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FAQs about Sea Squirts Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Tunicates? Hi Gang, <Brandon> In doing my homework before buying a tunicate, I see that various members of the board have a low opinion of keeping tunicates. This is understandably so, but I have a caveat to ask about. What if I am feeding live phytoplankton regularly to my tank for my small clams and corals? The mix I use has 5 different live varieties of phytoplankton in it. Would this cause you to change your mind, or should no one keep them no matter what suspension foods are fed? Thanks! <These ascidians are really neat organisms... and a blessing to have "just show up" in well-set-up and maintained reef systems... Most feed on more than small unicellular algae... but... worth trying to keep individuals, a colony in a well-established, otherwise un-crowded setting... with a good sized healthy refugium tied in. Bob Fenner>

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