a very fine mesh.  That seems to work fine and is allowing water flow and movement of the egg raft.  It reminds me of a playpen for children.  They can't get out and no one can get in.  We will feed them in this net as well.  It's definately a learning experience. <Oh yes> We have had frogfish for some time. <Neat animals... comical, intelligent... fast! when it comes to eating>   We lost one a couple of months ago and we had the existing male.  I didn't think they would breed so readily.  My male found her to be just his type.  Wish us luck.  I will take your advice.  I will contact either the Ga. University Library or see if I get a response from the Ga. Aquarium. <Real good. I do wish Mike Dandaneau was still about. He had the most practical experience with Lophiiform/Antennariiform fish husbandry of all I've met. Bob Fenner> Cindy Huff Frogfish eggs 7/22/05 Hi,    I have had 1 Sargassum frogfish for about 2 months now. I liked the thing so much, I went and bought another Sargassum frogfish. My first one eats very regularly, I feed him/her shrimp, but the second frogfish hasn't eaten since I got it. ( 7 days).   <Mmm, not in the same tank I hope... these fish are quite "cannibalistic"...> It actually runs from the food but doesn't hide or act  afraid. THEN...... this morning I found a large egg mass just as one of your writers described , so I'm sure the eggs are frog eggs. That's why she didn't eat , being full of eggs? <Mmm, maybe>    Is there a chance of these eggs being fertile since there are 2 frogfish together,  and is there a way to tell? <Mmm, yes and yes... microscopic examination... time going by...> Also, is there a way to tell if I have a male and a female? What is my best course of action?.........Please help                                                                Thanks,                                                                            Chris <Don't know if there is any way to sex this species externally, nor their culture... I would try to find what there is written on antennariiform reproduction in Ron Thresher's work, a large (college) library. Bob Fenner>

Sargassumfish Spawning Hello Doctor, Please don't think that I've watched one too many reruns of "The Blob". Today, I was trying to net a Sargassum fish in my tank and I noticed that the visibility in that part of my tank was very poor. I thought maybe I had a smudge on the glass or something. What I caught in my 7" net instead of my fish was a huge mass (and heavy too!) of clear blob. As I brought the net out of the tank the blob just kept coming as it ran down the front of my tank into the net. I ended up with half a net of this whatever it is. <Sargassum fish commonly spawn and it is gelatinous very much like a mass of frog eggs> I can't figure out where it came from. The only fish that I have added lately is the Sargassum <what's HER name...Ha!> and I never introduce water from the bag. I do regularly crack open fresh oyster shells I collect at the bay, and I let my butterfly fish feast on them. But, these have been in a medium brackish vat in my backyard for several days before I put them in my main tank. Help me with this mystery please! <your Sargassum is sexually mature and spawned without a mate. I would love to see you research the matter further, find a male and write to us about spawning these fascinating creatures in the future> Steve Tilotta
<best regards, Anthony>

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