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FAQs about the Queen Angel Stocking/Selection

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Not too big, and not too small...

Angelfishes for  Marine Aquariums
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by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Questions Hi Bob. Could you kindly answer the following questions : 1) If both the phosphate and nitrate readings in my tank are zero, should I expect algae free ? <At least much less algae than otherwise... unless the algae are growing so quickly that they're uptaking these nutrients.> 2) I came upon a beautiful Queen angel in my local fish shop but with one small defects.........one side of the eye is half the size of the other. The rest of the body are beautiful and normal and the selling is only half of the original price. The angel has been in the tank for 5 months ! In your opinion, should I buy it ? Thanks. <If you don't mind the slight imperfection, sure. Bob Fenner, who had an "ugly" blind koi for more than twenty years.>

Queen angel selection and age  - 03/11/2006 Hi Bob I want to purchase a  medium queen angel , about 3- 5" as recommended. My LFS has one that's about 3-3 1/2"  with its juve coloration almost gone.  I was debating whether to buy it or hold out for a bigger one. Is there any difference in terms of acclimating to a home aquarium between 3" or 5" angel? <The three inchers are much better...> Which one would you recommend?  Also, approximately how old is a queen at 3" <Under a year...> and what is their growth rate in captivity?   <Mmm, five, six inches in two years... six, seven in three...> Currently I  have a 125tank and I'm getting a 265(7ft x 2ft) early next year. <Will need  

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