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FAQs about Fluorescent Light and Lighting for Marine Systems, By Manufacturer, Brand Names

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Lamps and fixtures are actually only made by a few companies... repackaged and labeled by many... http://www.championlighting.com/ www.cprusa.com HelloLights.com URI ZooMed

Lighting...In The Dark ... CPR lamps in the UK  - 05/19/2006 Hi guys - a quick question!  Do any of you guys, know of a UK based distributor (or US distributor able to post overseas) for replacement CPR Aquafuge bulbs and starters? <Off hand I know of none.  Have you contacted CPR by email in regards to this?>  My fuge lighting has given up the ghost after only 2 weeks use and of course taking it back to the shop (in the US) is out of the question!  Secondly, any idea if UK spec bulbs and starters would be compatible (bearing in mind the voltage difference)?   <Another question for CPR.  I'm guessing their most cost effective way to market these products in the UK would be by incorporating a step-down transformer into the lighting unit.  Check the bulb to see if there is a part number on it and see if a local dealer can get this for you.  Do contact CPR re this at www.cprusa.com> Many thanks in anticipation <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> <<And CPR is distributed in the UK by TMC/Chorleyside. RMF>> - Steve Morse.

Coralife VHO  ballast kit Hey Gang, How ya doin'?   <Good... "how you doin" <insert Brooklyn accent here>> Alrighty then, what is the opinion of the crew concerning the Coralife 4 lamp VHO ballast kit ?(comes complete, minus the lamps). Thanks from Denver.....Scott <my very biased opinion is that ESU/Coralife has had a long standing reputation for sexy advertising and marketing/packaging that exceeds comparative standards of quality. To their credit... they make a short and sweet product for aquarists with modest demands. Best regards, Anthony>

Coralife Contact Information 12/12/07 Hello Crew, <Hello Rich, Brenda here> Please help. <Will try!> I have a 72" Coralife fluorescent fixture for my 180 with a broken Plexiglas cover. I have tried everywhere to get a replacement. It is 1/16" thick. I can only find 1/8" thick replacements. Is there a way to contact Coralife themselves to talk to them and get help? Or does anyone know where to get 1/16" thick Plexiglas in a 71 1/2" length? I tried my local aquarium store and they gave me the brush-off. Thanks. <Do you mean Coralife? I am not familiar with Coralife. I have contacted Coralife myself for replacement parts. The contact information I used is: jimc@central-aquatics.com 309-851-8999. If this doesnt work, you may want to contact a place that sells this product and see if they can provide you with the contact information. Rich <Brenda>

ZooMed (Fluorescent lamps) Hi Bob I love fluorescent technology as do you and think it to be the best, least costly way to light up our pets. <It is, to date, for "shallow" (let's say two feet of water or less) systems> I just popped on the ZooMed web site and I saw their Trichromatic Ultra Sun tube has a CRI rating of 98. Now that is incredible. (if true) Their 50/50 tube has almost the same spectral characteristics but adds the actinic. They also have a Coral Sun tube (actinic only) Have you had or hears anything about these new products? <Only from pet-fish sources in the industry and hobby... not personally and not "scientific" (like Dana Riddle's analyses). Consensus seems to be that they're "the real thing"> They are T8 size. From everything I have read, the T8 give off slightly more lumens per watt due to their narrow size. True? <Not size per se, but technological differences with other fluorescent formats> I think it would be great if this product is as good as advertised. One could easily fit 5 or 6 tubes over a standard 12 to 13 inch tank and raise many soft corals and some LPS's. <Yes, should be able to. Bob Fenner> Zimmy

Lighting Question Hmmm, "Dimmer Timer" do these exist for fluorescents? Any advice of where to look for these? If not, I will go with plan B and utilize the small 20W "NO" light. <At least for some types of fixtures/electronic ballasts... Am sending your note to the fine folks at Champion Lighting: http://www.championlighting.com/ for input/help> I also think that these new lights are raising the temp in my tank. I checked last night and the tank was around 84 degrees, it normally stays around 80 degrees and the tank is located in the bottom floor of my home (sort of a half basement). My guess is that a small fan under the strips would help push the hot air through the vent holes on the top of the strip lights. <Yes, one of a few countervailing strategies... best not to have such high temperatures, or diurnal fluctuations. I think my game of 20 questions "may" be over ;-) <I'd bet most anything our game is just begun here. Bob Fenner> Chris

Lighting question for 55g reef Hello Bob. I have a question about lighting for a reef. I plan to get four NO bulbs for my 55g, and other than the lighting, the tank is reef ready. My question is, should I go with the normal 2 10,000k and 2 actinics, or a different combo? <I would use three of the 10K lamps and just one actinic... more of the wavelength, photons you want> I was thinking maybe the two actinics, and two sunshine bulbs, from GE that are 5000k 90cri. Would this make the tank look ugly and too yellow? What do you recommend? <These should be fine... for all but high-intensity light organisms (like tridacnid clams, many SPS corals)... otherwise, I'd be saving up for compact fluorescents. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Re: lighting question for 55g reef Thanks Bob. One more thing. What company would you recommend for the bulbs, like Coralife, zoomed, Hagen, or INTERPET? <Any of these company's lamps are fine (none of them actually make them)> Also, if I did the two actinics and two 5000k's, would the tank look yellow? <Not "that yellow" to me, but would look for 6,700K temperature or higher. Bob Fenner>

Lighting Hello Bob, Tony, Steve My question concerns lighting for my 180 reef tank. Currently I'm using 2 VHO 160 watt actinics plus 2 VHO 50-50 bulbs to light the tank. What I'm wondering is if there is a combination of bulbs that would give me a deeper blue hue to the tank? I know that they make 1000k and 2000k bulbs in VHO now, and wonder if they wouldn't be better than the 50-50's? Probably the highest light demanding animal in my tank is either xenia sp. or a Squamosa clam. I get really great coral growth now, but would like a deeper blue look to the tank. As always your help is greatly appreciated. <The easiest thing to do is change to three actinic and one full spectrum if that is your desired look. One word of caution, what you desire to see may not be the best lighting for your animal. Also, I will give you a tip. I love URI lamps and in particular the combination of two actinics, one white actinic, and one AquaSun (full spectrum) lamp. This has a nice blue tint and has also demonstrated healthy growth.> Be talking, Joe G <Talk to you later. -Steven Pro>

VHO replacement question Hello Bob, <Anthony Calfo in your service> Long time no talk, how have you been?  <so busy that he has had to graciously solicit friends to help out with the uber-site that we all know and love as WWM <smile>> I am getting ready to order and replace my VHO bulbs on my reef. I have always been using URI VHO bulbs, 2 actinic white 50/50, and 1 super actinic blue.  <a most excellent combination...and I love the brand. Before my coral greenhouse, I had gone through tens of bulbs indoors and settled quite happily on the URI products (I especially love the blues)> Although I notice that there is one called an AquaSun daylight 10,000k also made by URI. Should I keep the combination I have been using for my 30 gallon mixed reef, (hard and soft corals, clams anemones and live rock) or change it up a bit?  <you definitely have the best combination for a mixed garden display...I would not recommend a change> Also 8-10 months still good on replacement time of bulbs? <exactly for VHO lamps> As in the past, I really respect and appreciate any and all advice you share with me. <Bob is truly a great guy and one heck of a team player... he is a jewel in the aquarium industry. With kind regards, Anthony Calfo> Take care, Rob

HelloLights and their prices - 11/23/04 Do you guys know of HelloLights to be a reputable dealer. <Absolutely!!! Why wouldn't they?> I certainly don't want to offend or suggest them of any wrong doing, but their prices on URI VHO's seem to good to be true. <Why is that? They are likely able to offer prices like that because they buy a large amount and get a better price break or maybe they have something worked out with URI. You never know. I gave them a call just to verify and their customer service agent was able to basically allude to the fact that they buy a huge amount directly from URI and get a better price due to volume. From the URI factory straight to the consumer.>  Are any of these possibly imperfect at $17.50 for 4 ft. 110 watters? <Nope, if you can use the T12 footprint, sounds like you found a bargain, and now thanks to you, anyone else who reads the FAQs today will also get to take advantage of the price as well. I did a little research myself, and from what I can see, everyone else is about 5-8 dollars more. Stock up, bubs!!!! Thank you Kevin! =) Thanks for participating here at Wetwebmedia.com ~Paul> Thanks  -  Kevin

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