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FAQs about Genus Fromia Sea Stars Identification

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Bright spots on my red star  9/1/05 Hi I've just recently purchased a red star (Fromia indica). On arrival, I noticed it had a brighter red/white spot on one of its legs (2mm diametre). Now after two weeks, the little fellow has four of these spots, but on different legs. He seems very healthy, no sign of necrosis and he's moving around the tank very freely. I just wanted to know what these spots are? He is a pale red colour and the spots are a vivid red and white. They are raised, so they look like an elastoplast on his legs. He is a young star as he still has black tips (on all 6 of his legs?). Any thoughts Paul PS its a 300 litre tank, all tests very good. <Mmm, may well be just "normal" color for the individual (they vary)... if the markings are symmetrical, I would not be concerned. Bob Fenner>

Is my star fish okay? -11/18/07 Hi everyone! I am new to owning an aquarium and had a 14 gallon for about a month and a couple of weeks. Today I just bought my first star fish and acclimated it for about 2 hours. At the place I got him from, he was called a little pink Fromia. He has an orange body with pink spots all over and is maybe about 2 inches in diameter. I got my water tested and it was perfect. After I put the him in the water he has just been sitting there and his tube feet are not out, but his stomach is (I think its his stomach anyway...). He is sitting there like a rock. Is he okay? <Hmmm... tough to say for sure. It could just be acclimating. If it's not moving by tomorrow morning (Sunday), you could gently turn it over to see if it tries to move at all. If it doesn't move, I'd be concerned. If it squirms at all, turn it back over and just wait for it to get used to your tank. Please see here too: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fromiastarfaqs.htm>  Thanks, Heather <Best, Sara M.>

Re: Is my star fish okay?-11/18/07 Thanks so much Sara. You all are VERY helpful. I think he may be dead. He looks like this but his body is orange with pink spots. Do you know what his scientific name is? Again, THANK YOU!! -Heather <I'm sorry, but we would need a picture to help you ID it if you're unsure of what it is. If you have a camera, please send us a photo. -Sara M.>

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