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FAQs about Chocolate Chip Sea Star Reproduction

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Q re: Chocolate Chip Starfish Hi~ I recently got a Chocolate Chip Starfish - have never had any starfish before.  <This is a very hardy starfish although not reef safe> He seems to be doing very well, but I've noticed when he's moving around on the glass, he sometimes leaves behind what looks similar to a hair with bubbles on it, only it's not floating around, it's usually stuck to the glass or the top of him. Do you know what this is? <no idea my friend but does not sound handful at all> Also, can you tell me how starfish reproduce? <asexually by vegetative fission at least. Not sure beyond that (internal brooding of planulae perhaps?> Thanks! ~Jami <best regards>

Sexual Dimorphism of Chocolate Chip Stars (11/17/04) Difference in male and female chocolate chip sea stars. <I am not aware of any visible external differences between the two. Steve Allen.>

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