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FAQs on Calcium Reactors, Operation By Brands, Makes & Models: Knop

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KNOP C Calcium Reactor - 10/06/2009
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me, I have a KNOP C Calcium reactor & I broke the blue fitting that supplies the main reaction chamber with CO2, it is screwed into the main housing with 1/4" OD
tube that goes to the bubble counter. Do you know where I can find these fittings?
<Mmm, yes... MarineDepot (.com)... they are presently the U.S. master distributor for Knop Products. Bob Fenner>
Re: KNOP C Calcium Reactor - 10/06/2009

I've tried them, they don't have many parts for the Knop c reactor, do you know if john geist fittings come with metric threading? I cannot find this as well.
<Mmm, am going to BCC DianaF here... She was the MD for Knop ahead of MD...
and I think she still has these parts on hand. BobF>
Re: KNOP C Calcium Reactor
That would be great if she has some. Pleas let me know.
<Please be patient; she will respond directly. B>

Re: Overflow sizing, amount/Ca reactor valve 1/27/08 Scott, <Hello Matthew!> Would you happen to know where i can find a Needle Valve used for calcium reactors, just like the ones used by My Reef Creations.com, I think its a 1/4" threaded bit with a quick disconnect for 1/4" tubing and it has a silver colored adjustment valve just like your standard co2 regulator would have. <I do not know exactly the valve they use, but from what you describe I am confident you can find one at McMaster.com. They have thousands of different valves, so be patient and I am sure you will find it there.> I want to see if i can use that on my old Knop reactor since the Knop valve sucks at doing its job. Thanks,
<Welcome, Scott V.>

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