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FAQs about True Puffer Reproduction

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"Hey, it takes two to tango... Know what I mean?"

Dog Face Puffer Laid Eggs -- 05/19/09
<Hi Dennis.>
I have had my dog face puffer for 4+ years. About 4 weeks ago my lighting went out and it took me a couple of weeks to get a replacement. When I got the replacement the puffer stopped eating and I figured it was due to her being freaked out. In addition to not eating her she was having labored breathing. Yesterday I did a 25% water change and today I was doing some other maintenance when I noticed the puffer was looking really good. Then I noticed a pool of eggs in a divet on the substrate. About 5 minutes later the puffer went to take a much of the eggs, but it appear this was more her way of trying to spread they eggs around through her gills.
<Improbable, rather eating them.>
About 5 hours later she did it again.  Anyway, a couple of questions. Should I attempt to remove the eggs from my main tank?
<If you know these are puffer eggs and if it is the only specimen remove them.>
Will Leaving them in be bad?
<If they are not fertilized: yes, additional nutrients.>
Is there any chance any of them will hatch?
<Not if there's only one puffer.>
Also, if I wanted to experiment and try and rear any of these little guys, can you recommend any reading or websites that I can study up on?
<Reading: the book by Thresher: reproduction in reef fishes. Website: http://www.thepufferforum.com/forum/ (You will not find references of other Arothron puffers that laid eggs there, but some other species.>
Thanks, Dennis
<Cheers, Marco.>

Dog Face Puffer Laid Eggs II -- 05/19/09
I did a little more research and I was thinking it would be possible for these guys to reproduce asexually.
It doesn't look like that is possible, so I guess the only real question I have is should I try to remove the eggs or can I just let them filter out?
<I'd remove them if you know they are puffer eggs. Marco.>

... Dogface Puffers... FW/Brackish? ID, Reproducing?   7/10/06 Hi, <Hello there> My husband and I have 2 fish that we bought at our LFS  that we have had for about 6 to 8 months.  When we first saw and  inquired about them we were told that they were fresh/brackish water puffers and  are called "Dogface Puffers". <Mmm.... the "real" Dogface Puffers are entirely marine: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tetraodontpuffers.htm and http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/speciesSummary.php?ID=6400&genusname=Arothron&speciesname=nigropunctatus Are your fish Arothron nigropunctatus?> We put them in a 50 gallon fish tank we had  set-up at home and we have some questions about them.    First, we have done a lot of research about them online and at  different fish stores and have been unsuccessful at locating any  information or pictures of these puffers anywhere. <... common species...> We  are wondering if you might know where we would be able  to locate information about them?  We would really like to learn   about them and any special needs they might have.  We have found many  places with information regarding "Dogface Puffers" but it is always regarding   "saltwater puffers" and they look nothing like the puffers we have.  Our  Puffers don't really do much swimming and don't care for the light in the fish  tank to be on.  We are not sure if they are just shy fish or if  this is just part of their nature.  They are the only 2  fish in the tank and don't seem to get along with any other fish.  We  have tried to put other aggressive type fish in with them and even bigger  fish but they always end-up fighting and eventually kill anything we have tried  to put in the tank with them. <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BrackishSubWebIndex/fwbracpuffers.htm Common names are not very useful... this may be another tetraodont> Secondly, about a month ago my husband noticed a pile of very small clear possible eggs on the bottom of the tank.  After talking with the LFS that  sold them to us we realized that they were indeed eggs.  We have never had any experience with breeding fish and have had a very hard time with this since  most articles/information we have been able to locate is about a specific fish and our species of fish is never listed for the specifics pertaining to there habits, requirements, etc..  Originally we had around 200 to 300 eggs and there were about 150 or more that actually hatched.  Unfortunately it has  been 3 weeks since they hatched and we only have about 10 that are still  alive.  I would greatly appreciate any helpful information that you could  provide us in raising the few fry we have left.  We were also wondering how  often a breeding pair of Dogface Puffers will lay eggs. <Unusual... perhaps every month or so "in season"...> We are very  hopeful to have more fry in the future that we can raise and hopefully manage to  keep alive to adulthood.   We really enjoyed watching the fry once they  hatched and the LFS where we purchased them was very excited to hear about  all the babies we started out with and was anxious to purchase many from us  since they have many customers asking/requesting them and are unable to obtain  anymore from their distributors.  Unfortunately they didn't really know  much about raising this species of fry and couldn't provide much help in this  area.   <A very rare occurrence> Any and all information you might have will be greatly appreciated!   Not to mention I would imagine that many people out there who have not heard of  them before might take interest in a new type of puffer if and once they obtain information about them.  I really think it would be nice to popularize a  more rare type of fish. Thanks and happy fish keeping! Vicki & Robert from sunny southern  California <Am cc'ing Jeni Tyrell, perhaps Kelli Jedlicki here once you can give us a clear ID. Bob Fenner> Dog face puffer eggs  9/11/05 Hi, I have had my dog face for 5 years, and  she recently became very lethargic and bloated. When I looked in the aquarium this morning she looked like she had done the Jenny Craig diet and there were eggs all over the substrate. I immediately siphoned out the majority, and did a water change. Is it a normal thing for this fish to lay eggs only once every 4-5 years. Will it happen again, and how often. Any info on the egg laying habits of the dog face would be appreciated. Thanks, Jackie. <Interesting... and exciting... and rare. Puffers do lay demersal eggs... usually in a cluster... these may be from your fish, or perhaps a coincidence with other life in the system. Bob Fenner>

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