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FAQs about Green Macro-Algae Identification 2

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Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

What's This... Two of the same pics of hair alga   8/21/07 <Greetings, Mich here.> I found a lot of these living in my display tank. Are they copepods? <Mmm, don't know. I think you inadvertently attached two of the same pic, both of algae. If you resent, hopefully we can ID.> Also what type of plant is this growing on my live rock? <Mmm, might be Cladophora, a type of green hair algae. If it were me/mine I would remove it before it gained a foothold. Cheers,

Marine Macro-Algae Identification Help  8/16/07 Hi WWM Crew, <Nicole> I hope you can help me identify the algae growing in my nano reef. I had thought I saw a picture somewhere on the wwm site but tried to find it again and couldn't. I like it, but it grows fast so I keep hand removing it so it doesn't take over and would really rather find something that can live comfortable in my 12 gal. JBJ nano (original line from when they first came out!) with my 3 clown gobies (2 black, 1 green). I love watching the fish swim in and out of it! If more pictures would help, let me know. I didn't want the message to be too big. Any help in identifying this species would be most appreciated! Nicole S. (p.s. if interested you can see some of my tanks at www.flickr.com/photos/runesrule) <Thanks for this. This looks like a species of Derbesia... but might be a Bryopsis... or another Green... some folks consider these "weeds"... but if kept not-too-out-of control... Bob Fenner>

Re: Marine Macro-Algae Identification Help -- 08/17/07 Thanks for the reply. Here are some better pictures with more detail. I don't really think Derbesia is the right species. Bryopsis is much closer I think, but still didn't find any species with the mini shaving brush branch look. Thanks again! Nicole <... this looks much more like Caulerpa paspaloides in the closer-up views. BobF>

Some odd hair algae ID?   5/10/07 Heya people! <Hi there Mark1> I'd like your thoughts on this algae I've got growing in my 15g setup.  I've had this algae growing since I first set up my reef tank 2 years ago doesn't seem to be very fast in spreading, although seems to regrow very rapidly when ripped out. <Yes, I too have had some of this algae in my tank.> Its very tough and hard to rip out, and feels very strong. <Yes.> Any ideas on what kind of algae this might me? <Is a green hair algae, perhaps Cladophora or Bryopsis.> And how I could get rid of it perhaps? <Manual remove is a good place to start, perhaps even chiseling off some of the rock, keeping water quality high, much more here and the related links in blue:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/algaeconMar.htm  > It's starting to get too close to comfort to my zoanthid colony on the same rock. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Mark Forsling
<A pleasure to assist!  Mich>

Saltwater Question, grn alg. ID  4/8/07 Hey Wet Web Crew, <Kristin> I have a question regarding something that has just "popped up" in our tank.  We have a 125 gallon saltwater tank, and this green algae looking plant started growing at an enormous rate.  It has a round structure with "blebs" that branch out, kind of reminds me of melted wax.  Currently there are two on the same rock, one is about the size of an egg and the other the size of a golf ball.  I have looked all over, but have not found anything that looks like this.  Is this something that we should take out  or  leave alone? <Likely want to address... along with the evident BGA (the red mat.)... as very likely a matter of excess nutrient... secondarily a lack of competition, predation...> I have embedded the image so you do not have to download, <Better to attach...> however if that does not work, there is an attached file as well.  Thanks! Kristin <Do take a look on the Net re the genera Derbesia and Bryopsis... and onto WWM re Marine Algae, Control... can be controlled indirectly... as you will see. http://wetwebmedia.com/algaeconMar.htm and the linked files Bob Fenner>

Algae ID 3/19/07   I have a question about this photo (the one you saved).  The algae  that he is asking about, the little green tuft on the top left.  I  have this in my tank also.  I know it's not a terribly fast grower,  or at least mine isn't.  It feels like Chaetomorpha, almost looks  like it too except that is more straight than curly.  It doesn't  grow terribly long either.  Kind of grows in a cushion.   Can see  some off to the right in this picture from my tank (the color's funky  because it's under actinics). <Mmm, this looks like Bryopsis to me... Cladophora is more "bushy", straight, bigger, branched... http://images.google.com/images?q=cladophora&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-Address&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7PCTA&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi> When I was looking on WWM I found this that looks nearly identical,  though the picture is a little fuzzy.  In this photo it is ID'd as  Bryopsis.  I found another picture... the next one down where a  similar looking algae is ID'd as Cladophora.  Are both of these ID'd  correctly?  How do you differentiate between the two? <URL please...> Bryopsis, a worldwide genus of Greens that appear filamentous to  spiky in aquariums... light to dark green, generally feather-like  thalli. Some Hermit Crabs, Blennies, Zebrasoma and Ctenochaetus Tangs  may eat your type... otherwise, scrubbing, competitive algae  filtration are recommended. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/greenalg.htm Algae ID- These are showing up in patches on my liverock.  I am running the  ecosystem and it has been up since June, using Caulerpa as the main  macro.  Any clue what it is? <It looks like Cladophora sp.  macroalgae. Looks nice, if it starts getting out of control, just  about any surgeonfish or urchin should readily chow down on it. -Kevin> Thanks! Adam http://www.wetwebmedia.com/maralgid.htm <BobF>

Chaetomorpha 12/15/06 I have two different types of Chaetomorpha growing in my 29-gallon refugium: 1.  The first type is the typical "spaghetti algae" pictured on most websites.  It is very curly, and not too dense, much like a Brillo pad for cleaning dishes.  The individual strands are quite thick, and it grows in a ball which sits low in the water (barely any of it floats above the water, and if you take it out of water, it collapses and lays flat). 2. The other type is very dense and the strands are much finer & straighter.  It grows in a floating mat, maybe 2.5" thick.  This type floats higher in the water, and some of it grows straight up like grass. New growth projects straight out of the mat in all directions, about 1/2" long.  The new growth on the top side of the mat is out of the water, and looks like grass.  If you take it one out of water, it retains it's shape.  The LFS where I got it tells me this Chaeto grows just as well in freshwater as saltwater.  They have it growing in both types of water at the store, and have switched it back and forth with good results. Is the second type really Chaetomorpha?  I can't find any pictures on the web that look like it. <Your second type may be Cladophora, can't say for sure without a pic. It may also be Gracilaria, again, need a pic.> Is it okay to have both growing in the same refugium, or will they compete with each other resulting in reduced growth?  Should I get rid of the second type? <Chaeto does thrive on nitrogen and phosphorous and if the food supply dwindles, so will the Chaeto. Having the two types together should pose no problems. It is best to thin out on a regular basis. If the outer edges begin turning brown, it is a sign that the needed nutrients are absent or your lighting is insufficient for growth.> Thank you, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Steve in Denver

Re: Different Species of Chaetomorpha 12/18/06 I ran Cladophora through Google Image.  I have determined that my second species of algae is, without a doubt, Cladophora columbiana.  Is this a beneficial species to have in my refugium, along with Chaetomorpha? <Yes it is.  Like Chaeto, the Cladophora thrives on nitrogen and phosphorous. James (Salty Dog)>  

To-may-to or to-mott-o ... Chaetomorpha pronunciation   6/10/06 Hey wet-guys and gals, <Eric> Got a simple question for ya.  How do you correctly pronounce "Chaetomorpha?" <"Key-toe-morph-ah"> Thanks,
<Bob Fenner>

Algae ID 6/21/03 This is a picture of what I believe to be some form of macro algae. Can you tell me what kind it is and if it would be safe to use in a  refugium. Thanks <Cheers, Shawn... wish I could help you with it, mate... but the pics sent are severely out of focus. Rather a blue. Perhaps I could trouble you to take a portion out of water and get a clear shot of it against a white towel?>
Algae ID 6/21/03 I think these pics will be better... Indeed... a Caulerpa species... prolifera type. Can be a boon or a scourge depending on how well it is managed. Too precarious and dangerous en masse for most aquarists (noxious exudations) but rather handsome and good for nutrient export if you are very diligent in keeping and harvesting it (thin fronds... never cut them). Much is written in the WWM archives about Caulerpa, refugiums, etc. Especially seek the FAQs. Bets regards, Anthony>

Little Green Bubble Things... Hi guys and dolls <Scott F. your guy today!> We have a funky little situation. <As in ..."Play that Funky Music, White Boy..." or...?> I looked at our 55 gallon reef today and noticed on a flat space on one of the LR there are about 8 little olive greenish bubble looking things. I have no idea what they are. We have a hammer coral, leather coral, a white band cleaner shrimp, pulsing xenia, and star polyp . That's it. Running around them are what look like copepods or some other little tiny bug like creature. Any ideas what these "green thingies" might be??? Thanks A lot. Have a wonderful day!!! Christy <Well, Christy, I'd need a picture to be absolutely sure...But I'll bet even money that what you're seeing is some sort of "bubble algae", probably of the genus Valonia...They come in a variety of tones, colors, and sizes, but are often a transparent greenish color...Could be something else (like eggs from the shrimp- but I doubt it.) entirely, of course- but that's my guess. Still funky, though! Regards, Scott F.>  

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Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

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