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Watch out you little fishes! That's an Antennarius pictus!

- Warty Frogfish - Hello Everybody, You guys are the best! I am considering getting a Warty Frogfish, and I am hoping that you may be able to aid me in my decision. I have a 29 gal right now, but I am upgrading to a 55 in two months. I currently have: 2 Maroon Clowns 2 Turbo snails 1 Chocolate Chip Star 1 Pencil Urchin 1 Cleaner Shrimp 25 lbs of LR I don't want to add a frogfish until after I have moved to the 55. Are the Maroons going to get along with the frogfish? <A better question would be how long will the clownfish last around the frogfish.> Is the frogfish going to eat the Maroons, or anything else for that matter? <Very likely that it would eat the clownfish - frogfish are really just giant mouths with a fish body attached, quite capable of eating fish their size.> Should I put the frogfish in the 55 before the maroons, since the Maroons can be territorial and aggressive? <I'd consider keeping the frogfish all by itself.> Should I even attempt getting the frogfish? <Sure... just keep in mind that its not a good community member.> Thanks in advance, I will appreciate any advice you can give me. Tate <Cheers, J -- > Twinspot frogfish/ BRACKISH WATER (Antennarius biocellatus) I am looking for a couple of the rare creatures. Do you know where I might be able to purchase like 3 or 4 of these guys? Do you know if they live in brackish to freshwater their entire lives?  Please let me know if you know anybody that can get these. <Likely the big mail order etailers can get you these (if anyone can). MarineDepot, MarineCenter. Drs. Foster and Smith (.coms).  Oh, and can live in brackish continuously. See fishbase.org here: Twinspot Frogfish Bob Fenner> 

Struggling with Frogfishes 2/17/05 I've been keeping frogfish unsuccessfully for past year. I've kept from warty to giant frogfish but all died after a few weeks. <Hmmm... do understand and apply proper quarantine procedure first... 4 weeks in QT on are bottom and with medicated feed if needed. Preventative med.s as well> In the 1st few weeks, they are fine, feeding on damsels or gobies. After about 3-4 weeks, <do consider a non marine fish prey instead to reduce the risk of commuting disease. Palaemonetes ghost shrimp gut-loaded may be better feeder "fishes"> I noticed rapid breathing and a few experienced cloudy eyes, and stop eating. <could be water quality or disease... general symptoms> In 1 case, my black angler was fine the night before but died the next morning without any cloudy eye symptom. Currently, I have a giant angler which is 9 inches. I bought him 2 weeks ago. Last week, he ate 2 damsels. This week, it did not eat and did not even extend its lure when the damsels swam past him. The tank it lives in is 4 ft and the water is kept at 24 degrees with a chiller. The water is checked every week and nitrate level is very low.  Please help me. How long can it stay without food? <many weeks> Is there any cure if I notice it's rapid breathing? < do read the archives about parasites and gill disease... you may need to medicate here... also QT your feeder fishes for a minimum of 4 weeks before feeding as prey to insure they are clean/disease free so to speak> Thanks Serene <best regards! Anthony>

Commerson angler compatibility 10/23/04 Hi guys!! <howdy> I have 150 gallons tank with a 7 inch Volitans lionfish, a 5 inch panther grouper, a 5 inch emperor angelfish, and a 4 inch yellow tang. <the tang is overstocked for the long haul. Please know/believe this. If you have any doubts, go to fishbase.org and plug in the names of those fishes and see their cumulative adult sizes. Then consider if the potential 48" or so of fish in a 72" tank seems realistic/humane in the long term. Also know that these fishes, true indeed as you might hope/argue, will not actually grow that large because they will stunt developmentally and die prematurely for that very same reason. The sad thing is that some will actually live 5+years and seem "OK" with the crowding and let us forget that they did/will not make it to the 20-30 year potential (a couple of these fishes are on record over 30 years old at Nancy Aq. France)> I want to get the Commerson angler at my LFS that is 5 inches, Do you guys see any problems here? <aside from the stocking density... it is completely incompatible because of feeding habits. It will never compete with the active fishes for (live) food. That's assuming the angel does pick its flesh/eyes away (no kidding here). Ahhh... bad mix> Thanks, Derik <take this to heart, mate. And please do look at fishbase before/if you contest the assertion. Anthony>

Commerson angler compatibility II 10/23/04 Ok please do tell me your point of view of my opinion. The Commerson is indeed a bad choice, I will take your advice for sure. <ah, good my friend. They really are neat fishes... but because of their slow deliberate feeding and need for live food, they really need a species tank> The way I see it is that the panther is always hiding until its food time, The lionfish stays in corners and once in while does a little sprint in the open water, My angel and yellow tang does roam around all the tank, So the way I see it is that Nobody really crosses path in the tank. <but their behavior changes in time as they become sexually mature. The angel in particular. They often become extremely(!) aggressive! For this and other reasons, we need to have a longer view of tank stocking. Just like owning a dog and planning for a 10-20 year lifespan... and not keeping a greyhound in an apartment, e.g.> Also, If I move the yellow tang would it be unwise to add a  Naso tang. <very... the fish has no place in this tank. They need more swimming room as adults than many other fishes. A 6' long tank just wont cut it> Forgot a little detail too, heheh, I am upgrading in a year or 2 max. to a 500 to 600 custom acrylic tank. <everyone dreams and says this... and I hope it happens for you too my friend. But we must be responsible and conscientious aquarists and not take fishes into out care that we cannot provide for their full lifespan now. Life happens bud... bills, school, work changes, moving, etc... many expenses that can/will delay your $10K+ super tank dream setup. We see this week after week> Thanks again guys and your website is exploding with excellent info. Derik <and thank you for being so receptive/open minded about the strict advice... you will go far my friend. Best of luck/life to you :) Anthony?

Commerson Angler keeping 10/26/04 Well I am building a house in the spring and All my equipment has been focused  on this dream tank. <very fine... but please do recognize how impatient if not inappropriate it is to buy livestock before you have a proper housing for them> The basement is already all planned for this tank, in wall with a room behind it. I actually got the approval from my other half for the tank, as long as I don't get an eel, she thinks there creepy. I am building my self and my dad the house so I will save big bucks...and that when the tank comes in. <cool> Anyhow back to the main subject. I thought so about the Naso but like the confirmation from the real guys. <ah... good to hear :)> Basically at this stage is there any other options for me, fish wise, or something else. <hmmm... I'd be steering you wrong with a recommendation for another fish as long as they are limited to this tank. Again... patience my friend>< I really want to add the last special friend in there. I do have all the good equipment to take care of those fish, <this is all about swimming space, not hardware> I just bought a LifeReef skimmer, Wavemaker, U.V light,5 maxi jet 1200, ORP, ph, salinity, temp monitors, refractometers, t5 lights, phosphate reactor with Rowaphos for media, Fluval 404 for carbon once every other week for 3 days,  water changes every 2 weeks, and a refugium on the way. thanks  Anthony <best of luck/life. Anthony

Frogfish parasite - need help :( Hi Bob / Anthony, <<  Adam B. here >> I'm very sorry to bother you with this, but I would really appreciate your help if possible.  I recently purchased a really beautiful but sick black hairy angler and I'm not sure the best option for treatment.  << Well you could go with a hospital tank, and try common aquarium meds.  For me, I would first start with a freshwater dip, and then keep it in hyposaline water (~1.018 or so) for a few weeks.  With parasites, I think freshwater is the best quick kill. >> Today I posted this on ReefCentral and Reef Cherie suggested that you or Anthony Calfo would be very knowledgeable in this area. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=266993&perpage=25&highlight=frogfish&pagenumber=25 I actually work at the Shedd aquarium in Chicago << Several of us were there recently, during the IMAC conference.  Loved visiting with all of you. >>, but no one has an extensive knowledge of these species.  << Of course here is where I typically tell people to make sure they have a very healthy system before returning the fish.  If this fish is at the aquarium, that shouldn't be a problem. >>If you're able to help I would it be so great! Many thanks, James <<  Adam B.  >>

Books on Scorpaeniform, antennariiform fishes... husbandry Hi folks, <Vincent> can you tell me if there are books dedicated wholly to Scorpionfishes, Stonefishes or Anglerfishes? So far the only book which I've come across which has the biggest section on these fishes is Scott W Michael's Reef Fishes Vol. 1. Desperately looking for more books that cover the husbandry, behaviour and specimen of these amazing creatures. <There are no such works as far as I'm aware... though some of the upcoming Debelius/Kuiter TMC titles may well offer more insight than currently exists in print. Unfortunately or not, there is just not enough paying interest in these fish groups aquarium use to warrant/attract writers/publishers to produce volumes on their care. Oh, there is an upcoming tome by Anthony Calfo and I on Reef Fishes that should have some coverage of interest... Bob Fenner> Compatibility Frogfish with Trigger, Tang and Puffer 5/4/04 Bob! <Hi Leslie on duty for Bob today> I have just a quick compatibility question.  I'm planning a big rough n' tumble system and I'm thinking right now I'd like a porcupine puffer, Sohal tang, a trigger and a frogfish. <These fish are not recommended as tankmates for Frogfish. What sort of problems would you foresee? Nibbling sorts of problems and all the problems associated with being picked at like stress and disease.  Scott Michael is quite the Frogfish aficionado and has written several articles which I just finished reading because I am currently planning my own Frogfish habitat . These fish are masters of camouflage. They do not have sharp spines, noxious body slime, glands containing venom, speed or any other protective mechanisms. Some change color and others have skin appendages that resemble algae. If they are contained in an environment with filamentous algae these appendages increase in size and number. Any nippers or fish that will feed on sessile inverts or algae could easily mistake your precious frogfish for a snack. He recommends avoiding the following tankmates butterfly, angelfish, puffers, surgeonfish, triggerfish and porcupine and mentions that tankmates should be 1.5 times the length of the Frogfish or they will likely end up as dinner.> It seems like a lot would depend on the temperament of the trigger, <Definitely.> and the biggest potential problem would be the trigger ripping up the frogfish... <YIKES!  Certainly a possibility. Frogfish are one of my favorite fish.....Not a pretty image at all. Just the thought of that is quite upsetting. > I was hoping if was patient and worked at picking out a more "peaceful" trigger I might be able to make it work. I'm open to any species trigger, or any species frogfish if I could make something like that work. < I would not risk it. Have a look at some of these articles and FAQs..... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/fishes/triggers/index.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/triggers2.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/triggercompfaqs.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfishes.htm http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfaqs.htm and the Frogfish Files on ReefCentral http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=266993&highlight=frogfish+files Your thoughts? If you are open to suggestions perhaps you might want to rethink your tank. Keeping a Frogfish will limit your options in that big rough n'tumble system of bad boys. Consider a Warty Frogfish A. maculatus in a small species tank on your desk or perhaps plumed to your bigger tank. There is a great article in the April/May 2004 issue of Coral Magazine  http://www.coralmagazine.com by none other than Scott Michael. He actually recommends small tanks of 5 to 10 gallons for these fish for a few reasons.....  they are not particularly active fish, their food is easily accessible and they tend to get "lost" in a larger tanks, where they blend into the surrounding decor. > Scott <Hope this Helps, Leslie>

Frogfish malady  I purchased a 3 inch hispid frogfish a couple weeks ago and he was doing very well. He was eating the very next day I brought him home and he really colored up. He is the only fish in my 30 gallon.  I went away on vacation last week and got back last night. I fed him before I left and hoped he would be fine. When I looked at him this morning I noticed what seems to be an air bubble, the size of a pea, on his cheek. I know that if you expose them to air that they can inflate possible die, but I never exposed him to the air, nor is the bubble in his stomach. Any ideas as to what caused it and if I can treat it?  thanks, Ron  <I don't know how these anomalies occur either, but have seen such "air-like" tumors on frogfishes as well. Almost always they "cure" (or disappear) of their own accord in time. I would not medicate the system for this. Bob Fenner>

Frogfish Malady II Thanks, that is comforting, however I was by someone over at reefs.org that it is due to the circulation in the tank. Any thoughts?  http://reefs.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=470901#470901   thanks  <Not likely... such gas anomalies are rare in Frogfishes period... if you had many fine air bubbles leading to emphysematosis... this would very likely show as embolisms in the eyes or outright death of the specimen. Bob Fenner>

Frogfish Question Dear Crew: <Hi there> Have a new giant frogfish and would like to add a few clean up critters to his tank:)  Would turbo snails be okay?  Don't want to add anything that could be a potential meal....... Thanks:)  Janey <Well, no absolute guarantees... but snails are about the least likely to be sucked up! Bob Fenner>

Re: Frogfish Question Would it hurt the frogfish if he ate a snail or would it pass through okay? Thanks for the quick reply, Bob:)  Jane <This too would very likely pass (hee hee!). Bob Fenner>

Frogfish Question I just purchased a Commerson's Frogfish this afternoon that I call "Bubba."  Bubba is about 5 1/2 inches long right now and will eventually top out around 11 1/2 inches.  How fast do they grow? <With feeding (as much as daily...) a bunch! As in right before your eyes... an inch every few months... no joke> When will he be full grown? <Define "full". To the maximum stated... two, three to several years... I strongly suggest very infrequent, small feedings to keep this animal manageable and long-lived> Months, years?  He's currently in a 29 gallon but will be moved into my 75 gallon reef (as the only fish) when he outgrows the 29......... <It's already past this tank size... Would move it quick> Just wondered when that might be.  Is it true that you can keep two Commerson's of the same size together without the worry of cannibalism? <Mmm, not really... frogfishes are only found "in association" with others of their own or other kind by accident or if they're a "spawning pair"... best to keep solitarily> Thanks for the help:)  Janey <Thanks for asking. Bob Fenner>

Puffed up Anglerfish - 12/27/03 Hi a have a 72 gallon aquarium which has a large lionfish a large yellow tang and a striated anglerfish.  I have had the anglerfish for about 2 months and feed him a cube of reef formula 2 every other day or so. I have seen him puff up twice in the past just like a porcupine puffer would... but today we came home and he was lying in the corner bottom upside down puffed up. He is breathing but will not expel anything yet. he's been like this at least 2 hours. Any idea what is going on? Anything I can do to help him? Your help would be greatly appreciated. <Sorry for the slow reply to this urgent question!  Please do report back how your fish is doing.  Frogfishes and anglers do have a habit of gulping air, but I don't know about water.  It does seem intuitive that they might, though.  If it has gulped air, this can be lethal, but I suspect that it will deal with water just fine.  Adam> thanks, Mike

Re: puffed up anglerfish 12/30/03 well he died a few hours later. <Sorry to hear.> he has puffed up before like that but only for 30 seconds or so. i have read that anglers puff up like that in a defense mechanism as puffers do. <The only reference I could find to this was that they occasionally gulp air in shipping and float to their death.  It makes sense that they might also gulp water.  I suspect that the stress that led to the gulping had more to do with the death than the gulping itself.> sometimes that anglerfish would swim up and down the glass and earlier that day i noticed him swimming up and down near my extremely large black Volitans lionfish. i think since he did die that maybe he swam into the lionfish and got stung...??? <Possible, but it sounds like your fish probably would not have made it anyway.> i had a really hard time finding that fish if i get another one i will keep it alone. <Probably a wise choice.  I also highly recommend obtaining it from a reputable dealer who will allow you to place it on hold for several days.  Adam> Mike Miller

The Frogfishes Do Get Froggy and They Will JUMP! >Hello, >>Hello. >I have a 20-gallon (24" x 24" x 8") clam tank set up.  My only intended inhabitants are Tridacnid clams and a few SPS coral frags growing out or small SPS colonies.  There are several small pieces of live rock in there as well.  An opportunity to buy two gorgeous and seemingly healthy juvenile frogfish has fallen into my lap and I've been researching like crazy because I'm in love with the idea of putting one or hopefully both of them in this tank. >>One, not both. >I am prepared to meet their feeding needs and I think the tank would be perfect.  No one I know has any frogfish experience, so at this point it's all reading… I was hoping one of you folks could give me your thoughts on this idea. >>It could certainly work quite well.  Know that you can NOT use copper in any way, shape, or form with frogfishes.  Also, if fresh from the wild, make CERTAIN they're eating--frozen foods if at all possible (from feeding stick).  If you've got the time and the determination, train them yourself to feed from a feeding stick. >Attached are pictures of the little guys (approx. 1.5" and 2" at this point).   >>OH MY GOD THEY'RE GORGEOUS!  I'd set up another tank just to have them both. >We aren't certain on the identification, but think the yellow one is a Warty and the red is A. pictus.  What do you think? >>Common nomenclature is very difficult to work with.  It would be helpful to know where they were collected, as this would narrow down the search considerably.  I suggest searching http://www.fishbase.org  In any event, you can count on them to follow some typical behavior patterns (as I'm sure you know): reluctance to swim about (great for a small system), a predisposition to want live food only (juvies can be much more easily trained to take frozen/non-live foods, though).  Do plan on more frequent water changes, even with the clams, and you may want to skim more aggressively.  Other than that, I think it's a great idea, could look really gorgeous.  Marina Thanks, Cheri

The Frogfishes Do Get Froggy and They Will JUMP! II >Marina, >>Yes, Cheri? >Thank you for the reply to my Frogfish questions. >>Very welcome, and my pleasure.  Those were a couple of great shots, too. >I am curious about the title you gave, "The Frogfishes Do Get Froggy and They Will JUMP!" You don't really mean that they can jump do you?? It was just supposed to be funny?? >>Oh my goodness no!  They're the closest thing to a vertebrate SLUG I've seen.  Yes, it was meant to add some humor to our typical day. >The idea that I can only have one frogfish per tank is the conclusion I'd come to from all my reading (12 pages of links from a Google search so far!). >>It's more the size of the tank itself that's an issue, as predators such as froggies tend to be high polluters. >With that in mind, I started thinking like you - setting up another tank just so I could have the other one too! How about this crazy idea - behind our 180-gallon tank is a half bathroom. On our bathroom counter will soon be a 39-gallon refugium for that tank.   >>I know right where you're going with this, and a 39 gallon would be great for a young frogfish. >It will have a deep sand bed, a few pieces of live rock and some Gracilaria...nothing else. I figure having a refugium on your bathroom counter is bizarre enough. Why not go all the way to outlandish by putting a really cool frogfish in there? >>Indeed!  Why NOT? >He's not going to be interested in the amphipods or copepods and won't eat macro algae, so I don't think he'd compromise any of the ideas of what a refugium is all about... >>Absolutely agreed.  Although, I suggest a shift in thinking (I'm learning this idea is quite common), instead of thinking of a refugium solely as a "refuge", think of it more as a "living filter" instead.   >If he's got some live rock to hold onto, would he care if some Gracilaria were slowly tumbling above him? >>Not at all. >Talk about interesting things to look at while you are just sitting.... What do you think? >>I think it's the next best thing to toilet paper and "the library"! >BTW - from everything I can tell, the yellow one appears to be Antennarius maculatus. Not at all sure on the red one yet though. >>Yeah, getting down to counting dorsals and all can be a PAIN. >Thanks for your help, Cheri >>Again, most welcome, my pleasure.  Also, FYI, on a reef board I'm associated with there is an individual by the nick of "Righty" who's just gotten his first frogfish.  Go to http://www.reefs.org and look up those search terms.  You'll need to register to see his pictures.  I've visited him once, and he's got a RIGHTEOUS reef system, the man is gifted when it comes to this stuff.  You may find additional information there, as well.  Marina

-Getting a frogfish to eat- Greeting! I recently purchased an orange angler fish I identified as Antennarius pictus, he's about 3" in length and has a 20gal tank to himself. He is very active and constantly entertaining, but I have a few questions regarding feeding. He will only take live food at this time, comet feeders and barely takes live mysids. <You should always make sure that these (and any other fish for that matter) are eating dead marine foods before you buy them. Always see it personally, don't take any of that "eh, bob fed them yesterday and it ate great!" BS. :) > I know that comet feeders are horrible for him and prolonged feeding will cause him gut blockage and I have heard liver damage as well. I have tried using a tool to attach small dead silversides but he is wise to my game, he doesn't mind the rod but he can (I imagine) smell the prepared food and backs away from it. So I end up with a few questions. Since live mysids are only seasonal here and expensive, is there a better live feeder I can feed, such as guppies, mollies, or convicts? <Not really, besides say green Chromis> Or should I quit feeding freshwater fish to him entirely. <He must eat something, but doesn't need to eat constantly. Just a few times per week is enough, all the while wiggling and dangling frozen thawed krill, silversides, prawn, etc in front of his face. You could also try putting a dead feeder on the rod to make the connection for him!> Feeding him damsels will put me in the poor house so that's not a viable option either. And if I starve him long enough (I feel bad about this) will he be more opt to take prepared food from a rod device? <Eh, that's questionable> I tried not feeding him for 3 days and then trying attached food and even made it wiggle but he was not interested. <You really need to have the chow do the "look at me, I'm alive! no really, I am!" jig right in front of his face.> I really want to keep this fish healthy and happy, so any advice would really help me out. <Keep on trying! Good luck! -Kevin> Thanks. Julian Harkema Salem Oregon

Sea & Learn on Saba Hello from Saba, a 5-square mile island in the Caribbean.  My name is Lynn Costenaro and I am an owner of Sea Saba Dive Center.  We are hosting "Sea & Learn on Saba", a month long celebration of nature.   <Sounds very nice> We have invited guest lecturers: academics, naturalists and scientists from around the world to give presentations and follow-up field work on nature--from orchids and rainforests to seahorses and sharks.  We are specifically looking for a frogfish expert and found your website:  wetwebmedia.com  From the site I'm not certain if you, Bob, are a Frogfish "expert", enthusiastic aquarist or have some scientific background... <Mmm, a bit of the aquarist, diver/photographer (I produce content in the aquarium, diving and underwater natural history markets)> but let me explain that the persons we invite do not have to be 'the foremost expert in their field'....if you can give me a better idea of your expertise, I will greatly appreciate it.   <For frogfishes, family Antennariidae, I can't think of anyone more well-versed and experienced than Scott Michael. See from the attachment below, you're aware of him. Does he have time, interest?> I thank you in advance for your time and consideration--best regards from Saba, <Okay. A very nice offer... but this slot only on Caribbean lophiiform fishes? Have not been to Saba (yet!), but have been to dozens of tropical West Atlantic sites, dived there a few thousand times... and not seen many Anglers... Can make said presentation (out last week of Oct. to the Marquesas though). Will ask Scott re (as he is best choice IMO) and otherwise re-contact you. Thank you for your consideration. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia> Lynn & John and the Team of Sea Saba Dive Center www.seasaba.com DIVE THE SEA SABA DIFFERENCE SeaSaba@aol.com PO Box 598; Windwardside Saba, Netherlands Antilles 599-416-2246--Phone 599-416-2362--Fax

Angler and "Feeder" fish I need some help!  Two weeks ago I purchased a colored angler (bright red, about 6 inches long) from the local pet store.  Everything was going great.  He was eating at least two feederfish per day.  Yesterday when I got home, he was laying on his side, gasping and his color had faded.  Shortly there after he passed.  I took samples of my water to the pet store and they said that everything was ok.  I have a 120 gal tank with a 55 gal ecosystem for filtration and a UV sterilizer.  The other fish, small Longhorn Cow, small Lionfish, Stars and Stripes Puffer, Yellow Tang, Algae Blenny, small Banded Cat Shark, in my tank are doing fine and show no signs that anything is wrong. This is the second time I have purchased an angler with disastrous results.  What do think could be the problem? Jim <Almost undoubtedly the "feeder fish". Please see here re: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/goldfshfd.htm not nutritious, and dangerous in composition and in terms of physical blockage. Bob Fenner>

Please help identify this angler hello! I just picked up a frogfish, and I'm not sure exactly what species it is.. I was wondering if you could take a look.  I'm guessing it's a Giant Frogfish... but I'm not certain. <I agree with your id. Looks like a Commerson's to me as well. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfishes.htm> Thanks! Dave. Here Is a video I got of him floating around. http://members.rogers.com/plaskosd/angler2.avi <Neat> some pics (sorry this is the best I can do.) http://members.rogers.com/plaskosd/jabbaside1.jpg http://members.rogers.com/plaskosd/jabba.JPG His rod is short, about the same size as his second spine, and the lure is like a little white Pom Pom. thanks and I hope I've provided enough.! P.S. I love your site!
<Thanks. Bob Fenner>

Re: please help identify this angler hello again.. just to give you a look at some new pics I took, that are much better quality and might give you new light as to what species of angler this is.. I thank you again for your help! here is two more. http://members.rogers.com/plaskosd/profrog.JPG http://members.rogers.com/plaskosd/sidefrog.jpg thanks again! Dave <Still looks like a giant/Commerson's to me. Bob Fenner>

Growth rates of Frogfishes Dear Crew: How fast does a painted frogfish grow?  I have one that is 2 1/2 inches and can hardly wait to see him grow up:)  He's a real beaut.......here's a pic to make you smile:) <Very nice, and very quickly. Really amazing how fast these fishes (antennariids) can grow given large quantities of food. Bob Fenner> Janey

Re: How big? Dear Crew: How large does a painted frogfish get?  In Scott Michael's Marine Fishes book he says, 3.9 inches, same as the warty frogfish in size.  In Reef Fishes, Volume 1 it says 9.4 inches.  What is the correct size? TIA Janey <More like the second than the first value. Bob Fenner>

Re: Itty Bitty Angler Greetings yet again, <Howdy> Last stocking question for awhile.  I want to thank Bob for such a quick response to my last question, and Bob - the parrotfish on my list was meant strictly as a joke. ;) <I understood/stand> I was at a LFS at lunchtime, and they had the ugliest little critter I've seen.  I love him.  They list it as a 'Red Anglerfish'.  It's bright red (almost red-orange), round little sucker, about the size of a ping-pong ball.  The LFS said he would not get bigger than a golf ball, <... am dubious re this last piece of information. Do they know the animal's scientific name? Most Anglers get quite a bit larger... and quickly! Depending on whose around to inhale> and that he had occupied the LFS tank for a couple of months.  I immediately tried to find any information I could about this fish, but to no avail.  I currently have a 30g FOWLR, with no fish inhabitants (just two peppermint shrimp, two Turbos and two Nassarius snails), and I am getting close to stocking my first charge.  If you know anything about this fish, could this be a choice that works? <Please take a look here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfishes.htm re the anglers> If I got a clown as I originally intended, I assume I would have to get a larger one  ;)  Sure, my wife will think it's ugly, but she'll get over it (she married me, didn't she?) <It will be eaten by this Angler if they're anywhere near the same size> I apologize for inundating you with stupid questions - I only try to ask questions that remain unanswered after other research, and, of course, because you've saved me a lot of grief and money to date.  Thank you again. <No worries. Bob Fenner> JPM

Unidentified Angler Greetings WWM Crew!  The picture attached is of a beautiful Anglerfish (approx 3-4")  I've had for a little over a month now.  Although I researched this species extensively prior to purchasing (using Scott Michael's Reef Fishes book, the WWM website, etc), I'm unsure of the exact type I have - is it a coin bearing, painted, wartskin?  Something else?  Hopefully, you can see him well enough in the photograph to help me out.  He's doing very well in his own 20 gallon tank (only a few snails for company).  I've been feeding him ghost shrimp (about half a dozen, 2-3 times per week), on which he seems to be doing well. Thanks! Aaron <Hey Aaron, sure looks like a painted angler to me, but it is hard to say, the link below has some tips on differentiating between different anglers. -Gage http://www.starfish.ch/frogfish/Genus.html#pictus >

Lenny the Frogfish He's the only one in there:)  Every time I look at him he makes me smile.....here's another pic of Lenny to brighten your day! Janey <Good photography. I do hope you're planning on getting Lenny a bigger system (likely within six months to a year). Bob Fenner>

Re: Frogfish physiology What size system would you suggest?  I thought the 20L would be okay since they don't move around much.  Please advise.... <At least a forty gallon volume... more to allow for dilution of wastes (even with good filtration, circulation), and dissolved oxygen transport... for a sedentary group of fishes, Anglers eat a lot, are metabolically active, and grow surprisingly quickly. Bob Fenner> Janey
Re: Frogfish Thanks, Bob, for your time and help with Lenny:)  I'm looking forward to watching him grow.  You and your crew provide a wonderful service......... Janey <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Frogfish Dear Crew:   Got a frogfish today and was wondering if you could tell me what kind he is?  Thanks for all you do.....   Janey <Nice pic. Do you see it here?: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfishes.htm Looks like an Antennarius pictus to me. Bob Fenner>

Re: Frogfish Mine doesn't look exactly like the ones on the link, but real close.  How big do the painted frogs get?  I've read differing material.....one said around 4 inches the other said around 9.  Thanks for your time, Bob:) Janey <Actually... just took a look on fishbase... and am/was (well, likely am still) confused re common name. Antennarius pictus (what they list as the Painted Frogfish) does top out at about 30 cm. (12 inches). Bob Fenner>
Re: Frogfish I hope he'll be okay in a 20gallon long aquarium:)  He's only about 3 inches right now, so will have to wait and see how much he grows.  Thanks for the info, Bob:) Janey <Is this the only animal there? These fishes can/do swallow others easily... grow quickly... Bob Fenner>

FW dips I have an angler.  Two weeks ago, I had a previous anglerfish that all of a sudden went belly up :(  He swan erratically for a while, then the following day, he was dead.  Since I really enjoy their cryptic habits, I purchased another a few days later.  The only thing is that I noticed that he seems to be having respiratory problems.  I heard copper is not a good choice, especially for the fact that it's a reef tank and copper is not good for anglers as well.  I need to help him fast!  Freshwater dip is my only solution but the books I have don't say how to set up a dip.  Could you help me??? <Yes. Recipes for dips and other treatments are archived at Wetwebmedia.com. Check under "Marine Articles" then click on "diseases." David Dowless> Thanks Jamie D

Re: Frogfish Question Thanks for a reply:)  Just want to know all the facts before I buy one...... <good plan, no impulse buys.> You guys are the best! <No, you are.> Janey

Frogfish Question Dear Crew: I just read an online post  that said Frogfish do not tolerate copper for disease treatment.  Is this true?  If it is, what can you use besides hypo salinity if they get ick?  TIA. Janey <Hello Janey, frogfish rarely get Ich, but if you have a Frogfish with Ich you could use a combination of freshwater dips and formalin.  Is it possible that the fish just has small particles trapped in the mucus of a stressed fish? -Gage>

Black Giant Frogfish (Commerson's Anglerfish) Hi All, Is it possible for the   giant black frogfish to change color to red?  I have read articles regarding this species that say they frequently change their colors to camouflage themselves to blend into their surroundings .  Does that mean they can make such a drastic change? <Not drastic. Likely takes a few months. Do "come in" a variety of colors depending on their living circumstances> For example:  if the black giant frogfish is placed in a tank with red sponge and colored corals, will it most likely change to this color?  Is the Black Giant Frogfish different from the red? Thanks for the info. <Same species. Bob Fenner> Kelly Re: Black Giant Frogfish (Commerson's Anglerfish) Hi Bob, It's good to hear from you.  I did end up getting the Titan Triggerfish from the Marine Center, he is thriving and quite entertaining.    <Ah, good. Titans in many ways> Will a giant black frogfish change its color to red over time if placed in an aquarium with red sponge? <Possibly. I do think this happens more readily in the wild. Bob Fenner> Kelly

Frogfish Question Dear WWM:   I am setting up a ten gallon tank for a 3 to 4 inch Warty Frogfish.  I put in some coral frags and LR.  I also added 1 turbo snail and 1 small emerald crab.  I know they will eat shrimp and fish that are their size or slightly larger, but what about a turbo or crab?  Are they at risk?  Thanks, <Mmm, well, this tank is too small ultimately for this species... and unfortunately they do have a reputation for swallowing whole most anything live that will fit in their mouth... If still interested... a much larger system is called for... with larger tankmates. Bob Fenner> Janey

Re: Frogfish Question Thanks for the quick reply:)  How would a 20 long be for a frogfish only tank? <Mmm, let's get "down to it" here... are you talking about THE warty frogfishes (family Brachionichthyidae), aka handfishes... of southern Australia? These four species top-out at about 15 cm. (six inches to you Yanks)... a twenty would work for one of these fishes... but a forty would be better! Other frogfish species (family Antennariidae) can get much, MUCH larger... Bob Fenner> Janey

Re: Frogfish Question Dear Bob: I was referring to A. maculatus.  Not sure where they are from but some call it the  "Clown" or "Warty" Frogfish. <Oh yes. Our coverage of this species here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anglerfishes.htm> I thought they were about 6cm. long. <Actually, to about 9 cm... but under four inches standard length> Please advise if I'm getting wrong info.  I saw one that was 4 inches long being kept in a 6 gallon Eclipse.  I will definitely be getting a 20 L for mine:)  Thanks for sharing your expertise! <Ahh, much better in the 20 long. Was recently in northern Sulawesi and saw several of these. Very neat, beautiful species. Bob Fenner> Janey

Anglers... not together Hi I was wondering if you can keep anglerfish that are the same type together. If not, then can you keep anglers that are different types together? <Best to keep any, all species, of Anglerfishes one to a system... they can/do eat each other... of the same or different species> Thanks! Are anglers easy to breed? If so what are there breeding habits, etc. Thanks! <Unknown. Bob Fenner>

Frogfish Fun Hi all!, <Hi there! Scott F. at your service!> I have a small (1") Antennarius maculatus coming out of quarantine in two weeks. <What a great fish! GREAT procedure, quarantining the fish!> It has been tolerating fw dips and eaten a few guppies and at least one live Mysis. I currently have a 180g display tank, upstream 100g refugium planted with Ulva and Halimeda (I have yet to find a source of Thalassia in Tokyo) and a 20 gal sump w/ skimmer, ozone and carbon. Two 1500 gph pumps return sump water to display (5 ft or so), and an Eheim 1060 sending water from sump to refugium and it's overflow to display. All three tanks have a 3-4" sugar sized, aragonite substrate. This system has been up for 3 months and the display currently houses live rock (about 150 lbs), a few tiny Acropora frags, and a bunch of macro-detritivores; needless to say, it looks a little barren but I am proceeding slowly. < Nothing wrong with going slowly. Sounds like a wonderful, well-thought-out system! BTW, Thalassia requires a deep sand bed (5-6 inches or more) to do well in...> Okay, back to the angler. I am running another overflow from the refugium into a 10 gallon tank which will house the maculatus. This tank will drain to the sump. It currently has about 20 lbs of live rock and a 3" fine aragonite bed. So here are my questions: 1) I chose a 10g tank as it would be easier to feed and view this small angler. With the ability to transfer to larger quarters in the future, are there ethical issues of housing this fish (alone) in a tank so small? <Actually, no! I was fortunate enough to spend part of last weekend with author Scott Michael, who is an absolute Frogfish fanatic! He says that a small tank is actually a better way to go for these fish, for a few reasons. First, it keeps them near their food! Also, they are just not particularly active fish, as you are aware. Finally, they tend to get "lost" in a larger tank, where they will blend in with the surrounding decor. He told me that he even keeps one on his desk in a small Eclipse aquarium!> 2) Are there benefits to include the refugium in this chain or would I be better off with return water directly from the sump? My refugium generates a quantity of Gammarus and small copepods. I still have to buy live Mysis. The little fellow seems to show little interest in 'pods. <They usually don't but I certainly see no harm in him seeing some 'pods float in now and then!> 3) Can I stock this nanotank with mushrooms and polyps? Xmas tree worm rock? Are there issues with nematocysts stinging the 'feet' of my fish? <Should not be a problem, but be aware that some of the larger, "Elephant Ear" mushrooms (Amplexidiscus species) can and do actually ingest fish!> Any allelopathic issues with the Acros and mushrooms/polyps because they share water space (although not tank space)? <Should not be a problem, for the most part> 4) Are there any glaring issues that I may have over looked? <Just try to give your Antennarius a varied diet and good water quality...He should be fine.> Thank you much in advance. I read the FAQs daily and have set up my system according to your recommended methodologies, equipments, and ethics. <So many good ways to accomplish the same thing, aren't there?> The service you provide has improved the quality of life for both keeper and kept. Regards, Bryan Gim <Thank you much for the kind words, Bryan. I'm so proud to be a part of this crew, and always am thrilled to talk to my fellow hobbyists! I learn something every day! Good luck!  Scott F.>

Anglers I would also disagree with the advice you gave a previous aquarist about these fish... <Which advice would this be?> To quote the maestro (from the angler FAQ): Could I put a Sargassum fish with a lionfish, Huma Trigger, Imperator angel, and flame angel? <In a large enough system... but do keep your eyes on (and feed minimally) the Sargassum Fish (Histrio)... as they can/do grow quickly given enough food/feeding... and can swallow fishes near their own size (the Flame will go first). Bob Fenner> <Mmm, well I do still have this opinion for THE Sargassumfish, Histrio... but do agree with you re other antennariids. Bob F> Regards, Michael Krechmer

Sargassumfish Spawning Hello Doctor, Please don't think that I've watched one too many reruns of "The Blob". Today, I was trying to net a Sargassum fish in my tank and I noticed that the visibility in that part of my tank was very poor. I thought maybe I had a smudge on the glass or something. What I caught in my 7" net instead of my fish was a huge mass (and heavy too!) of clear blob. As I brought the net out of the tank the blob just kept coming as it ran down the front of my tank into the net. I ended up with half a net of this whatever it is. <Sargassum fish commonly spawn and it is gelatinous very much like a mass of frog eggs> I can't figure out where it came from. The only fish that I have added lately is the Sargassum <what's HER name...Ha!> and I never introduce water from the bag. I do regularly crack open fresh oyster shells I collect at the bay, and I let my butterfly fish feast on them. But, these have been in a medium brackish vat in my backyard for several days before I put them in my main tank. Help me with this mystery please! <your Sargassum is sexually mature and spawned without a mate. I would love to see you research the matter further, find a male and write to us about spawning these fascinating creatures in the future> Steve Tilotta
<best regards, Anthony>

Anglerfish The SIO fish collection got an early Christmas present this week when a gentleman called from Carlsbad to say that he had found a most peculiar fish washed up on the beach in Del Mar. When we went up to pick it up we found that it was a very large deep-sea anglerfish. Back at the lab we identified it as Himantolophus danae, a species described in 1928, heretofore known only from a single 38mm specimen from the South China Sea. Deep sea anglers are characterized by an angling apparatus on the snout, with a luminous bait at the end. The bait, which contains luminous bacteria, may be variously elaborated, as in this species. This individual is a female; all male anglerfish are very small. In this species the males are free-living. The photograph was taken by Phil Hastings (the ruler is 15cm long). Richard Rosenblatt Scripps Institution of Oceanography 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla CA <Neat! Dick.R scores! Will place spiel and pic on Daily FAQs manana. Thanks Miguel, for sending this on. Bob Fenner>

Sargassum fish Could I put a Sargassum fish with a lionfish, Huma Trigger, Imperator angel, and flame angel? <In a large enough system... but do keep your eyes on (and feed minimally) the Sargassum Fish (Histrio)... as they can/do grow quickly given enough food/feeding... and can swallow fishes near their own size (the Flame will go first). Bob Fenner>

Re: Sargassum fish << In a large enough system... but do keep your eyes on (and feed minimally) the Sargassum Fish (Histrio)... as they can/do grow quickly given enough food/feeding... and can swallow fishes near their own size (the Flame will go first). >> Welcome back Bob, I hope your trip was great.  <Yes my friend, thank you> I am going to be keeping him in a 50 g tank with just the Huma Trigger and The Red Volitans. I am ordering a small one from Flying Fish express I think that means 1"-3". <Likely> The Huma I plan to put in there is about 3"-4" and the lion is about 5 or 6 maybe larger. Would they be ok until June? <I give you very good odds. Bob Fenner>

Angler Hello Mr. Fenner, I work in a big corporate pet store, more specifically the fish section. The person in charge of ordering livestock has the nasty habit of ordering things because she doesn't know what they are and wants to see it, regardless of whether or not anyone can care for it at the store or for that matter anywhere else. <I understand> We recently got a fish under the name of "colored angler". It looks like a dwarf lion in basic main body shape. Its finnage is short and instead of swimming it more or less walks. Its colors are reddish white and orange marbled together with little white spikes coming off of it. I know this is not a lot to go on but any information as to what kind of fish it is and how to care for it would be much appreciated <This is very likely 'an' Anglerfish, Antennarius species... though as you state, it is hard to discern these cryptic fishes to species, especially as young. Thankfully they all have about the same aquarium husbandry... and much of this parallels the care of Lionfishes and their kin. Most all only accept live foods at first (training on to "wiggled" frozen/defrosted or dead meaty foods is possible. with a 'feeding stick'). Water quality requirements are not strict, but do take care as these fishes are messy. They don't feed that often (for small ones, a couple of guppies or a small feeder per week is fine) as they're very sedentary (as you know). Bob Fenner> Matt Cruzan


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