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FAQs about Coral et al. Cnidarians System Lighting: Nighttime

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Some light is useful 24/7... greatly discounts anomalous losses during the dark. It's never pitch black underwater

Corals In The Moonlight! Hello there, Could you please advise me on whether it is a good idea to leave a blue light, (marine Glo), on at night. I have left mine on for five months now, and the difference in the corals is amazing. There is plenty of cover for the fish. <I don't see the harm in this at all. Think about it- on the reefs, there is always some ambient light form the moon (except on moonless nights), and there are many interesting aspects to coral spawning, plankton upwelling, fish breeding, etc. that seem to be tied to lunar cycles. You may even want to try running the lights and/or diffusing them on a schedule that corresponds to lunar phases...could be interesting to see what happens. Good luck! regards, Scott F.>

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