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FAQs about Sea Squirts

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Upside down Tunicates (and suggestions re WWM recent FAQs availability) Greetings Bob, hope life is treating you well... <Yes my friend. A joy> A question on Tunicates: <Hmm, I'll be... just finished (finally!) putting away the Ascidians I had pictures of from the last trips... and writing, posting and mailing a survey piece on the group: http://wetwebmedia.com/ascidians.htm> I recently replaced the substrate in my 55G reef (wow, what a hassle!) and rearranged all my live rock. I noticed this really cool grouping of tunicates growing in a cavity of a live rock that was out of sight in the original aquascape. Only problem is, now the tunicates are upside down from their original orientation. The "siphon arms" (I have no idea what they're really called) <Siphons of the zooids... no problem with terminology or orientation> look like they're trying to turn upward now. There's not a whole lot of info out there on tunicates.  <And just sent in a review of a book by Steve Tyree that expands on the use of these cryptic organisms: http://wetwebmedia.com/tyreecmatv1.htm> I was wondering if they can live "upside down", or do I need to re-orient that piece of rock back to it's original direction? (and of course, it's on the bottom of the rock pile...) <Would leave them as is if "the rest" of your arrangement is as you desire... they are able to reorient, turn their attachments...> A comment on your site: I read the new FAQs virtually every day. I find a wealth of info in them, even if a question doesn't directly apply to any of my set-ups. I just went on a two week internet-free vacation. I came back today and jumped right back into WWM. I'm wondering what great questions I missed while I was gone. Have you ever considered having a "buffer area" where you might hold the recent FAQs a bit longer than on the current "recent questions" page? <A worthy idea... I generally "leave" about sixty to ninety seconds "worth" (at 28.8 kbps) on this page... moving the rest off to the appropriate FAQs file/s (sometimes more than one as you might surmise)... The idea of a "buffer" intrigues and worries me simultaneously... the concern I have is for "time lost" doing other things... you may know the sites contents are my domain... am finally placing images on the Pond Index today... for instance (treated myself to writing, scanning the Ascidians ala eating your Lima Beans before your dessert)... If I made such a buffer, I'd have to move all another time... Do you think/feel I can/could/should leave more than the 90 second download on the "New FAQs" page?> I realize all the questions I missed are there, filed in their rightful place. But an area where new questions are held longer (two weeks, a month?) <A day or two maximum... the sheer volume of incoming requires that I not post some at all, that other material goes immediately to the respective final FAQs pages...> sure would make it easier on those of us who can't get our daily fix on WWM FAQs... Just a thought.... <A good one... am going to ask Mike and Zo for their input here as well. Thank you for the input. Bob Fenner> Keep up the great work!!
Jay T.

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