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FAQs about Sea Squirts Compatibility

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Sea squirt hitchhiker on LR Dear All <Peter> Am a new hobbyist here in England.  Your pages are by far the best I've come across.  Brilliant, educational and encouraging stuff. <Glad we have found each other> Now the question - hidden behind a (cultivated?) soft coral I bought recently is a sea squirt - beautiful and interesting - but should I dispose of it, due to toxicity etc, before it dies a quick death, as your FAQs imply, or should I see how it goes? <I would definitely leave it be... these ascidians are almost never a problem in just "popping up"... and a good sign of your good husbandry that they do so> Would love to keep it, but not if I risk a disaster. Yours Peter Hosier, London
<Bob Fenner>

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