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FAQs about Genus Fromia Sea Stars Selection

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Sea Stars: Fromia Sp Selection also MH lighting. 9/10/2009
Hi all!
<Hi Eddie.>
Well I've been reading about sea stars lately and know how hard they are to keep in captivity but I've been reading that the Fromia species are one of the "easier" species to care for. my question is does that pertain
to all Fromia species?
<The ones that are offered for sale, yes. Keep in mind though, that 'easier' does not mean easy.>
I've been looking into the red Bali star and the marble stars. in your opinion which is the hardier of the two?
<No data regarding the hardiness of one over the other, do try to pick the best, and healthiest looking star you can. Do acclimate it SLOWLY.
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fromiastarfaqs.htm  >
I have a 72 gallon bow will about 70 lbs of live rock. Also I plan on switching my lighting from pc to metal halides but I'm not sure to go with 2 150watt 14k or 2 250 14k. Would there be a big difference in the two for a 23inch deep tank.
<Yes, a significant difference between the two. Unless you plan on having some very light hungry corals in this tank. You should be fine with the 150 watt lamps.>
Thanks so much and I really do appreciate what you guys do for us.
<Thank You.>

Echinoderm Quarantine (9/8/04) Greetings crew. <Steve Allen today.> Can't find what I need in the FAQ archive. I am planning to get a starfish for my minireef.  After extensively researching my choices, I am leaning towards a Fromia sp. of starfish (waiting for a pretty red or orange one to come in). <Best choice. Most Linckias die.> I am wondering if I should set up my QT differently than I do for my fish and corals? <Bare bottom is fine. Echinoderms are happiest at normal seawater salinity (SG around 1.024).> Is there anything special that I should do for keeping a starfish for 4-6 weeks? <4 is fine. You will need to feed it things like frozen Mysis.> I currently have a 10-gal with heater, 20w of PC, powerhead <Consider leaving this out. Definitely use a screen to keep the starfish room getting stuck in the intake.> and a whisper 30 filter. Plenty of PVC <not really needed for the star, but no harm.> and a fake Caulerpa plant as well. <Again, not needed.> Anything else I should have on hand just in case of problems? <Not that I can think of. The key factor is slooooow acclimation (use drip--read article on WWM). This will also be the case when moving to the display. Stars tolerate only very gradual changes in SG and pH especially. Temp and other factors are important as well.> Just wondering before I get my new reef family member. <Smart to learn first and buy after. Good luck.> Thanks again for all your help. AA pleasure.> -Ray

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