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Please help....Kole tang dying? 2/18/09 Hey Guys, <Todd> I want to let you know that your website is of great help to myself and millions of other fish keepers. With that said, I have an issue with my Kole tang that just came up overnight. I will try to attach a pic to this message. <I see this> The problem is, first thing this morning when the lights came on, the Kole tang had a very pale colour to him (he also hasn't ate this morning), as well as it looked like he had a bit of a "rust" colouring to him, and his mouth was staying open. I went for a "coffee run", and when I returned, I noticed that he has turned almost a black colour over about 40-50% of his body. I have had this guy for about 4 months now, and he has been in my 300g tank now for about a month or so, along with an orange shoulder tang, <Mmm> a blue hippo tang, a purple tang, a Foxface, 2 maroon clownfish, and 2 ocellaris clownfish. None of the other fish have this issue, just the Kole tang, and it's only been since this morning. I checked the water parameters yesterday, and all is fine, I have about 350-400 lbs of live rock, with a bare bottom. My pump for my skimmer died about a week ago, so I've got a small skimmer running right now(picking up a new pump this coming weekend). As for cleaners, I have 2 cleaner shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp, 2 sally lightfoot crabs, 3 emerald crabs, a ton of blue leg hermits, and snails. The Kole tang is always stopping by the "cleaning station" and getting cleaned by the shrimp. Any help/info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Todd Angus <Mmm, well... much of the color/marking behavior you describe is natural/diurnal... the appearance of this fish changes night to day... But the retention of the stress coloration is of concern. I suspect the Orange Shoulder here is threatening this fish... my next guess is that it might be the Premnas... or the crabs during the night while the Ctenochaetus is lying in the rocks, sleeping. In all likelihood this situation will solve itself in a system of your size, with the Kole settling in, finding better places to lay. Bob Fenner>

Re: please help.... Kole tang dying? 2/18/09 Hi again, and thanks for the help Bob. That takes a load off of my mind for sure. Just a quick update, I woke up this morning and the Kole tang has lost all the black blotchiness that he had yesterday. <Ah, yes... as I tried to intimate...> His colour is still very pale, and he is still a little bit twitchy when he swims(sometimes), but other than that, he seems pretty normal. He is in hiding quite a bit more now, but at least he is back eating again. <A good sign> He didn't eat at all yesterday until about 2 hours before lights out. Anyways, thanks for the help, and for this website. Keep up the excellent work. Todd Angus <Thank you Todd. BobF>
Kole Tang in trouble 10/16/07 Dear WWM crew, <Chris> Please take a look at my Kole Tang. Unfortunately, part of his body (near his tail fin) must have been snapped at by a Stars and Stripes Puffer tankmate. <Yikes!> Now he has gouges on both sides from the Puffers sharp beak! After a while he developed patches on his body that seem to be caused by scraping himself against rocks... Is there anything I should do to help him heal? <... the puffer is gone?> He is very active and exhibits no shyness. Also he voraciously eats the Spirulina enriched Brine shrimp or Mysis at feeding time ... augmenting his diet by happily scrubbing microalgae from the live rock with his unique mouth all day. Thanks for your very informative site. Chris West 110G tank with protein skimmer and UV sterilizer. 110 lbs Live rock. Kole Tang, Stars & Stripes Puffer, Leaf Wrasse, Heniochus Butterfly, Snowflake eel, Coral Beauty Angel, Paired Ocellaris Clowns, Rabbit fish Water temp 78F SG 1.024, Am/Nitrite 0, Nitrate 50 ppm (yes I will get this down farther). <Mmm... the Puffer needs more room... to go elsewhere. Good nutrition (try Spectrum foods here as a staple) and time going by should repair all. Bob Fenner>

Re: Kole Tang in trouble 10/16/07 Hi Bob, <Chris> Thanks for your reply. <Welcome> We still have the Puffer in the tank... I should add that the fish have all happily coexisted for about seven months prior to this. However, I have observed some clumsiness on the Puffers part when it's feeding time. It's quite possible an accidental tang-le occurred during the competitive thrash for food. I have not seen any deliberate bullying on the Puffers part ... and I am in the vicinity of this tank about 10 hours a day. I must admit though, that the Puffer is about 8 times his original size already, and perhaps his days in this tank are numbered. It would be a pity though, because he's an awesome specimen of his ilk ... BTW, my Kole also feeds off the seaweed sheets that are clipped inside the tank daily. In addition to the frozen Mysis or krill I also feed ocean nutrition formula two. Do you think that is enough variety? <Likely so> Thanks again for your advice,
<Happy to share. BobF>

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