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FAQs on Condylactis Anemone Reproduction, Propagation

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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

severed anemone tentacle still alive?  9/25/08 Hi folks, This is my first question, although I've been reading and learning from your site for several months now. I have had freshwater aquariums off and on for maybe 25 years, but I'm on my first marine setup - it's been up for about 2 years now. It's on the small side - a 30 gallon tank with about 25 lb. of live rock, one yellowtail damsel, a Condylactis anemone, and a beautiful pair of tank-bred Clarkii clowns that host in the anemone. I've had the anemone in my tank for about 10 months now. About two weeks ago it got itself tangled up in the slotted intake cover of one of my filters. This had happened once or twice before with no apparent harm - I just turned off the filter and let the anemone deflate itself and pull its tentacles back out. <Good> This time, a couple of the tentacles seemed to be stubbier than they were before, so I assume that they were broken off when the anemone pulled itself free. Thankfully, the anemone does not seem to be adversely affected by the injury as far as I can tell. Now the plot thickens: yesterday I noticed an inch-long section of tentacle lying on the bottom of the tank, and it appears to still be alive (inflated with water, same color as the anemone). Should I remove the tentacle? <Yes, I would> Is there a chance that it may grow a new body, or will it eventually die? <The latter... though Actinarians/Anemones are noted for "powers of regeneration", reproduction via scission, this usually calls for part of the basal disc being involved. I have not heard/read of tentacles re-growing a specimen.> Thanks in advance for your advice, -Ben <Bob Fenner>

Splitting Condy Concern  Very important question for you. I have this Condy anemone and it seems to have split overnight  is it ok??? <Without a picture I cannot be certain, although it sounds like your anemone has reproduced asexually. Provided it's in a good environment, it should recover just fine. You shouldn't worry about it unless the clone moves towards neighboring corals.> how do i help it  <Observe it for several weeks and watch its overall condition. Feeding it krill, squid, shrimp, or other meaty foods will help benefit the anemone.> also how does this happen/ why??? <Asexual reproduction is common in some species of anemone- it's a way to make an exact copy of the original anemone as its offspring.> thanks for your help <No problem. Keep in mind that a picture of the anemone would really help in this situation, as I cannot be completely sure that the anemone is asexually reproducing. If you can take a picture of the anemone and send it to us it would help out a lot. Take Care, Graham.> Thomas Wood

Help! (Atlantic Anemone spawning event?) My name is Ray, I live in Tucson, Arizona. I have a saltwater fish tank. I have two CONDYLACTIS in my tank as well as many other fish and corals etc. Well both of my Condy tonight had a stringy spider web type of substance coming out of them. Inside the stringy substance there appeared to be thousands of white granules (they looked like eggs). Because of the powerheads, it looked like it was snowing in my tank. All of the fish were going nuts eating the granules..... What happened??? Were they eggs? If so, what do I do? <Perhaps these were reproductive products. Not much to do at this point but keep a close eye on your livestock. Bob Fenner> Ray Chapman

Toxic spawn? 3/14/03 Quick question about a Condylactis (sp) anemone...last night. seemed to be spewing out a murky film. with in 10 minutes all the fish were dead!. they were floating upside down as I was trying to do an emergency water change...but no luck... they all died as well as 2 cleaner shrimps/banded shrimp as well...all snails and other critters are fine...the tank is  3 years old and had been totally fine until last night. these were all original inhabitants of the tank. fish/anemone. everything was added together. I thought the anemone was dieing ..looked all deflated etc.. but this morning it is fine. inflated to regular size...which is huge! the foot is close to 3 inched across...but seemed to have the same murky film coming from its mouth. although not as much as last night...water is cloudy as well. another water change today...any ideas?. there is no foul smell coming from the tank or anemone...all water param's are fine...weekly changes etc...I am stumped/bummed out...any ideas? Thanks guys Pete <the first thing that comes to mind is a reproductive act where the gametes were toxic. "Toxic eggs" are rather common among reef invertebrates...a sensible evolutionary strategy. In the wild they are simply noxious in the vast expanse of seawater and dissuade most predators from eating them by taste. In a closed aquarium, however, merely "noxious" can become "fatal". Just a guess... it is a bit odd that all but the anemone died. You can rule out a pathogen too as both inverts (shrimp) and fishes died and diseases are almost never shared between the groups.  My regrets, bud. If its any consolation, such events are rare in captivity. But continue to do several large water changes (25-50%) in the next week and use chemical filtration media heavily (carbon/Polyfilters). Kindly, Anthony

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