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FAQs about Genus Fromia Sea Stars Compatibility

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With Hermits?
Generally not if they're hungry Only very herbivorous ones...

Something attacking my Fromia monilis  6/23/11
I have a Fromia monilis that I added to my tank in October. It has done very well for 8 months, moves about the tank constantly and is a delight to observe. Unfortunately last week I noticed a little nibble out of the tip of one of his arms. Seemed very strange to me as nothing much has changed recently. Now yesterday I noticed that another arm has an even worse bit off the tip of a different arm. I suspect that something in the tank is attacking him, and have since moved him to my refugium for recovery and for me to determine what has been attacking him. His tankmates are:
2- Amphiprion Ocellaris
1- Zebrasoma Veliferum
1-Nematelotris Decora
1-Valenciennea Strigata
1-Salarias fasciatus
1-Paracanthurus hepatus
1-Centropyge loricula
1-Lysmata amboinensis
2-Lysmata wurdemanni
1-Conomurex luhuanus
<Mmm, of these listed, the Lysmata spp. are most likely culpable... the Strombid is a detritus and algae eater>
Any of those a likely culprit? I suspect the Lysmata wurdemanni.
Thanks for your help,
Aaron Coady
<Or might be a non-listed individual... a hitchhiking worm, crustacean of some sort... or even "just" decomposition from some aspect of environment, lack of nutrition... Please peruse here:
and the linked files above re the genus Fromia. Bob Fenner>

Fromia milleporella (5/2/04) I recently purchased a starfish I am pretty sure is Fromia milleporella. <A beautiful and fairly hardy star.> I am really worried that it may prey on the soft corals I have in the same 12 gallon nanocube (Ricordea floridae, Zoanthus sp., Actinodiscus sp., Clavularia sp.) My LFS assured me it was reef safe but I had to identify the species myself, so I'm not sure I really trust them. <Truth be told, you can never be 100% certain of hat will or not sample what in an aquarium. That said, Fromia are not known to eat corals and you will almost certainly not have problems.> I read here that they eat mostly detritus, do I need to feed it supplementally (which foods?) and do I need to worry about my corals and coralline algae? <Most Fromia can fend for themselves, but it might be a good idea to do some target-feeding with small chunks of meaty food (e.g. shrimp) placed in its path once or twice a week.> I also have several unidentified sessile bivalves growing on my live rock, as well as three or four different species of fanworms, should I worry about those as well? <No> I usually don't purchase anything before I research it carefully, but I was pressured by my ex-girlfriend because it looked so "cute." <Was that before she became an "ex?"> Thanks in advance, Drew Holm <Hope this helps, Steve Allen.>

Starfish Just checking to see if any of these starfish are reef safe. LFS is selling them as red/orange starfish. Any more info on them is appreciated. Thanks in advance. <These appear to all be Fromia spp. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seastars.htm Bob Fenner>

Fromia milleporella with Hermits Dear WWM crew, My LFS has a red starfish, Fromia milleporella. Would this be suitable for my tank? <I don't know.> 180 liter tank, Eheim 2233, Juwel filter, and a powerhead giving 12X turnover. I have a Sander's Maxi-Skim skimmer and all my readings are fine. <If you say so.> I have plenty of L/R. The only problem is would he be compatible with my crabs? I have a Phimochirus holthuisi, Red-striped Hermit Crab who is about one inch wide. Would it eat it? <Possibly, I don't trust this species.> I have other smaller crabs, Paguristes cadenati and Clibanarius tricolor. <These guys are both safe. Neither would kill your starfish, but all would certainly scavenge a dead or dying one.> Best regards, James Matthams <Have a nice weekend. -Steven Pro>

Indian sea star has been attacked... reading  -- 1/04/08 hello WWM <Charles> I'm a novice in marine aquaria but seem to be doing quite well so far I have a nano reef aquarium, 58 litres. <Okay> I have 1 yellow tailed damsel, 1 humbug damsel, 1 blue damsel, <A poor mix of Pomacentrids in such a small volume> 1 banded coral shrimp, 1 red legged hermit, 1 blue legged hermit, 1 purple coral <What is this? Specifically> and until this evening (3rd Jan 2008) 1 Indian sea star. <A Fromia indica... or Fromia sp. at least, likely> Now this is what my email regards I came home from work yesterday to find my sea star clinging to the spray bar with two lesions in two of its legs. I kept an eye on it for a while and it seemed to be moving around, slowly, but moving. Later that evening I checked up on it and one of its legs was missing and part of it on the sand at this point it was on the live rock and the closest animal to it was the blue legged hermit (which, may I add, I think is something else as it has black and blue legs rather than red and blue) but it wasn't attacking it at that point, although I assumed, that having powerful pincers, this was the culprit so I isolated it over night. <Mmm> In the morning the sea star was in the same condition but alive, then when I came home it was life less on the sand missing 3 whole legs an 1 badly damaged I think it is dead now as it hasn't moved at all. As the blue hermit was isolated and the red legged hermit is tiny I passed the blame onto the shrimp. I liked the sea star and it was the first animal in the tank and it was thriving I don't believe that water parameters are culprit, or reproduction, as there is nothing left of the legs. Can you help me with this, could the shrimp be culprit or maybe the damsels. <Yes, either could be... or no culprit/predator at all> Also is this common as I want to get a new sea star but don't want a repeat episode. I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Regards Charlie <Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marind5_5.htm  Toward the bottom... on Seastar Disease, Fromias... Bob Fenner>

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